Best Espresso K-Cups

K-Cups are very popular nowadays, and it should not surprise that there are hundreds of users of Keurig brewers, since coffee lovers can always get the right taste of their next cup of Espresso!

To begin with, K-cups are all about convenience, each of them has the right amount of coffee nestled at the inside, and the concept behind the process of brewing is indeed interesting. Once you place a K-cup inside of the brewer, a hot water starts to leak into the K-cup itself, and extracts the most of it so that at the end, you will be served with a truly delicious coffee!

Since you won’t have to deal with beans, a pre-brewing mess or at least to measure the quantity of a coffee, the preparation time is indeed quick and therefore, you will unlikely have to wait for too long before you get a single cup of coffee!

One of the benefits you have in a return if you drink a coffee made of a K-cup, would be the freshness. Coffee lovers always strive to get a fresh coffee, and at the same time, this is one of the reasons that has lead to the popularity of these K-cups.

So, a simple question rolls out. Which is the best espresso K-cup? Although I may not offer you the most precise answer to this question, I can tell you that I’ve prepared the “best” K-cups available on the market, and depending on your personal preferences, choose the one that you find the most pleasing!

That’s why, I’d suggest to get started right away because your coffee is waiting for you!

The Top 8 Best Espresso K-Cups

8. Gevalia Vanilla

Are you a fan of the vanilla flavor? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The Gevalia Vanilla K-cups are specifically designed to offer the coffee lovers a true, Late Espresso with Vanilla flavor that will instantly hook you up from the moment you store a single K-cup to your Keurig machine.

In addition, each K-cup consists of 100% Arabica coffee which is combined with vanilla latte froth powder and real milk, and according to those who have tried the taste, the flavor is so delicious that will make you ask for more, and more!

I would also like to mention that the Gevalia Vanilla is available in two editions, including a single box filled with 6 cups, single box with 9 cups, hence, feel free to choose the quantity you think is worthy of investment, and leave the rest for your Keurig machine and the secret recipe of the K-cups themselves!

Overall, you should definitely consider the Gevalia Vanilla K-cups as your next purchase, especially if you’re a fan of a Vanilla flavor!


7. Brooklyn Beans Express-O

The Brooklyn Beans Express-O K-cups are among the most purchased Espresso K-cups that you can find on Amazon, and this should not come as a surprise since these cups combine an affordable price with a delicious flavor, two attributes which are always important to the customers!

A bit of a background story. Each K-cup consist of 100% Arabica coffee which is dark-roasted, and therefore, the caffeine is good enough to give you a kick so that you can feel more focused and energized, regardless if you opt to brew a coffee in the morning or throughout your working day!

Moreover, aside from the level of caffine, the Espress-O flavor is bold, smoky and if you love drinking a cup of Espresso with such a mouth-watering flavor, then I really think that you’ve hit a jackpot!

For your information, these cups are compatible even with Keurig 2.0 machines, and as you can see, this does not say a lot about their versatility, but also regarding the quality of the beans which can satisfy the demands of hundreds of coffee lovers!

What’s also interesting is that you can consume 3-4 per day without any problem, since the coffee will unlikely cause you issues with your digestive system, due to the fact that although the caffeine will do its job, still, the Espresso feels smooth and I really think that you will like it!

To conclude, the Brooklyn Beans Express-O is a cost-efficient, dark-brewed option for Espresso lovers who would like to feel a caffeine kick without spending a fortune in order to feel that pleasure!


6. Timothy’s World Coffee Rainforest Espresso 

The Timothy’s World Coffee Rainforest Espresso is a first choice for thousands of Espresso lovers, and the reason is pretty simple, these K-cups are Kosher-certified, and do even have the stamp of approval by th Rainforest Aliance, which basically means that, the coffee has passed rigorous standards before it is set for mass-production!

Furthermore, the blend is dark-roasted and made of 100% Arabica coffee which when brewed, it will satisfy you a lot, due to the fact the flavor is full-bodied, sweet, and smooth at the same time, exactly as you’d like!

But what’s also interesting is that the price tag is extremely affordable on one side, while on the other, you will get 24 K-cups which means that you will not only be satisfied with the flavor, but also with the amount of money you may spend on them, since your wallet will not be affected at all!

Aside from using the coffee for brewing an Espresso, feel free to experiment, since some users have reported to me that the taste was excellent even if they were making some Frappuccinos or Lattes!

In conclusion, the Timothy’s World Coffee Rainforest Espresso may be a superb option for you, if you want to consume an Espresso that has a truly strong, full-bodied flavor!

5. Café Bustelo Coffee

The Café Bustelo Coffee is one of the most recognizable coffee brands that has started producing K-cups so that those who own a Keurig machine can have a better insight regarding the taste of coffee produced in Latin America!

