Best Drip Coffee Makers Under $50

Drip coffee makers are exceptionally useful devices which can also be seen as must-have appliances, regardless if you have a small or large kitchen, due to the fact that nearly all of them are compact and the performance is one of the things that may make them different from each other.

Coffee is our morning, energy fuel, and each morning most of us are waking up with a coffee.
Nowadays, drip coffee makers are a superb alternative and cost-efficient option because their price tag may cost less if you compare it with the amount of money you spend in a coffee shop, whereas, if you love to drink a delicious coffee, then drip coffee makers would be a superb choice for you!

That’s why, after I’ve been precisely analyzing the hundreds of available coffee makers, I’ve decided to include the best 5 drip coffee makers that will cost you less than $50, because they are a good starting point before you require better and more costly units in the future!

Now, let’s see what have I prepared for you, and you be the judge whether one of them deserves to become a part of your household/kitchen!

The Top 5 Best Drip Coffee Makers Under $50


The BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B is one of the most affordable, and at the same time reliable 12-cup drip coffee machines that have received thousands of positive reviews by the customers on the market, and you’ve likely seen its name multiple times on the Internet as you were searching for the best drip coffee maker under $50! Well, now you will find out what’s so special about it!

First and foremost, the design. This particular model comes in 3 different color editions, such as the Black, Black combined with Stainless Steel, and White combined with Stainless Steel, hence, feel free to choose the one that suits your preferences the most, since only color is what makes them different from each other!

This particular model measures 11.5 x 8.4 x 13.3, weighs around 4.9 pounds and sports a sleek, all-black body that consists of a nonstick carafe plate, simple and well-organized digital control panel set on the front bottom, and a front-facing transparent water window with embedded measurings which will keep you informed regarding the amount of money you have stored! Also on the front, you’ll notice the grip handle that feels smooth on touch and by default this means that you will feel comfortable to pour the coffee!

Now, let’s talk a bit about the performance.

The BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B produces wonderfully brewed, hot coffee and as a matter of fact, the included controls will let you customize the coffee to suit to your taste, and even if you forgot to turn it off, you shouldn’t worry since this unit will turn off by itself after 2 hours which definitely means a lot, since it won’t consume energy and your bills will never be heavily affected!

However, keep in mind that the water reservoir should not be filled beyond the 12 cup line, because if you somehow manage to overfill it, the coffee taste may not be as good as you’d expect!

Moreover, this coffee machine has a programmable timer, an auto-brew option aside from its programmable controls, and honestly, the manufacturer did an amazing job in crafting such an easy to use, programmable coffee that will get the best of the coffee!

When it comes to the cleanup process ,well, if we put into consideration the presence of its removable filter basket which is dishwasher-safe at the same time, and compatible with basket-style paper filters, and its non stick carafe plate, I’m more than sure that you won’t spend a lot of time in terms of cleaning! Therefore, you will have more time to brew and drink coffee!

In conclusion, you should definitely consider the BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B as your next purchase, because it is more than affordable and performs good enough to let you have a chance to drink a well-made coffee that will keep you energized throughout your whole workin day!

4. Mixpresso Drip Coffee Maker 

The Mixpresso Drip Coffee Maker is another 12-cup coffee machine that is capable enough to ensure that your coffee will be brewed properly on one side, while on the other, it will also be hot enough for a fairly long period of time so that you will always be able to be served with a hot and delicious coffee!

From a design perspective, this model looks indeed elegant, due to the fact that its glossy, all-black finish make this unit highly compatible with any kitchen decor, since we all know that the black color can completely blend with style!

For your information, this model measures 12 x 7 x 9″ (HWD), weighs around 3.7 pounds, which basically means that this unit can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, and at the same time, it will not occupy a great amount of space, hence, it is very suitable even for those households whose kitchens are small as well as for various offices!

If you take a look at the front part, you’ll notice the large, 1.8L-capacity carafe which is exceptionally well made since it can withstand bumps caused by your daily use, and what’s even better is that its handle will let you have a stable and comfortable hold, so that you may never face with mess as you’re pouring!

