Reddit’s 5 Favorite Best Coffee Grinders

After doing over 40 hours of research and testing, we came up with the 5 best coffee grinders recommended by reddit for this year. I tried to keep this list as short as possible so you don’t get overwhelmed with the available options. I listed them based on their prices, quality, durability and more. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s jump straight into it.

The Top 5 Best Coffee Grinders For You

5. Porlex Mini

If you are a coffee enthusiast, that likes to control every aspect of your coffee, then you always are in search of better grinders, because after buying your beans the next step is grinding your coffee. Which can make or break your cup of joe.

The Porlex Mini is a hand-grinder that you can pretty much take everywhere, the best aspect of this grinder is that it encourages slow-grinding, meaning that your coffee’s flavor will be enhanced.

The Porlex Mini on its first impression looks very tiny, but this is one powerful grinder. It has conical ceramic burrs that are extremely sharp and can easily grind a portion of beans faster than other manual grinders.

The Porlex Mini has a unique spring system that keeps the central burr stable for a consistent grind regardless of what are you grinding for.

On top of its quality as a grinder, the Porlax Mini is very small, making it extremely portable. To make it a better travel companion Porlex has built this grinder with steel all-around. It is guaranteed that will survive hundreds of falls. It is cylinder shaped and has a crankshaft and a rubber grip. It has a very minimalistic design, everything has a purpose and it is functional. It is very clean looking, providing a sleek and attractive profile. It can easily fit your jacket pockets. And despite its full metal body and heavy look it is very light but substantial.

Ceramic burrs are pretty rare in the grinding industry, but Porlex Mini has them incorporated. The ceramic burrs protect your coffee beans from unnecessary heat exposure, which can ruin the taste and the aroma of the coffee.

Mini’s use of the spring-loaded burrs has eliminated the scare of uneven grinds in coarser grinds, by keeping the central burr stable and static. Coming in with 13 grind options including fine enough for Turkish coffee and espresso and coarse enough for French press.

There is literally no better smell in the morning than the freshly grounded coffee. With Porlex Mini you can easily afford the experience and do it in the comfort of your own house, it is a very quality grinder that will never let you down. You can also check our full Porlex Mini review if you want more information

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4. Hario SkertonĀ 

Usually, people consider buying electric grinders because of their ease of use. But many electrical grinders are very expensive and don’t provide high-quality burrs. In grinding capability, you get the most value by getting a manual grinder.

Hario Skerton, is a hand grinder series that is very well known around coffee circles, for its reliability and high-quality grinding.

The coffee ground with the Skerton tastes pretty good, especially with finer grinds. When grounded for espresso the quality of the grind was unrealistically good. But the grind became more inconsistent as we tried coarser grinds. French press and other types of coffee that require coarser grinds, all leave a bitter unpleasant taste.

It is fairly easy to use and grinds very fast compared to other manual grinders, this is all due to its ceramic burrs. But it is kind of tiring if you are used to grinding your coffee with electric grinders. However, the Hario Skerton is very quiet as opposed to electric grinders that wake the whole house up in the morning. With the Skerton you won’t be an annoyance to no one.

Hario Skerton provides very clean operation, the grounded coffee all falls into the glass container for storage, leaving no mess to clean up. You can even use it as a storage jar for short periods of time.

The Skerton is a really good option for the home barista who like to brew larger amounts of beans at once. You can brew as much as 60 grams at once without feeling discomfort. But the glass design retracts from its portability and travel-friendliness. It would not be a wise choice to back this in your backpack, as it is a little fragile. Also, it is rather larger than most hand-grinders. It is best suited for home or office use, for coffee lovers.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune and want to have a next level coffee experience then the Hario Skerton is the right choice for you. It is willing to become your best morning friend for a long time. Providing great value for great quality and exclusiveness mostly due to its ceramic burrs and variety of grind sizes. If you want more information, make sure you read our Hario Skerton review.

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3. OXO BREW Conical Grinder

OXO has been in the kitchen industry for a long time now. Its line of coffee machines and equipment is equally impressive, they have put a lot of brain power in creating some very good coffee appliances. The OXO BREW Conical Grinder is a pretty amazing electric grinder with conical burr and also keeping a budget price. It is also an instant favorite and most of the taste test has yielded amazing results, people love OXO ground coffee.

Through various taste testing has been proved that OXO BREW Conical Grinder is able to unlock the subtle flavors of the coffee beans that other grinders can not. Every cup will taste strong and bold. Different roasts will bring their distinct flavors and aromas. It has a very consistent grind size. Which directly influences the brewing process. Compared to other grinders OXO has extracted more nuances from different roasts.

