The Best Coffee Pods For Keurig

Coffee pods guarantee to the users a plethora of different tastes, smells, and in fact, they are indeed cost-efficient which is, therefore, one of the reasons that they became so popular over the past years.

In addition, there are thousands of brands, roasts and what’s even better is that even the most recognizable brands such as Starbucks have their own pods for sale which is awesome since if you love coffee from a specific brand, you may be able to get it in form of a pod without any problems.

The main idea behind the coffee pods is their availability and the options you have in a return when choosing, but let’s not also forget that they stand for convenience. By convenience, I think of the opportunity you’ll have in order to brew coffee. For instance, all you would have to do would be to place a certain coffee pod, click on a dedicated button located on your coffee machine, and within a few seconds, you will be served with a hot, tasty coffee!

So, since there are thousands of different coffee pods produced by thousands of different brands, which ones are the most suitable for Keurig?

Well, in this article, I will make a review of 10 coffee pods, where each of them will have a unique taste and smell, so you can choose according to your personal preferences!

Are you ready? Let’s get started right away because your coffee is waiting to be served!

The Top 10 Best Coffee Pods For Keurig

10. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend 

To begin with, the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is available in 7 sizes, including the 100-count, a box worth of 100-counts, 32-count, 72-count, 96-count and the 144-count, so you will be able to choose depending on your personal preferences, however, keep in mind that the one I’m currently reviewing is the 96-count edition.

These coffee pods employ a light roast blend, which has a medium acidity and a very rich taste, and if like these attributes, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’d also like to inform you that the coffee itself is a 100% Arabica coffee and after having an opportunity to read the experiences of those who have tried this coffee, I was nothing but surprised, positively, of course!

The reason is fairly simple, the coffee flavor is not only sweet, but also, once consumed, it won’t cause you difficulties in your stomach which is very important, because not everyone’s stomach can handle coffee in the same way as others.

Another great thing about this pod is that you can combine it with milk if you think that it is still strong, although I really doubt it considering the fact that is light-roasted, but either way, since you can have a freedom to experiment, feel free to do it. The coffee tastes excellent!

Overall, if you’re a fan of light-roasted coffee that as a silky, mouth-watering taste, then the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend would be a top option for you!


9. Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla 

The Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla fulfills the dreams of those who prefer to drink coffee that has a flavor of caramel and vanilla, in one!

This coffee is light-roasted, and it is designed to work with Keurig coffee makers which will deliver the best possible extraction and deliver you the best extraction so that a single cup of coffee will never be enough!

Being a caffeinated coffee, and coffee certified by Orthodox Union Kosher, the quality is uncompromised, and since this package contains 24 pods, not only you, but the ones around you will also have an opportunity to try it and gain a better insight regarding its deliciousness!

Those who have already purchased the Caramel Vanilla edition, claim that the flavor is not only tasty, but it feels smooth to drink, and it isn’t bitter at all, and who doesn’t like to drink coffee with a caramel flavoring?

But that’s not all! The coffee is extremely safe to drink, and even if you have a sensitive stomach, you will still be able to drink it and enjoy it, due to the fact that this coffee does not contain any of the 8 major allergens! Also, the coffee is made of Arabica beans, and of course, it has artificial flavors. Interestingly, the artificial flavors do not cause harm, but actually the opposite – a huge satisfaction since as you already know, the coffee flavor is a combination of vanilla and caramel!

After all, I think that you should give this coffee a try, and why you wouldn’t honestly, if you love to drink a light, tasty coffee with incredibly rich flavor, without having to pay huge amount of money to your local coffee shops in order to consume such a quality coffee!


8. Peet’s Coffee Colombia Luminosa 

Ethiopia is the world’s seventh-largest producer of coffee, and has a longstanding coffee tradition which dates back to the ancient times! However, throughout the ages, Ethiopian coffee beans have spread throughout the world and are also planted in South America.

These coffee pods are filled with coffee made of the very best beans from Colombia, and in fact, Peet’s coffee is a mix of the finest and unique coffee beans that are meant for every type of coffee lover.