On the bottom, there’s an On/Off switch control with light indicator that will keep you informed regarding the coffee, and as you can see, the Mixpresso Drip Coffee machine is all about convenience!

In terms of the performance, those who have had a chance to try this coffee maker claim that it heats up fast, and the produced coffee does not have a watery taste like is the case with most of the drip coffee makers at this price range. Also, this unit comes with a reusable filter and removable basket filter which will not only help you get served with the coffee you like, but also, they will prevent you from spending hours in cleaning, and so far, I can’t find any remarks regarding this product.

Before we end, there’s one more thing I would like you to know and that’s regarding the fact that this coffee maker may not leak for a very long period of time. Of course, after years of use, you may deal with some leaking which is normal since we are talking about a coffee maker, but before you get an insight of how coffee makers work in practice, you will be very satisfied with this one.

Overall, the Mixpresso Drip Coffee Maker deserves your attention, because it is durable, compact, and performs really good, so that if you ever decide to purchase it, you may unlikely regret that decision!

3. AICOK Drip Coffee Maker 

The AICOK Drip Coffee Maker is a very strong, 900-Watt unit that packs multiple features, durable construction and quality performance which can satisfy even the most demanding customers on the market, and in fact, it can easily compete with some of the midrange coffee machines, which is therefore, one of the reasons that make this unit be popular on Amazon!

Design-wise, the AICOK boasts an attractive, black and stainless steel finished body that employs an intuitive control panel located on the top which consists of a backlight LCD screen and 4 dedicated buttons, a transparent window on the side, and a large, durable glass carafe with an easy-grip handle which will guarantee you a no-drip pouring for our ultimate user experience.

On the bottom, there are multiple feet that support the coffee machine, and make sure that it will stay on a variety of different surfaces, so that the vibrations produced throughout the brewing process may not cause it to move, and honestly, I really like the way AICOK managed the design!

In addition, the AICOK drip coffee maker has a removable, filter basket that will help you clean it quickly and effectively, and let’s not forget the fact that the water tank is made of a BPA-free material which basically means the water you store will not be contaminated and cause you health issues!

Moving on, this unit employs a 24-hour programmable timer as well which is surely great addition due to the fact that at the morning, as you’re getting a shower, you may previously set the machine to operate and when you’re done, the coffee will not only be hot but it will be tasty as well!

Since I’ve mentioned the heat, I would like to mention that thanks to the quality warming plate, even after 2 hours, the heat will be preserved, and since winter is coming, your coffee will always be ready for you to give you a caffeine hit and make you feel comfortable in your cozy home!

Once you’re done brewing, the manufacturer recommends you to add water or white vinegar into the water tank until it reaches the maximum level, and start brewing several times without storing coffee power because this is very important to maintain the quality performance in a long term! Also, since nearly all of its parts are detachable, you can easily apply warm water and clean them as well, and prevent the buildup of coffee waste!

To summarize, if you’ve been searching for a powerful, 900-Watt coffee machine that can help you get the most of the coffee and make it warm for a very long period of time, then the AICOK Coffee Maker would be a really good option for you!


2. Posame Drip Coffee Maker

The Posame Drip Coffee Maker has been released on the market, exactly this year, however, it didn’t take long before coffee lovers have found and tried its tremendously good capabilities. Currently, this is one of the most sold and heavily praised electric drip coffee makers which is just proof that you may be the next owner of it!

For your information, the Posame measures 9.4 x 5.6 x 11.8″, weighs around 4.3 pounds and looks very classy, thanks to its black and stainless steel color finish that makes it suitable for every household. However, Posame isn’t just a beautiful coffee maker, but it is also well-engineered since it is ETL and BPA-free, which means that it does not contain harmful chemicals, and since you will be consuming coffee, you may completely relax and enjoy the coffee without thinking about anything else!