First of all, let’s make something clear. These K-cups are available in 5 different flavors, and in 4 different sizes, hence, from the very beginning you already have multiple options to choose from, and in fact, it won’t take long before you try all of them and find out which one feels the most pleasing to consume!

The one I’m currently reviewing is a Dark-roast blend available in 72, unique K-cups which are suitable with all Keurig Brewers, due to the fact that once you store them in your Keurig machine, the extraction will be precise enough so that you will get the best possible results of the coffee!

Since I’ve mentioned the coffee, I would like to inform you that blend is made of 100% pure coffee beans that aside from providing you a surprisingly delicious Espresso, they can also mix with milk and sugar, which by default means that you will never feel restricted in terms of use! These K-cups have you completely backed up!

Before we end, I would like to mention that those who have had a chance to consume a cup of Espresso made by these K-cups, say that they really liked the taste and in fact, they’ve had a pleasing time, consuming these Espresso cups multiple times per day, and the caffeine level was good enough to make them concentrated especially during the night shift!

In conclusion, if you’re thinking on investing in K-cups which have a tradition of being quality and tasty, on one side, while on the other, good enough to be mixed with milk and sugar, then you should take a look at the Café Bustelo Coffee K-cups!

4. Lavazza Espresso Classico 

Lavazza. One of the most known Italian manufacturers of coffee products have their own K-cups whose quality is known all over the world. This time, I’ve decided to let you know about the so-called Espresso Classico because it is often a first choice for numerous users who love drinking a real, Italian Espresso!

These K-cups are filled with medium-roast ground Espresso and are packed in a fancy-looking yet airtight fashion which ensures that the coffee will remain light and will have enough moisture and humidity without affecting the freshness of the included coffee, so that the taste will be indeed addictive!

Moreover, the K-cups are suitable to work with any Keurig coffee machines, and you won’t wait for too long before you get served with a bold, and caffeine-rich Espresso that aside fro being tasty, will be easy to consume as well, hence, even people whose organisms are prone of having digestive problems may be suitable candidates for this coffee!

Last but not least, these cups are available in 4 sizes, starting from the 18-count version which I’m currently reviewing, the 36, 72 and 144, and for beginning, I’d recommend you to stick to this quantity, and afterward, if you think that you simply love the taste, you can opt for more!

To summarize, the Lavazza Espresso Classico deserves your attention, especially if you’re a fan of Italian Espresso that will surely match your expectations and offer you the most convenient experience, ever!


3. SF Bay Coffee Espresso

The SF Bay Coffee Espresso are all about quality. In fact, they aare among the most heavily-praised and positively-reviewed K-Cups on Amazon, and on the market as a whole, which by default means that the chances that you will be more than satisfied drinking a hot, cup of Espresso are going to be high!

The reason behind this is the use of 100% Arabica coffee, and the fact that the beans themselves are Kosher-certified, which is a good proof that says a lot regarding their quality.

The coffee blend is medium-dark, whereas, the taste is smoky and has some accents of dark chocolate which is awesome, since aside from making an Espresso, you can easily brew various Mochas, Cappuccinos and Lattes.

If you’ve been asking yourself whether the K-cups would be suitable with your Keurig, well, you shouldn’t worry even a bit, since even if you’re an owner of a Keurig 2.0, these cups are going to be extracted properly without any problem!

Also, the pods are eco-friendly, and according to the manufacturer, they are fully commercially compostable which means that each purchase you make, will not affect our environment, while on the other side, each purchase will enhance your drinking experience, since the Espresso taste can satisfy even the most demanding customers!

Finally, I’d strongly recommend you to try these espresso k-cups if you ever have a chance, due to the fact that their packaging is eco-friendly, whereas, the taste is exceptional which means that you will unlikely regret the decision of making an actual purchase!


2. Lavazza Perfetto

Lavazza, once again! This doesn’t mean that I prioritize Lavazza over the other manufacturer, but honestly, It would be sad if I didn’t include these K-cups whose taste can expand the borders of the way you perceive how should a K-cup look and taste like!

The Lavazza Perfetto is available in multiple flavors, but the one I’m currently reviewing is the dark and velvety Espresso roast which is made of 100% Arabica coffee, that is blended and roasted according to an Italian recipe. As we all know, Italy produces coffee of excellent quality, and Lavazza Perfetto isn’t different at all!

All you have to do in order to get a cup of Espresso would be to put a single K-cup into your Keurig brewing machine, once this is done, these K-cups will be extracted with a higher level of precision, and the final result? Well, the final result would be nothing but pure perfection!

