Best Drip Coffee Makers Recommended By Reddit

After doing over 37 hours of research and testing, we came up with the 5 best drip coffee makers recommended by Reddit users for this year. I tried to keep this list as short as possible so you don’t get overwhelmed with the available options. I listed them based on their prices, quality, durability and more. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s jump straight into it.

Reddit’s Top 5 Recommended Best Drip Coffee Makers

5. BUNN BX Velocity Brew

If you are in search of a back-to-basics coffee machine that will just brew a solid cup of coffee the BUNN BX Velocity Brewis the right choice for you. But if you want a fully automated machine that you can set the night prior to make you a cup at exactly 7:30 then the BUNN is not a good choice for you.

This is the non-automated smaller home-use machine of the BUNN lineup which consists some solid commercial coffee machines. It is rather simplistic and it has a no-nonsense design.

It works very well and consistently providing a solid cup of coffee in each brew. You just fill up the water reservoir, power up the machine, put a filter and activate the only switch on the body. It will brew a pot of coffee in four minutes flat.

It does not have precise coffee ratios. Like some other machines that will mess up your coffee if you don’t get the right ratio. The brewer requires about one to two tablespoons of coffee per cup, and it is pretty consistent. It is also pretty versatile when it comes to the coffees that you can use.

The BUNN BX Velocity Brew can get very hot, very quickly. It can achieve a temperature of 91-degrees Celsius in under a minute. Which is around the best temperature to brew coffee without losing flavors and aromas.

The no-frills design ensures that the machine does that right. It can provide you a full pot of amazing coffee in under four minutes, throughout the day without compromise. However, in the morning when you are first activating the machine you should wait around 15 minutes for the machine to get to the desired temperatures.

Unfortunately, the BUNN BX Velocity Brew is not very easy to maintain. Emptying and cleaning the tank is very troublesome and laborious. It is very time consuming and it is not like cleaning every other coffee brewer.

Also, it requires you to clean it often. It is a very big machine that weight about 4.5 kilograms and takes a lot of space. But if you want a simple coffee maker, that is consistent at its job then you might want to give it a try. You can also read our full Bunn Velocity Brew Review.

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4. Bonavita BV1900TS

People generally tend to believe that brewing an excellent cup of drip coffee at the comfort of your home is impossible if you do not spend a fortune on your super kitchen.

The Bonavita BV1900TS is here to prove everybody wrong. With a cheaper price than its premium cousins, fewer features and fewer components, the Bonavita BV1900TS is an excellent coffee machine that is a breeze to use with its ease of use.

The Bonavita BV1900TS may not have the LED lights or the LCD panels that the other more ‘advanced’ modern coffee brewers have. But it has a simplistic design that fits into every kitchen, it is subtle yet substantial. On the whole machine you will find just one button, the on/off switch.

Which sometimes, it is more than enough. The basic shape with the industrial design gives the machine a functional look. It is also aesthetic enough for those who prefer minimalist looks. It is also pretty small and compact not interfering with your original kitchen design in any aspect.

To make coffee you just have to open the lid of the water tank, add water, then add grounded coffee to the brew basket and place it over the thermal carafe.

After this just press the button and your coffee will be brewed shortly. With its 1500W heater, it is capable of heating the water to 200-degrees Fahrenheit within 2 minutes and keeping it there for the whole brewing cycle.

Bonavita BV1900TS consistently provides rich and tasty flavored coffee consistently with an extraction percentage of 26.8%. It may be a little higher than the ideal, and can sometimes be considered as over extracted, but taste wise it is pretty good.

Bonavita BV1900TS guarantees that your coffee will stay warm up to 4 hours at 150-degrees Fahrenheit. Combined with the smooth taste that Bonavita brewed coffee provides, the experience is simply amazing. The showerhead design ensures that water is evenly distributed through all the coffee grounds. It can brew a pot of coffee in about five and a half minutes. The maintenance and cleaning are very easy. Good coffee with great consistent temperatures, ensuring you to get the same coffee experience throughout the lifespan of the machine. You can read the detailed Bonavita BV1900TS Review here.

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3. OXO On Barista Brain

If you are pretty serious about your morning coffee, the OXO On Barista Brain is going to fulfill your needs. Providing consistent drip brewed cups of decent coffee.

It is actually one of the few manufacturers, that have earned the Speciality Coffee Association’s Golden Cup qualification. And with a programmable timer to automatically brew your coffee in the morning.

The OXO On Barista Brain has an elegant design, Built from a chassis of stainless steel and black plastic with a transparent reservoir.