On the front, the first thing you will notice is the large capacity carafe which can brew coffee for about 12-15 cups at once, but what’s even better is that the carafe will preserve the heat for at least 2 hours, and this is awesome if you ask me, since if suddenly you have guests, you will be able to serve them right away without having to wait!

On the bottom, there is an LCD screen that is surrounded by 4 dedicated buttons including “HR”, “PROG, “MIN”, and the Turn On/Off button, and as you can see, you won’t have problems operating with this drip coffee maker!

Furthermore, the Posame has an anti-drip system that will allow you to pause and pour between the brewing process, and let’s not forget its removable and washable filter holder that will not cause you mess on one hand, while on the other, it is quality enough to bring you the coffee taste you prefer, whether it is strong or light!

Since I’ve mentioned its washable filter holder, I would also like to add that the cleaning process is butter smooth, because by applying warm water, you can clean it properly and keep in mind that you should remember to clean it frequently in order to prevent this unit from dealing with coffee buildup. An easy to clean machine is a must, especially if you care about your kitchen.

Finally, I would recommend you this product as your next purchase, because of three reasons, the first is the fact that it is fully-automatic, the second is its mess-free performance, and thirdly, its anti-drip design that allows you have a truly convenient user experience without having to pay a large amount of money!


The BLACK+DECKER CM2035B is surely among the best if not the best drip coffee maker under $50, because of multiple factors, starting from its elegant, yet durable body, the convenience it offers directly to you once you intend to use it, and of course, the performance which is one of the decisive things regarding this unit, since the coffee taste will not be affected at all, and you will have a chance to consume a strong and mouth-watering coffee regardless if you drink it in the morning or during the late hours.

This model boasts a black and silver-finished body that measures 13.25 x 7.75 x 13.25″, weighs approximately 4 pounds and incorporates a 12-cup thermal carafe, well-engineered pour spot, a nicely designed control panel that consists of 6 dedicated controls plus a turn on/off button that sit next to a backlight LCD screen and an easy to view water tank window which will offer you a better insight regarding the amount of water you have in your water tank.

In addition, the control layout is very easy to understand, for each purpose there’s a dedicated button, 24-hour programmable auto brew function, Strong, Min, special button for brewing 1-4 cups of coffee, and as you can see, this coffee maker is indeed customizable and the brewing can be adjusted according to your desired without any problems.

I would also like to mention that once that this model has an EvenStream showerhead as well whose purpose is to dispense water evenly and extract the most of the flavor, while its pour sput is specifically designed to prevent spills so that you may never deal with mess once you start pouring coffee!

But that’s not all! This coffee maker includes a so-called sneak-a-cup feature which will guarantee you a mess-free experience, due to the fact that it temporarily disables the flow of the coffee before the brewing cycle ends, and therefore, you will be able to pour your a cup of coffee without making a mess! Excellent job, BLACK+DECKER!

If you ever forget to turn the machine off, then you shouldn’t worry either, because the BLACK+DECKER CM2035B will turn itself off thanks to its automatic shut-off function

Moreover, the cleaning process is very easy as well, and according to the manufacturer, you would require a vinegar-water solution that will effectively remove the hard water scale from the heater, and also, you should keep in mind that you should move away from using softened water.

Also, the carafe is designed with a wide opening which is something that I really like, because this part does not require any specific kind of cleaning, because all it takes is a simple clean up with a damp towel!

Before we end, I have to inform you that the manufacturer recommends you to clean this machine at least once per month, and since you will be given an instruction manual regarding what you have to do in order to clean it, this will help you tremendously and you will extend the machine’s longevity and prevent buildup of coffee. Just please note that you shouldn’t use corrosive cleaning items.

To conclude, the BLACK+DECER CM2035B would be a superb option for you, because it has large capacity, it is exceptionally well-engineered and it is capable enough to brew a quality coffee that will stay hot for a very long period of time!

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Buyer’s Guide

Before you make an actual purchase of a certain product, it is important to have a bit of knowledge regarding the type of product itself, and if you don’t have, for instance, your expectations may not match the performance of the product you’ve bought. This is fairly normal though.