However, the OXO BREW Conical Grinder cannot grind the beans fine enough for espresso, albeit it is advertised that it can. The maximum fine setting is rather coarse for espresso and does not yield good results. The machine only has 15 distinct grind size settings, which is good enough for extracting tastes from different roasts and for different coffee types. However, if you are a coffee enthusiast that likes to tinker with your coffee that is a drawback.

The OXO BREW Conical Grinder is pretty easy to use. The hopper lodges the beans and it is airtight. The bevel below the hopper adjusts the grind size and it is very clearly marked. To grind you simply just turn the knob to select grind time, and then just push the button. It automatically stops when the process is complete and the freshly grounded coffee is stored in the stainless steel container. The machine is very easy to maintain and clean. The hopper and the burr are accessible and fairly easy to clean up.

The OXO BREW Conical Grinder is an amazing coffee grinder, which based on its price you would not expect such premium quality. But the OXO BREW Conical Grinder proves time and time again, that with its burr grinder and consistent grind size it will be a good addition to the coffee enthusiasts arsenal without breaking the bank.

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2. Capresso Infinity

The Capresso Infinity is a nice upgrade if you have started from an electrical blade grinder, which does not provide consistency and tends to overheat the beans. The burr grinder works with accuracy providing full control over your grinds. Of course the Capresso Infinity is not perfect, it has a low price but it is a very consistent machine producing 16 different grind settings.

The Capresso Infinity is very well built. It is designed with functionality in mind and can evidently withstand everyday abuse for years. The body is mostly plastic, however, it is a hardened plastic and looks very good. It is a premium looking grinder and it would easily blend into most kitchens. It is a beautiful looking appliance, perfect for apartment living. The 8.8-ounce hopper is very compact and does not stick out, like with most hoppers on other machines, as mentioned in our full Capresso Infinity review.

This grinder is fairly easy to use. It offers only the most basic functions and 16 grind size settings. This number is more than enough for a starter home grinder. There is a timer switch with some reference numbers, but cleaning the machine is a little time-consuming. Because the grounded coffee tends to go into crevices due to the static. A layer of anti-static coating would have made cleaning the grinder very easy.

For an entry-level grinder the Capresso Infinity is an amazing machine, for novice home baristas that want to make richer and smoother pour overs. Surprisingly, in fine enough grinds it is very consistent. It has even yielded mediocre espresso with a pressurized portafilter, but could not yield a good result with a naked portafilter.

Also, it couldn’t reach the powder fine size needed for Turkish coffee, which was advertised as achievable. In coarser settings, as for french press, it has yielded inconsistent results. Tasting bitter and unpleasant. Compared to other electric burr grinders it is very silent. Well silent enough for having a conversation without shouting.

The Capresso Infinity is the grinder of choice for its price point. It can grind very consistently for various brewing methods and can grind different kinds of roasts without losing flavor. With the durability that it offers it is the perfect entry-level grinder.

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1. Baratza Encore Grinder

Baratza Encore Grinder is the best grinder for the newbie brewer, period. However, it is an excellent home grinder for the experienced barista that is on a budget. With its 40 different grind size settings, and consistent grinding throughout the range, it is near-perfect for home use. With its burr grinders, it grinds very consistently without overheating the beans, that may result in bitter tastes.

The Encore has a newer gearbox that is fairly quiet and very durable. The gears of Baratza Encore are made from 15% glass-filled thermoplastic. This is the component that makes the Encore lighter and quieter. Quiet enough to continue your conversations during the grinding process. The new gearbox also can detect any jams and will instantly stop the machine, without damaging any vital parts or other components.

If you have a little knowledge about coffee you know that grinding can significantly decrease or increase the quality of the coffee. Also the speed that it grinds is very important. If you grind your beans too fast the essential oils will be released prematurely due to heat, also if they are ground too slow that they will go stale. Baratza provides perfect timing at exactly 450RPM which is right in the middle, a quick grind without the excess heat.

The wide range of grind size setting of the Baratza Encore is amazing. It has 40 different grind size settings ranging from 250 microns to as large as 1200 microns. You can get fine enough grind for a decent espresso with a naked portafilter. As well as the ultra coarse grind sizes required for cold brews and french press. The Encore nearly gets as close to the powder fine grind size required for Turkish coffee.

The Baratza Encore is a pretty simple no-frills machine. It is a very simple design that will help you understand coffee and grinding very well. You will reveal deep secrets about each brew, because you will not be distracted with the features and lights. Coffee making is not an easy craft to learn properly, and some might be overwhelmed, but Baratza Encore give an easy introduction. Without a doubt the best burr bean grinder for beginners on the market. If you are still no convinced, make sure you read our detailed Baratza Encore review.

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