Each coffee pod has the same quality of coffee and has passed through the same, quality roasting process so that the end-users may always be satisfied.

Moreover, if you ever choose these coffee pods for personal use, keep in mind that you will have a chance to consume a full-bodied, exceptionally delicate coffee filled with sweet aromas. In the morning, as usual, you require coffee, right? Well, this coffee is not only meant for morning consumption, but it is ideal for every part of the day. If you have guests, just bring them a cup of this coffee, are you working late? Grab another cup of coffee, the Peet’s Coffee Colombia Luminosa stands for quality and it will give you a good energy boost to keep you focused literally on everything!

There’s one more thing I have to mention, and that’s regarding those who have reported their experience to me.

Most of them claim that they really like the taste, whereas, others have told me that the money they pay for such a quality coffee is incredibly low and way cheaper than actually going to coffee shops or to Starbucks all the time.

However, please feel free to switch to the other flavors, once you tried the Colombia Luminosa, because aside from this flavor, there are 11 different types of coffee of which one is even a so-called Decaf coffee!

To summarize everything, you should definitely take Peet’s Coffee Colombia Luminosa into a serious consideration, because this coffee is exceptionally affordable and tastes incredibly well, which means that you have nothing to lose but only to gain!


7. JAVA HOUSE Cold Brew

Are you a fan of a cold brew coffee? If yes, the Java House has made coffee pods for you, and trust me, the taste is nothing but delicious!

To begin with, these coffee pods are available in multiple flavor editions and in 4 different sizes, including the Coconut Caramel Crunch flavor, Colombian, Decav, Ethiopian which is at the same time, the one I’m currently reviewing, the so-called Kauai Vanilla Macadamia Nut, and Sumatran, whereas, the sizes are 6, 36, 12, 48-count. Therefore, you’re not obliged to stick only with the Ethiopian flavor, because even if you really liked it, you can have a freedom to switch any time you want because all flavors are unique and may satisfy the needs of hundreds of users!

First of all, the secret recipe behind the success of the JavaHouse Cold Brew coffee pads is the use of 100% Arabica coffee which has double the strength of a regular coffee, and interestingly, it does not have even a pinch of bitterness, but just a pure, bold flavor that will take your breath away!

Also, the coffee isn’t acidic at all or even better said it is less acidic in comparison to traditional coffee and therefore, it is great and convenient for single use. However, keep in mind that before you start brewing it, it is important to note the process of brewing a cold brew coffee.

Otherwise, the coffee tastes delicious and it actually lets you save more money since you won’t really require to buy iced coffee from your local coffee shops. Instead, you can do everything at home and hence, you will taste the benefits of drinking coffee that offers a great value for its cost!

I’d also like to inform you it takes less than 2 minutes before you have a cup filled with a cold-brew coffee, and additionally, you can apply a milk or an ice cream into a blender if you prefer as well and enrich the flavor even more! Just a tip from me!

To conclude, the JavaHouse Cold Brew pods should be considered as a must-have choice for cold-brew coffee lovers because of their cost-efficiency and the heaven-like taste that will set your satisfaction to the highest levels!

6. Original Donut Shop’s Decaf 

This coffee is a typical example that even people that are caffeine conscious may have an opportunity to drink coffee that can please their needs in an absolutely perfect way, and honestly, if you’re such a person, trust me, you won’t regret drinking a single cup of this coffee!

The reason is fairly simple as well, due to the fact that this is a medium-roasted, decaffeinated coffee that is specifically designed to work superb with Keurig brewers so that the way the coffee is going to be ground and extracted would lead to fantastic results!

The coffee taste itself isn’t harsh nor bitter, but something in the middle, I’d call it “just right”.

If you’ve been asking yourself regarding the beans of which this coffee is made of, well, they are 100% Arabica beans, and what’s even better is that these K-cups are certified Orthodox Union Kosher which basically means that they do not contain artificial ingredients, but pure piece of perfection!

From the first sip, you may feel the coffee to its core, and although I’m currently reviewing the 72-count model, you may later switch and choose a larger quantity, and honestly, I don’t have doubts at all that you’re going to do that! The coffee is flawless!