Drip coffee makers are not different at all, and now, I will offer you some tips that you will find helpful prior to making an actual purchase.


There is a variety of different drip coffee makers, some of them are armed with a thermal, glass or duel pot system.

For example, thermal carafes are ideal for those people who would like to brew a big cup of coffee and at the same time, to keep it flavorful and hot for a longer period of time.

Glass carafe coffee makers in comparison to the thermal carafes are not insulated, hence, they do not maintain the optimal heat of the coffee in extended periods of time. However, throughout their existence, companies have been continuously updating them and it is not surprising that today, we have glass drip coffee makers equipped with timing or some kind of temperature mechanism that allows you to have greater control over the heat. In addition, these drip coffee makers are excellent for coffee lovers who want to have a better insight regarding the quantity of coffee they brew.

Finally, the Dual pot coffee makers as the name suggests, have dual brewing stations and dual pots and are a perfect choice for those who require larger quantities of coffees, and are highly suitable for the households and for those who work at the office!


Most of the drip coffee makers employ multiple features that allow the user to have greater control over the brewing process and also to customize the coffee according to his/her preferences.

Hence, it is important to note that you choose a coffee maker that have multiple settings, intuitive control layout and if there’s a built-in coffee grinder this would be even better, however, this rarely happens with coffee makers that cost less than $50.

My whole point is to let you know that the more features your coffee maker has, the more enjoyable your user experience is going to be.


There isn’t a single coffee machine regardless of its type that may produce quality coffee, if the coffee itself isn’t quality. That’s why, you have to prioritize whether you have bought a brew of decent quality or a fresh coffee made of ground whole coffee beans. Sometimes purchasing a more expensive coffee ground may be decisive, since your coffee maker may get the best of the coffee itself, and you, as a final consumer would be very satisfied!

Maintenance and Cleaning

In general, coffee makers are easy to maintain and clean, however, some coffee makers use paper coffee filters, whereas, some of them have permanent filters which require to be cleaned daily.


Hamilton Beach and Mr Coffee are some of the most popular brands in this field, but i haven’t included any Hamilton Beach or Mr Coffee product in here, because everyone already knows about them. Instead, i tried to list some more budget-friendly and lesser-known models.


Finally, we reached the part where I have to bring the final words regarding the products mentioned in this article. Honestly, I really hope that you will like at least one of them if not all of them, because each coffee maker performs really well and since it costs less than $50, your budget will surely not be affected that much!

If you ever decide to make an actual purchase, please feel free to contact me and inform me regarding your personal experience, since I always strive to bring better products and have my audience satisfied with the products I’ve brought! See you in the next article!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the ideal time for brewing a perfect coffee?

In general, if the roast is medium and if the same stands for the ground itself, a 4-6 brewing cycle would result in an exceptionally delicious coffee!

What is required to descale a coffee maker?

First of all, descaling is a process in which the mineral buildup is removed, and if you don't descale your coffee maker this may lead to clogging of the water flow and the coffee may not be as tasty as it should be. Now, what does it require to descale? Nothing else but a simple water or distilled white vinegar. Prior to descaling, it is advisable that you should empty your coffee maker, fill the carafe with white vinegar or/with water, then fill the chamber to its maximum holding capacity, and start a half of a brew cycle. Afterward, you should rinse and run a water cycle at least two times, because this will remove the flavor and the smell of the vinegar.

Do drip coffee makers make high-quality coffee?

If you look at the bigger picture, yes they do, although they may affect a bit on the flavor a bit, but this doesn't mean that the coffee will be heavily affected and you won't be able to drink a tasty coffee. After all, since coffee makers are popular, it means that users love the coffee taste!

Why is my drip coffee maker very slow?

Usually, this is a result that you haven't been cleaning your coffee maker frequently, and if you've been cleaning it actually, I'd recommend you to talk with the manufacturer in order to fix the issue.

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