The main area contains the water tank with a capacity of 1.3L on top and the heater just under it. On the right part there is the brew basket that only works with type-4 cone paper filters. Right below it, the thermal carafe is located.

Overall, the machine is very tall and has a large footprint, people with small kitchens or without much space beware. There is an LED display on the brewer, and it looks pretty good actually. Underneath it is the circular dial that is also used as a button.

Making coffee is very straightforward. First you must fill the reservoir with water, then you place a filter into the brewer and add your coffee. And then to activate you just select how much coffee you want the machine to brew. It is very soothing to have the choice as to how many cups you want the machine to brew.

The OXO On Barista Brain has a microchip installed that it calls ‘barista brain’ system. It basically tracks and controls the temperature, speed of water flow, target brewing volume and brewing time. It balances all these numbers to achieve ideal results.

A downside of this is that we get longer brewing times. In testing, the microchip didn’t do a good job of keeping the temperatures stable during the brewing time.

The average extraction percentage was 27%, meaning that it is a little over extracted. According to the taste tests too, the coffee was very good but it had a little bitterness to it. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for about 5 hours.

The coffee produced from this brewer is very good with a slight bitterness to it, but also it comes with a nice price tag. If you are still not convinced, make sure you read our detailed OXO On Barista Brain Review.

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2. Mr. Coffee 12 Cup

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup is basically a coffee brewing machine with all the features but with a budget price. It is interesting to see how Mr. Coffee has achieved to keep the price down while providing with greatly brewed coffee with great consistency.

With an automated cleaning cycle and ease of use, it is a bargain.

The features that this machine offers are pretty surprising for a budget coffee machine. You can choose between the glass carafe or the thermal one.

The delay brew timer is the most useful of all the features, as it allows you to set a timer as to when you want the machine to start brewing coffee, so you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

There is also a time that indicates whether your coffee is fresh or not, also it will tell you when it is the time to throw it away. You can also choose brew strength, the choices include normal brew or bold brew if you want a stronger cup of coffee for your caffeine cravings. There is the option to add a water filter which filters 97% of your water.

This results in better tasting and toxic chemical free coffee. You can also pause in the middle of the brew cycle to serve yourself a coffee and then let it continue until it has completed the cycle. The machine also has an auto shut off feature, which is basically a sleep timer, that can be programmed to shut off the machine two hours after it has finished brewing coffee. Leaving you worry-free.

The coffee works very easy and produces pretty good coffee. It is a common saying ‘you get what you pay for’, while most of the times that may be true in the case of Mr. Coffee 12 Cup it is certainly not true.

While the brewed coffee is not really hot, it is adequately hot to provide good taste. But if you like your coffee extra hot you might want to try another model. The manufacturer states that the machine should be cleaned every day, including the filter basket and the carafe using water and soap. But a more general cleaning should be done after 60 brews.

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1. Cuisinart DCC-1200BKS

The Cuisinart DCC-1200BKS is the best and most preferred drip coffee maker in the market. It has created a large loyal fan base that won’t change Cuisinart DCC-1200BKS for million other coffee makers.

It is not expensive, but also not cheap, it is right in the middle. Very sturdy, with a 3-year warranty, and pretty consistently will produce great cups of coffee. A very reliable machine, overall.

As mentioned in our Cuisinart DCC-1200BKS review, design wise it is very simplistic and it is not designed to stand out. Although it does not look cheap at all. Overall the body has a smooth surface of black plastic and brushed metal, giving it a contemporary look. And it will easily blend in with most kitchen designs and appliances.

The design of the carafe is a bit wrong, making it impossible to get the last bits of coffee without turning it upside down. The device is a bit large and the water reservoir is on top of the machine, so be sure to let space easy access to the machine. It also has a solid build and will last you a long time.

The brewer can produce 12 cups of coffee at a single brew cycle. It has many buttons to customize your coffee making experience to suit your needs and preferences. Just insert your favorite blend of coffee to the basket and your coffee will always taste good. However, to keep the consistent taste you have to clean the machine regularly, the machine does a good job to remind you that you have to clean it.

12 cups of coffee will be brewed in under 10 minutes and in a nice and hot temperature. Mid-brew you can remove the carafe and the brewing process will pause until you insert the carafe again. It maintains stable temperatures throughout, very surprising for an inexpensive drip coffee brewer.

This machine is an excellent addition to your kitchen arsenal. It is maybe not the most feature-filled or the most stylish choice. However, it is a very good and consistent coffee machine with just the right features and very easy maintenance.

A must buy if you love your morning cup of coffee.

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