To summarize, the Original Donut Shop’s Decaf pods are excellent choice for caffeine conscious people who like drinking a decaffeinated coffee that will change the way you perceive how does drinking a decaffeinated coffee actually tastes like!

5. Caribou’s Caribou Blend Coffee K-Cup

The Caribou Blend coffee pods are filled with 100% Arabica coffee which is precisely gathered by the best possible Indonesian beans whose taste is rich enough to satisfy even the biggest skeptics that exist!

These pods produce are available in 4 different sizes, including the 60, 96, 32, and 72-count which I’m currently reviewing, and depending on your personal preferences, feel free to choose if you demand higher or small quantity of coffee!

But, keep in mind one thing. The included coffee is medium-roasted, and it is Rainforest Alliance and Kosher(U) certified, which will guarantee you that this coffee has passed strict regulations before it has become available for distribution.

Let’s take this aside and talk more about the taste.

Well, once you place the pods to your machine, the end result is more than a pure excellence. It has a kind of a syrupy taste, and a big-bodied finish which makes the coffee perfect for consumption regardless if you prefer to drink it in the morning, for breakfast, and even during the night if you’re busy with work.

In fact, since it is smooth and medium-roasted caffeinated coffee, it is suitable for a wide variety of coffee lovers, because it will unlikely cause you digestive problems, and if your body is prone on such things, the smoothness of the coffee will ensure that you can only enjoy your consumption without worrying literally about anything!

Last but not least, what got my attention regarding these coffee pods is that according to the manufacturer, they do not contain any of the 8 major allergens, which by default means that the coffee is not only easy to drink but safe as well! Great job, Caribou!

In the end, I’d highly recommend you to try the Caribou Blend Coffee pods in the future, because each cup of coffee will be unique and will differ a lot from the others you’ve already tried, especially if you’ve been drinking a medium-roasted coffee!

4. Starbucks Italian Roast 


Chances that you’ve ever had an opportunity to drink coffee from Starbucks are extremely high, and at the same time, chances that you’ve liked it are high as well, because Starbucks is synonymous with quality and great taste!

The Starbucks Italian Roast pods aren’t different at all, and they came in a variety of different flavors of which you can choose from. The one I’m currently reviewing is the Italian roast version and has a 60-count size.

For your information, these pods are dark-roasted, and those who have been drinking coffee from these pods claim that they’ve fallen in love with the taste, because it is bold and exceptionally rich!

In fact, these pods are one of the most positively-reviewed ones on the market, and on Amazon, whish says a lot regarding the quality of the coffee itself, and the level of satisfaction of hundreds of customers or let’s better say coffee lovers!

Aside from the delicious taste of the coffee, you won’t be obliged to go to Starbucks multiple times throughout the day and wait in the line in order to get the coffee you like. From now on, your household can be your own Starbucks, since all it requires is a pod machine and the rest can be left to the secret recipe of the blend! At the same time, you will save a lot of money and honestly, all these things contribute a lot to the popularity of these pods!

In the end, I’d strongly recommend you consider these pods, because they can easily substitute the quality of the coffee sold in Starbucks, and at the same time, if you love drinking a dark-roasted coffee with an Italian quality, then you will be more than satisfied to get the Starbucks Italian Roast pods!

3. Napalm Coffee Extra Dark Roast

As the name suggests, I will be talking about an exceptionally dark-roast coffee that will hit you as much as a napalm would do! Although it is not suitable for everyone, those who love a strong yet tasty coffee that can wake them up even with its taste in the morning will surely gonna love it!

Let’s begin with a simple background. Each pod is filled with 100% Arabica Coffee which has passed through precise, hand-selected process and are then flawlessly roasted so that you will be able to consume a consistent, extra-dark coffee which will set your energy levels to the very top!

For your information, this coffee is available in 3 different sizes, such as the 12-count version which I’m currently reviewing, 24 and the 72-count, and for now, just keep the 12-count version because if you really like it, you may always switch and opt for a bigger dose of caffeine!