If you’ve been questioning yourself regarding the flavor, I would like to let you know that it is bold, dark flavor with some accents of Caramel, and if you find these combinations suitable for your preferences, then, you’ve found the coffee that will satisfy you a lot!

Last but not least, I’ve included the 16-count version for now, however, feel free to switch and choose between the 60 and 64-count version as well, if you simply love the taste and if you can’t imagine yourself drinking a different Espresso!

In conclusion, the Perfetto can easily be considered as must-have K-cups because they are a pefect choise for everyone who loves the taste of dark and velvety espresso roast!


1. Starbucks Sumatra

What about brewing a Starbucks coffee at your home? Sounds cool? Well, these K-cups are a top-notch option for the lovers of Starbucks Espresso, and at the same time, brewing a coffee at home results in spending less which by default, means that you will have 2 benefits from the very beginning!

What makes the Sumatra K-cups different from the others on the market, aside from their a bit-salty price, is exactly the taste and the quality of the beans.

Namely, the taste is full-bodied, robust and bold with some spicy and herbal notes along with an earthy aroma which is definitely unique, since these are an essential characteristic of a quality, intensely roasted coffee with normal levels of acidity!

Another great thing about these K-cups is that they are specifically designed to be extracted properly by your Keurig machine, so that they will always provide you a lasting taste without getting affected by the water, which we all know that in some cases, may decrease the actual taste of the K-cups themselves.

Also, the Sumatra K-cups I’m currently reviewing consist of 24 individual pods set in 4 boxes, and that’s why the price may be a bit higher, however, I definitely think that it worths every penny spent because you will have enough coffee to drink in a long term! As a matter of fact, the total net worth is around 42-ounces or 1200-grams, so, as you can see, the Sumatra will be there for consumption for a fairly long period of time!

In the end, I’d suggest you to consider these K-cups seriously, and if you ever have a chance to try the taste, I’m sure that you will ask for more!


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Finally, we reached the part where I have to bring the final words, however, don’t expect me to announce which one deserves to be purchased, since this will solely be up to you. My job was to give you proper information, and as you have may seen, each Espresso K-cup has its own, unique taste, but what’s cool is that all of them are meant to satisfy you, so feel free to choose whichever you find the most pleasing!

Buyer’s Guide

You may have some doubts regarding the things you should look after before you make an actual purchase of a certain espresso K-cup. Honestly, this is normal and that’s why I’ve prepared some tips of which you can take advantage and implement them in pracitce.


Although purchasing a pack of K-cup worths less than going to your local coffee shop in order to get a cup of espresso, still, it is important to prioritize those K-cups that offer a great value for their cost. To be more precise, if you find a pack of K-cups that offer you a greater quantity of K-cup for the amount of money you pay, you can surely go for it!


Each person’s taste is different, some people love to drink light roasted Espresso, some medium, and some dark. Hence, there’s also a free space for experiment since K-cups are available in hundreds of different flavors, that’s why, before you make an actual purchase, I would advise you to know the flavor you’re searching for.


Most of the K-cups have already included information regarding their compatibility with a Keurig machine. Some of them support Keurig 1.0, others 2.0, and you shouldn’t be surprised at all if you see some K-cups that support both Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 machines.

Read the reviews

Nowadays, nearly all of the most popular e-commerce websites allow us to leave a comment regarding our experience with a certain product. Although the taste of a K-cup isn’t meant for everyone, still, if most of the reviews are positive, you will already have a better insight regarding the quality of the K-cup, and of course, you should prioritize it more than the K-cup whose reviews are negative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I shop for an espresso K-cups?

Since we are living in the modern ages, K-cups are available literally everywhere, starting from online stores and all the way to the physical ones. There is a wide variety of different tastes as well, and you will have plenty of options to choose and purchase from!

What's the amount of caffeine stored in the K-Cups` coffee?

It depends on the brand and on the type of K-cup itself. In general, coffee contains approximately 75 - 150 mg of coffee per 8-ounce cup, and also, the rule of the thumb has it that the darker the coffee is roasted the less caffeine it contains.

Does K-Cup packs contain fat or sugar?

As far as I know, fat or sugar isn't included as long as you don't get a cocoa K-cup, for espresso K-cups this isn't the case.

Are K-Cup pods recyclable?

It depends on the K-cup pod itself. Even though most of them are not, most of the famous, and recognizable brands are starting to switch, so that they can produce recyclable pods that may not pollute our environment. Either way, yes, there are already some K-Cup pods which are already recyclable.

Are K-Cup pods cost-efficient?

Of course they are, they will cost you less if you make a comparison to the money you're likely to spend on a cup of coffee from your local coffee producer/store!

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