Aeropress vs. Aeropress Go – Which Is Better?

AeroPress has become an even more popular product each and every day. It is a way more practical form in comparison with these giant coffee machines that take too much place in the kitchen. It is so lightweight and hard to destruct.

Their impressive durability will take long years of use before you decide to replace them. The compact design allows you to brew fresh coffee everywhere and can be your travel buddy throughout the entire journey. Every place seems perfect for a cup of coffee with a friend and the amount of money you spend is ideal.

What Is AeroPress Go and AeroPress?

Some of you may be familiar with AeroPress and some have never heard of it. First, we are going to start by elaborating on what it is. Aeropress is an ultimate piston shape brewer that grinds coffee grounds with a thin paper in between and directly pours the coffee on a cup.

AeroPress and AeroPress Pro are very practical machines for coffee addicts who love to travel, but not without coffee. Another question may be why would I need that? Everything is included inside, now we are separating them for better understanding.

AeroPress Go

AeroPress Go is made out of Polypropylene, Free of Phthalate, Free of BPA and is super easy to clean. Portability is at another level, you can take it at work, sneak it into the luggage, in a picnic, camping, hiking, running; basically, everywhere you want to take.

The specialty the AeroPress Go offers is that you can also brew cold coffee. This super cool and compact coffee maker brings to you a smooth appetizing coffee taste; especially to those that love coffee, but not its bitter sense.

AeroPress Go is measured 4.6″ x 3.6″ x 3.6″ (12 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm) with both chamber and plunger. It is intended mostly for travelers.

Coming like an all-inclusive hotel at a 15 oz (444 ml) mug, with a lid, and other attachments like a plunger, chamber, filter cap, stirrer, filter holder, scoop, and 350 paper filters. As for the brewing capacity, AeroPress can handle 8 oz (237 ml) for a normal standardized coffee type, by taking 1 to 3 shots if you prefer espresso style.


AeroPress uses silicone seal and paper filters that are made out of polypropylene material, to keep the durability as high as possible. It has a larger capacity in comparison with AeroPress Go and it does not come with a mug because the intention here is just coffee making, not to be carried around. You can take it with you if you want to, but still, you may want to consider its built (it is breakable). Although, there is a version that involves a travel bag which makes the portability easier.

This Coffee Maker measures 5.4″ x 4.3″ x3.8″ (14 cm x 11 cm x 10 cm) with chamber and plunger altogether. The accessories included are a filter cap, stirrer, filter holder, scoop, 350 paper filters, and a funnel. It manages to brew either 10 oz (296 ml) coffee or 1 to 3 espresso shots.

Coffee freaks act like a pro and use these rapid brewing systems. You can drink delicious coffees without bitterness. AeroPress can brew different kinds of coffees like lattes and cappuccinos, both hot and cold.

Cold coffees are brewing in no time, just about 2 minutes.

Which One To Pick? AeroPress Go vs AeroPress

Aeropress and Aeropress Go do pretty much the same thing! Their brewing system hasn’t changed, it is still the same method.

When it comes to portability go for AeroPress Go, it has a smaller size and the plastic mug is included.

So, if you aim to get a coffee maker which can come with you wherever you go, between home, office, park, school, you better choose AeroPress Go which just by its name tells us that it can Go Everywhere!

If you are looking for more capacity, in order to treat your family members or companions at your home, the best choice would be AeroPress because it’s 10 oz compared to 8 oz. It is able to contain more coffee because of its wide chamber and plunger. What is positive about this fact is that you can use your favorite cup.

AeroPress has another advantage which is the cleaning part. Sometimes we refuse to drink coffee just because of the thought of cleaning. AeroPress has fewer pieces to clean, so that is where it earned the bonus part.

How Do AeroPress Go and AeroPress Machines Brew The Coffee?

There is not just one brewing method, plus there is not a perfect method to do it! Every machine has its own method of brewing! How can we find if it is the best way it has to be done? We can never know!

Everyone’s coffee taste is different, so is their perspective. Here I’m about to show you one: it is called bypass method (go past or round), and that is to brew in espresso-style in the chamber, and then make a liquid (water or milk) thinner. You can find it easier because of the smaller size of the chambers in AeroPress Go. However, that doesn’t mean that AeroPress cannot brew the coffee as it should.

How to brew your coffee With AeroPress Go and AeroPress Machines? – Two Minute Recipe

Take the coffee machine plunger at the bottom and the water chamber on top. Heat 6.7 oz (0.2 liters) water, add 16g of freshly ground coffee to the chamber. The next thing to do is to open your phone, go to stopwatch or timer, stir for 1 minute and enjoy.

Well, there is one thing to do, for AeroPress Go you can flip and plunge into the travel mug, however with AeroPress you gotta have your own mug or glass.

Accessories That Come From The Box: AeroPress Go/AeroPress?

The number of accessories and their build quality makes a huge difference.

The AeroPress’ enormous stirrer can easily be replaced with a spoon, the scoop is inaccurate in measuring coffee, therefore most serious coffee drinkers use a scale. There is a massive funnel which is more than enough. Even the filter stand, which is made of plastic, is only to a limited extent useful.

The AeroPress Go, on the other side, comes with a lot more handy extras: the travel cup is one less thing to carry around, and the filter holder is a wonderful addition. Even the foldable stirrer has its uses, though the dosage spoon will never be a substitute for a weighing scale.

If you just want to use the AeroPress while traveling, the Go’s accessories are unquestionably more convenient. It is not necessary to bring your own mug or to place filters in a bag.