When I say dark, I really mean dark though, the coffee is very strong actually, in fact, the strength is double the one of the regular K-cups on the market, and what’s also interesting, it belongs to the group of the strongest coffees.

But that’s not all! The pods are specifically designed to work with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 machines, and users of these machines will never face difficulties in brewing since their machines will easily extract the coffee of the pods, and therefore, all you would have to do would be to let yourself enjoy the produced coffee!

In the end, I’d also like to tell you a very interesting thing. What makes this coffee different from the others is its ability to remain smooth and have a kind of chocolate flavor, even if you brew coffee for a very small-sized cup, due to the fact that even then, you will unlikely feel bitterness which is very important!

Therefore, the Napalm Coffee Extra Dark Roast would be one of the best options for you if you like to be punched by a coffee that contains a strong amount of caffeine!


2. SF Bay Coffee OneCup French Roast 

How to describe this coffee? The closest I can get would be a ” pure gourmet blend that contains no artificial flavors”!

Just keep in mind that this coffee is not for everyone’s stomach, because it is meant only for those who require strong coffee with a clean taste, and this comes for a price of course. Fortunately, the price may still be low in comparison to the amount of money you will likely spend on getting a coffee from a coffee shop. From now on, you will drink coffee with a coffee shop quality right in your home!

What’s special about this coffee is that it is made of 100% Arabica beans which are indeed a specific type because they grow at high altitudes of more than 3000 feet!

In addition, this particular model packs 100 K-cup pods, and each pod according to the manufacturer is 97% bio-degradable, hence, it is eco-friendly, and not an ordinary type of pod, like is the case with most of the ones available on the market.

Let’s take this aside for a minute, and let’s briefly explain the coffee to its core.

First of all, this coffee is suitable for most electric Keurig brewers, which by default means, that the coffee machine will extract the most of the coffee so that you, as a final consumer would have a chance to have more than an enjoyable time drinking the coffee!

Flavor-wise, the coffee is very strong but smooth at the same time, and if you love some kind of smoky flavor then you will like it, although as I’ve stated at the beginning, I wouldn’t advise people who suffer from heart or nervous system disease to drink it because it will surely shake you!

Is this your type of coffee? If yes, then I’d strongly suggest you to take this coffee as your next purchase, and if you ever decide to invest in it, I’m sure that you will not regret that decision later because you will be instantly “addicted” to its bold flavor!


1. Death Wish Coffee 

Attention! This is one of the strongest coffees in the world, and by its package, you may notice that this is not for everyone, but only for the most, hardcore coffee lovers that want to taste an extremely dark-roasted coffee, coffee that has double the strength of an average cup of coffee!

For your information, this unit comes is available in 3 editions, such as the 10, 20 and 50-count edition, and the one I’m currently making review of is the 10-count, so that first of all, you may preserve money, while on the other side, you may see whether you like or may handle the coffee.

What makes these pods stand from the other is the fact that they aren’t only exceptionally convenient, but they are recyclable as well, hence, our environment will not be affected by the plastic which by default means, that you will enjoy drinking coffee while taking care of the environment.

Moreover, each cup is filled with carefully selected beans which are then roasted perfectly, so that you will be “kicked” with a caffeine and be very satisfied with the bold taste and the aroma that will hook you up within a second!

Also, although the Death Wish is considerably stronger than the average coffee pods on the market, still, it isn’t overly acidic which means that you will unlikely have problems consuming it, but also, keep in mind that these coffee pods are more pricy in comparison to the ordinary ones. If you ask me, I think that Death Wish is worthy of every penny spent, especially if you’re a person that is looking for a ‘caffeine overload’!

To summarize, the Death Wish coffee pods are excellent opitons for the hardcore coffee lovers, and if you ever decide to purchase it, you’ll never regret that decision!

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Keurig Coffee Pod Buying Guide

First and foremost, how would you find the best coffee pods? There are some tips that may help you tremendously in choosing.


If you don’t have an in-depth knowledge regarding the kinds of roasts, it is important to rely on the most respectable brands on the market, because the most famous companies always strive to make their users satisfied with their products, due to the fact that if they don’t, they won’t be popular, right? By the way, some of them are already mentioned in this article.


