Best Espresso Machines Under $200

A cup of coffee every morning can lighten up your mood significantly, I’ve had this routine for many years now, and I know I’m not the only coffee addict out there.

However, these days, coffee machines tend to come at relatively high-prices, but not everyone has the budget for an expensive coffee maker, so for this article, I’ve done a lot of research and I was able to find the top 5 best espresso machines under $200, based on durability, features, performance, and the espresso quality that they provide.

I know it can be hard to find the one that meets your requirements the most, and taking into consideration some important factors, espresso machines can vary greatly in terms of size, so that is one thing you have to make sure you check properly because you might end up with an espresso machine that won’t fit in your kitchen.

Secondly, make sure you check the features that are going to be useful to you, although a more feature-rich espresso machine doesn’t necessarily mean a better espresso machine, it can have plenty of features, but the espresso, the taste, and flavor is not as good as are the features, so that’s also something you should consider before buying one.

Lastly, budget is the most important factor, and as I said, there are of course higher-end models available at much higher prices, but personally, I’ve been using a budget-friendly espresso machine in my office for years now, and with the right and proper maintenance and cleaning, I assure you that it will last the same for you too.

For those espresso enthusiasts out there, they surely know that nothing can beat the flavor and smell of a freshly pulled espresso shot, however, the way that you make your espresso also has an impact on that, as well as the coffee brand that you’re using. If you want to know which brands are the best, you can read our article on “Best ground coffee brands”.

It’s also important to note that there are three categories when talking about espresso, and we’ve also mentioned this before in our previous articles about coffee machines, there are the manual espresso machines, the semi-automatic machines, and the fully automatic machines, and as you probably know, they vary by features, functionalities, and their one-button operation.

Okay, now, let’s get more into the specifics and see what these espresso machines are truly capable of.

The Top 5 Best Espresso Machines Under $200

5. Breville Vertuo 

Some of you may have used Nespresso single-serve pods before, and I’ve seen many people be a fan of such machines, while in this case, for our first product the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee comes into the spotlight.

This particular model is an automatic coffee/espresso machine that gives you the ability to create a barista grade brewed single serve coffee or espresso cup at the touch of a single button, considering the fact that this machine has a one-button operation.

In addition, this single touch mechanism offers the best in-cup result for whatever style coffee or espresso drink you choose, while something that you should really pay attention to is the fact that this machine is designed for use with Nespresso Vertuo capsules only.

In terms of the design, you can get this product in five different colors that can match with your kitchen, black, chrome which we are currently reviewing, matte black, red, and titan. Although no matter what you choose, all of them perform equally and color is the only thing that makes them different.

To continue, with the Vertuo you can brew five different single serve coffee cup sizes at the touch of a button depending on your coffee needs, starting from espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, coffee, and alto, while you can also pour some ice on top of them to create flavored ice coffee drinks. This machine is quite powerful for the price that it holds, to be more precise, it has a power rating of 1350 Watt, and that’s pretty impressive when you compare it to most other models in this price range.

What I also like about the Vertuo is the Nespresso’s Centrifusion TM technology, to be exact, it uses barcodes to deliver the best in-cup result including the perfect crema for large coffee cup sizes, thus, you can brew the perfect single serve coffee or espresso drink time after time.

When you first purchase the product, it includes a Nespresso Vertuo capsule welcome kit with a range of 12 single-serve coffee capsules with unique aroma profiles, so that’s definitely a great complimentary gift.

Moreover, the Nespresso Vertuo consists of a 40oz water removable tank for no hassle refilling, while for more convenience, it has a fast heat-up time for only 15 seconds, which means that you’ll basically never have to wait too long for your favorite coffee or espresso drink to be ready, and this is great, especially for those early moody mornings when you really don’t have the time to wait.

Before we end, it’s also important to note that this particular model is quite energy-saving as well, and it has an automatic shut off at 9 minutes of inactivity, so in those cases where you forget to turn it off, you’ll still be good to go.

To conclude, if you’re looking for a reliable and budget-friendly espresso machine that delivers great coffee quality with only a single touch operation, then the Nespresso Vertuo would be your ideal choice.


4. DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine

DeLonghi is a well-known brand in the espresso-making industry, it has gained its reputation from delivering quality products for coffee lovers around the globe, while for this article, I’ve decided to include the DeLonghi EC702, it’s a popular option among espresso enthusiasts, and I really think you’ll like it, so let’s dive in, shall we?

