Advantages Of AeroPress

AeroPress has been and it is still a top-option for coffee lovers worldwide, due to the simple fact that it brews coffee fast and it doesn’t sacrifice quality. It’s the perfect option especially for those who want a portable unit, but at the same time, AeroPress comes at a fair and reasonable price, so it won’t really cost you much.

There are quite some advantages and benefits that come along with an AeroPress, and I’ll mention all of them.

It provides a smoother brew, which means the grounds are immersed in water and nothing is left out to dry, which in other terms, allows for rapid and full flavor extraction.

It has a shorter brewing time than most other types of coffee makers out there, considering it has a total immersion with water, the temperature will be moderate for extracting, which means that you won’t have to wait for the water to warm-up more than already is. But that’s not all, the filtering time is also decreased to 20 seconds, and all of that is possible due to the air pressure that occurs.

Take in mind that you’ll also have to choose the best grinder for Aeropress to get the most out of your AeroPress, however, to get back to the topic, since you have a shorter and smoother brewing process, the end result will be a less acidic coffee.

As I mentioned above, AeroPress is highly-portable, it’s also the perfect option for those tight kitchens, and they’re also great for students who live in dorms.

To continue, it’s also important to note that they are very budget-friendly, you won’t really have to spend a whole fortune to get a good cup of coffee. Instead, with the money that you save with an AeroPress, you can buy additional types of equipment for higher-quality blends.

This particular machine will be great for all levels, for people that are old, new to coffee or experienced connoisseurs, and it’s practically the best you can find if you’re on a budget, mostly because of the complete ground immersion that occurs, the air pressure extraction with moderate temperature water, the short brewing time, and the lower acid levels, so as you see it as a whole, it’s definitely a must-have.

Some other tips before we end, before making your cup of coffee, make sure you pay attention to how hot the water is, it should not be above 92-degrees Celcius to get the best results. With these specs, you’ll end up with a full aroma cup of coffee, and for more convenience, almost no bitter substances can escape.

To conclude, if you’re looking for an affordable, practical, portable and decent performing coffee maker, AeroPress is all of that. It’s a lot better than having to go to a coffee shop nearby in those early moody mornings, and it will also save you a lot of money, while it’s the most perfect choice for students because it takes only minutes to brew a coffee, and that’s all you need before going off to classes.

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