The flavor of the coffee is nothing but personal, not everyone likes the same flavor and that’s why it is important to know what you’re looking for. There are some flavors which are light, some of them are balanced, whereas others are strong.

Caffeine Level

Are you a fan of a strong coffee? Coffee that will boost your energy as much as possible, or you’re just a coffee lover that likes to drink coffee with balanced caffeine levels? It’s all up to you, hence, you can choose according to your personal tastes.


The cost may speak a lot regarding the quality of the coffee itself, and at the same time, may vary depending on the brand, blend, etc. It is important to have a clue of the amount of money you intend to spend for a specific pod. As I’ve mentioned previously, coffee pods aren’t expensive at all, and your wallet won’t be heavily affected, so don’t worry.

How To Brew Strong Coffee With Keurig

There are a few things you should consider prior to brewing a strong coffee, and now, I will deliver you some information that will help you get the tastiest, strong coffee that you can ask for!

  • Descale – First things first. Maintenance is the key and cleaning your Keurig regularly may contribute to rich and well-made coffee, or vice-versa, if you don’t pay attention to the cleaning process the coffee may not have the best outcome.
  • Pre-heat the water – Secondly, why’s the pre-heat important? The reason is very simple, once the machine reaches the optimal, brewing temperature, the Keurig may always be ready to serve you with one more cup of coffee for the next round, and while doing so, it is going to extract the most of the flavor!
  • Darker or Stronger? – It is important to note that the Keurig by itself, will dilute the strength of the coffee a bit, and therefore, instead of an extra-strong coffee you may get a coffee that is lighter and smoother. So, my point is to get the pod that is dark and strong enough to justify your preferences.
  • Last step – Avoid getting the last drops of the coffee because this is usually a water. Instead, once you think that the cup is filled according to your desires, remove the cup and turn off the machine!


In the end, I hope that you’ve found this article informative and that you may already have chosen the next coffee pod that will serve you daily with coffee of a superb quality, and as a matter of fact, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve given my best to introduce you with a vast variety of different coffee pods. Some of them are strong, others are medium, and I’ve also paid attention to those who like to drink a light coffee, and even a decaffeinated coffee!

Once you start drinking the coffee from the coffee pod you’ve chosen, I’d suggest you to share your experience with me, so that the next time, I may try to get even better coffee pods and keep you satisfied every time you search something regarding the thing I love the most – Coffee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are coffee pods expensive?

Yes and no. The reason which makes me unable to deliver a concrete answer to this question is that everything depends on the blend and the manufacturer. In general, they are cost-efficient, and in order to save money as much as possible, I'd advise you to buy in bulk.

How long does it take to brew a cup of coffee?

The time length goes in conjunction with your coffee pod machine, if it is fast, the brewing process will be fast as well, and vice-versa. However, a single brewed cup of coffee may take up to a minute.

What are the caffeine levels in a single coffee pod?

Once again, it depends on the pod itself, whether you've chosen a strong, light or medium. Generally speaking, coffee contains between 75 to 150 mg of caffeine per cup of 8 ounces. If we take a look at the International standard which has its own rules, 97% of the caffeine is removed, so in practice, you may drink coffee with a range of 2 to 4 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce cup. If you have more questions, I think that you should consult with the brand of the coffee pods you intend to use.

Which is the strongest coffee pod you can buy?

There are multiple coffee pods which are very strong, and not meant for everyone. For your information, since I can't name all of them, instead, I've included 2 of them in this article, so if you really like a strong coffee, then you can completely rely on the ones I've mentioned.

What are the pros and cons of using coffee pods?

There are hundreds of pros, but some of them include a convenience, plethora of choices, time-efficiency, consistent taste, and cost-efficiency. The cons may be found due at the lack of control you have over the coffee itself, since the pod has already its own taste, coffee pods aren't identical to the classic espressos you usually purchase and some of the coffee pods are non-recyclable or at least, difficult to recycle. Honestly, pros outnumber the cons, and this should not stop you from getting the coffee pod you like.

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