Design-wise, this particular model boasts a decent size measuring 11.25 x 8.5 inches, which means that it will fit in almost any kitchen without taking a lot of space. However, that’s not the best part of its construction, this is a sturdy machine that features stainless steel construction, which means that the EC702 also packs incredible durability which will last you for many years to come.

Now, what made this product really stand out from the others on the market is the frother, more precisely, unlike typical nozzles or wands, nothing will get in the way while you brew and while the frother produces a nice foam for your cup.

In addition, you can control the steaming and espresso brewing functions since this espresso machine has two different thermostats. Basically, this means that while you prepare a coffee shot, you can also steam for another one at the same time, which is great because it saves you the time and the effort, and you can do multitasking with this machine.

Now, when you combine all of these things into one piece, it means that the over-extraction is also impossible with this machine, while on the other hand, the DeLonghi EC702 consists of patented technology of dual-function filter holder. For more convenience, you are also given the option to choose between ground coffee of pods at the same time, which means that you won’t really have to stick to only one when you can enjoy the best of both.

Same as our first product, the heating speed of this machine is pretty fast as well, as that’s mainly due to the stainless steel boiler, but that’s not all, the DeLonghi EC702 also has a self-priming operation, which means that the wait for a perfectly blended cup of coffee is too short.

Moreover, the DeLonghi EC702 has a 44oz water tank, while for more convenience, you’ll notice that the water level indicator is visible, which means that you’ll know when you need to refill it.

Overall, the DeLonghi is more of the high-end model of espresso machines under $200, it’s sturdy, durable, and it has a decent performance which allows it to output a quality espresso with flavor and taste.


3. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine

Just as the name suggests, Pixie translates to a small, compact, and fairly quiet espresso machine. I’ve previously done a review about this particular machine, more precisely, in the “Best pod coffee machines in 2019” article, but I couldn’t really ignore the quality and the reasonable price of this product, so I decided to list it here as well.

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso machine offers the experience of the close to Italian espresso, however, it’s better because it doesn’t include the construction of a big machine and the messy process of it grounding or dumping the portafilter.

With this machine, for making a tasteful and quality espresso, you simply need to insert your preferred Nespresso Capsule, and in no time, you’ll have the smell and taste of how an Italian espresso is like, without having to go to a coffee shop in those early moody mornings.

To continue, due to the futuristic design that this machine imploys, this espresso machine will likely be the center of attention in your kitchen, while it is small and subtle, it performs fairly good for its price range, however, don’t get your hopes to high, this machine doesn’t really include some features which can be found on most other espresso machines at this price range, starting with those fancy LED interfaces or such things.

Although it includes everything for delivering a good coffee experience, while for more convenience, you are given the option to choose the espresso size or the lungo size for brewing, and you can set your own size simply by pressing on of the buttons mi- brew and holding it until it reaches the desired size.

Afterward, what’s great is that the machine remembers the size, so when you want a similar espresso again, you can do it same as you did it last time, and what’s better is that the machine has an automatic shut off function, while if you forget the machine turned on, for about 9 minutes of inactivity, it will turn off automatically to save you energy.

Moreover, with the Pixie, you’ll get a full package of rich and concentrated sweetness and rich golden colored cream on top of it. You’ll be surprised to know that this particular model comes with programmable custom size features which means that it allows you to brew your espresso bolder or lighter depending on your preferences.

Before we end, it’s important to note that you need to empty the storage tank and clean it every 10 uses, while at the same time, you’ll also need to clean the drip tray. For a better experience, I recommend you use filtered water, however, either way, you should descale your machine with the Nespresso descaling product or with equal parts vinegar and water, and afterward, just rinse it with water. It’s better with filtered water because it means that you won’t have to do this very often.

To sum up, the Nespresso Pixie is the most reliable pod coffee machine which comes with very unique design while it delivers a high-quality coffee as well.


2. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Machine

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso machine is a reasonably priced espresso machine which sits among the most popular coffee makers out there, it has been and it is still a top option for those who don’t really want to spend a whole fortune on an espresso machine.

I’ve previously made a review about this product in our “Best Latte machines”, although you can’t really ignore the quality of this machine, which is why I decided to put it on this list once again. It is a brand which has very good craftsmanship for their products, and the manufacturer has done a really good job for a product of this price range, it’s the perfect entry-level espresso machine.

Now, let’s get more into the details to see what to expect from this espresso machine.

