Are Manual Coffee Grinders Better Than Electric?

There are three different types of grinders, and yes, you can use whichever one you find more suitable for you.

These three different types include manual burr grinders, electric burr grinders, and electric blade grinders.

First, the manual burr grinder is known for its consistency, and consistently-sized grounds will dissolve at the same rate, which will have an outcome of a smooth brew. Although in case the grounds are inconsistent, some will remain over-extracted while the remaining ones with be under-extracted, which in other terms will cause sour and bitter tones.

Size is something that you really need to take into consideration when buying a grinder, and if you’re after small and portable coffee grinders, a manual burr grinder would be the ideal choice for you.

Now, as for electric burr grinders, just as the name suggests, these require less effort and they are also known for their consistency, however, this raises their price a bit. Obviously, they need electricity to work, and their sizes differentiate from manual burr grinders, which makes them not as good as manual grinders if you plan to take it with you on your travels, or if you plan on fitting it somewhere tight. However, what’s really appealing when it comes to electric grinders is that in a small amount of time, this beastly machine can grind a lot of coffee and with minimal effort.

Often times, I see people asking what is the best grinder for cold brew, and the answer is quite simple actually electric grinders. And lastly, the other type of grinder to mention is the Electric Blade Grinder.

It is a method which isn’t quite recommendable, especially for homebrewers. Chopping is not the best method you could use to grind your coffee, it leaves inconsistent coffee grounds, which really has an impact on how the coffee turns out.

Freshly ground coffee is the best way to get a quality flavourful and tasteful coffee, however, you don’t really want to spend a whole fortune on a grinder, so I recommend you go for a budget-friendly one, and yes, don’t hesitate to purchase a manual burr grinder as well, even though it needs a bit more effort to grind the coffee, you’ll still end up with a quality grind.

During my research, I read a couple of customer reviews reporting that their electric grinder didn’t last much, whereas manual grinders are more durable and consistent, and they will likely outlast most electric grinders.

Nonetheless, if you have the budget for it, an electric burr grinder is maybe the best choice for you, and if you don’t want to really put much effort when grinding your coffee.

Other than that, an electric grinder is also great if you plan to grind large amounts of coffee, it will take much less time than a manual grinder, meaning that it will save you a lot of time and it will require much less effort.

This was pretty much everything that you need to know, and by now, I believe you have enough facts to support your decision, whether an electric grinder is best for you or a manual coffee grinder.

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