Mr. Coffee has a 15-bar pump and it’s great for a home espresso machine, while the automatic features of this product will elevate your experience to a whole new level. Starting from the preparation of espressos, cappuccinos, and latte cups, Mr. Coffee offers the most quality coffee that you can find, while it automatically froths milk in the reservoir for more convenience.

Since we mentioned the reservoir, what I really like about this machine is that the container is removable, which means you can keep your milk fresh at all times since you can always store the container in the refrigerator when you don’t need it.

To start working with this espresso machine, you simply need to push the button of your preferred settings, did we mention, it’s a one-touch operation, and for this reason, only, this machine is perfect for those coffee lovers who don’t really have much time to deal with things.

Before we end, let’s also mention some other facts that you need to know about the Mr. Coffee espresso maker, it comes with single and double shot filter baskets, and what’s better is that customers can choose between three color variants one of which can match their kitchen. These colors include silver which we are currently reviewing, gray, and red, although take in mind that no matter what you choose all of them perform equally and color is the only thing that makes them different.

This brand is highly reliable as well, and Mr. Coffee Espresso and cappuccino maker comes with a one year warranty, while for more convenience, there’s also a recipe book included which will help you get through the learning phase and experiment with different coffee brewing methods.

All and all, Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino maker would be a great addition to your home, it has a plethora of premium features and it comes with an affordable price for the most part, so I don’t really see any reason for you to doubt the performance of this product.


1. Klarstein Passionata 20 Espresso Maker

For our last product, we have the Klarstein Passionata 20 Espresso maker, it’s reasonably priced similar to the others that we’ve mentioned, however, from my experience, this machine is able to deliver the most quality espresso out of wall, and in the same time, it our editor’s top pick for this article, and I’m going to show you why.

First, let’s point out the fact that the Klarstein Passionata 20 Espresso Maker comes in 8 different color variants from which you can choose from, starting from silver which we are currently reviewing, black, grey, red, red15 as the manufacturer calls it, silver15, silverAR, silverNV. So as you can see, pretty much you have a plethora of options to choose from, and most likely, one of these colors will match perfectly with your kitchen, however, take in mind that no matter what you choose, all of them perform equally and color is the only difference that they have.

The stylish design that the Klarstein Passionata employs is very unique indeed, it features a brushed stainless steel surface and colorful accents everywhere, so you’ll really like it so far.

To continue, this espresso machine also requires little maintenance, cleaning after use is simple and efficient thanks to the removable stainless steel mesh drip tray.

Anyhow, the steaming nozzle allows high powered milk foam for a variety of drinks from cappucino to cortado, while on the other hand, the adjustable nozzle will allow you to make milk according to your preferences.

On top of that, you’ll also be happy to know that the Klarstein Passionata Rossa 20 Espresso Machine has a removable tank that has a capacity of 1.3 qt, it’s pretty impressive since this is enough water for 6 cups of coffee, which is great because you can keep everyone caffeinated without the hassle of refilling.

Moreover, due to the intuitive design that this machine boasts, you’ll not only give a great look to the overall appearance of your kitchen, but you’ll also end up with a perfect coffee in the comfort of your own home.

This brand is known for delivering interesting home products, stylish and superior in terms of functionalities, and for those looking for the best espresso machine under $200, this one is not only budget-friendly, but you’ll also like the quality coffee that the Klarstein offers, and if you ever decide to purchase this product, I assure you that you will never regret your decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you make normal coffee with an espresso maker?

Well, the answer depends, because you can't make a regular cup of coffee with an espresso machine, however, there are those dual-purpose machines that will allow you to do both, espresso and coffee.

What is the best coffee for espresso?

What espresso machine is best for people who make a lot of coffee every day?

If you make a lot of coffee, then you might want to look out for an espresso machine that has a large water reservoir since then you won't be required to fill it constantly.


By now, I believe you have enough facts to support your decision, and from the steps that I’ve shown you, you’ll be able to pick your preferred espresso machine without any problems.

As we said, make sure you check the size of the product to see if it fits in your kitchen, while then look after the features that will be of great use to you.

Although in this article I’ve listed only the best espresso machines on the market under $200, and I doubt that you’ll find better options available, so no matter what you choose, you’ll be good to go.

As we got our introduction, reviews, and answered these questions for you guys, it shouldn’t really be a problem now, nor frustrating for you to choose the one that meets your requirements the most.

Anyhow, I hope this article was helpful to you, and if you have any questions regarding this topic, make sure you contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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