Best Office Espresso Machines

Working in offices isn’t the most comfortable place to work in, and usually, most of us are sitting for a fairly long period of time while feeling tired since the workload is always high, and having a single cup of espresso may do wonders.

Espresso does not only tastes delicious, but it allows us to have more concentration and feel energized which is essential, regardless if you’re working in offices, home or outdoors!

There are numerous office espresso machines available on the market, and choosing the right one may be a bit problematic because there isn’t a single person that may quickly choose and not regret later!

Usually, this is a result of the high expectations and most of us are hooked on the low price, which of course, later may prove as wrong.

That’s why, in this article, I’ve gathered the best 5 office espresso machines for you, and each of them is set in conjunction with the price, performance, durability and cost-efficiency, so that you may have multiple choices to choose the one that you think may make you a strong espresso in the morning!

The Top 5 Best Office Espresso Machines

5. SOWTECH Espresso Machine

The SOWTECH espresso machine is an affordable, compact and easy to use coffee machine that would be more than suitable for your office purposes, since all these characteristics will guarantee you a quick and flavored espresso that can will satisfy the needs of you and your colleagues!

Speaking of the design, this model measures 13 x 7.2 x 9″, weighs around 4.95 pounds and features a stainless steel body that is accompanied by a filter and funnel, single carafe, and a removable and washable drip catcher that will offer you a higher level of convenience, since you will never deal with mess as you’re making a hot cup of espresso!

On the top, there’s a water tank cover, whereas slightly below, on the side, you can notice the switch know which sits next to a power indicator which will always there be for you to keep you informed regarding the status of the espresso machine.

In addition, on the front, there’s a removable frothing nozzle and steam tube, and when we add its silver and black appearance, I can undoubtedly say that this unit is well-engineered and looks incredibly stylish!

Moreover, this unit performs really well, and the reason behind this is its powerful 3.5 bar pressure which allows you to make 1-4 cups of espresso which will have a smooth, creamy flavor, and as a matter of fact, you won’t wait for too long before you’re served with a cup of espresso!

I’d also like to mention that there’s a temperature controller which is very precise and this contributes a lot to the taste of the espresso since once you choose the settings, the machine will start immediately, and the taste will surely match your preferences!

Aside from brewing an espresso, thanks to its steam milk frother, you can make a delicious Cappuccino as well, but what also got my attention is that this machine will give its best to maintain the proper temperature of the coffee with the intention to maximize the level of satisfaction of both, you and your colleagues!

But that’s not all! I have prepared some tips that you can completely rely on before you make a cup of Espresso. Namely, the first thing you should do would be to ensure that the level of coffee power isn’t too tight, and once you’re done with this, just turn the knob and if you’re keen on getting some milk foam, make sure that the knob is set to the foam position and that you have enough of water inside. The end results? Nothing less than fantastic!

Since this doesn’t have a built-in grinder, you will need to get a grinder to grind your coffee beans before being able to make coffee. If you don’t want to grind coffee beans, you can buy pre-ground coffee.

To conclude, if you’re keen on investing in a compact, affordable and strong performing espresso machine for your office purposes, then do not hesitate to choose the SOWTECH espresso machine, because it’s great at making delicious espresso drinks!


4. De’Longhi EC155 

The De’Longhi EC155 is surely one of the best if not the best office espresso machine that will cost you less than $100, but at the same time, you will be able to recognize its potential instantly, and learn that even products that cost less than $100 are strong enough to compete with those whose price tag is considerably higher!

To begin with, this unit has a very compact yet solid construction, space-saving body which is clothed in black and stainless steel finish, which by default means that it will be highly suitable to a wide variety of different office interiors!

If you view the front part of the body, you will notice a fairly big dial, of which you can take an advantage and have access to multiple operation modes including resting, heating, espresso brewing and steaming.

Slightly below, there’s a swivel jet frother, and a built-in handle, whereas beneath them, there’s a removable drip tray which is not only easy to clean, but it will also resist the vibrations caused by the machine so that the cup stored will sit steadily in place!

In addition, the De’Longhi EC155 – comes with a removable water tank that has a holding capacity of 34 ounces of liquid, and let’s not forget its two metal filters of which one is meant to help you get a single cup of espresso, whereas, the second is for creating double shot coffees!

If you’ve been thinking about the performance, well, the EC155 will unlikely disappoint you, due to the fact that it incorporates a pump pressure of 15 bars, has an input power of 1100-Watts and features a dual-function filter holder which let’s you use ground coffee as well as coffee pods, and by default, you will be given plenty of ways to make an espresso whose flavor will definitely be mouth-watering!

Another great thing about this unit is that it heats up very fast, and you won’t require a specific preparation regardless if you opt to make an Espresso or a Cappuccino due to the fact that the internal boiler reaches the optimal temperature in less than a minute!

Once you’re served with a cup or coffee, you won’t spend a lot of time cleaning this machine, since most of its components are detachable, starting fro its removable tank and all the way up to its drip tray.

After all, I would definitely recommend you consider this espresso machine as your next purchase because it has been on the market for years and it is fully capable of making great espresso drinks. There are hundreds of people that have tasted the benefits of owning such a quality machine!


3. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista

The Mr Coffee Cafe Barista is among the best and most positively-reviewed, semi-automatic espresso machine that can make Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte, and this surely means that there won’t be a single colleage of yours whose needs won’t be satisfied!

Design-wise, this espresso machine is available in three colors of which you can choose from, such as the Red, White and Silver, so feel free to choose the one that is the most compatible with your office interior, since all of them share the same performance and color is the only thing that makes them different from each other!

Personally, I really like the design of this unit, since on the top part, there are three dedicated buttons which are properly labeled, and let you have a clear insight regarding what they do in practice, while at the middle, you will find a Dial that lets you choose whether you like Espresso, Late or Cappucino. In addition, the Cafe Barista comes with a removable water/milk reservoir, a comfortable and sufficiently strong handle, and a quality portafilter which will let you choose whether you like a single or a two shots of coffee according to your desires!

In terms of the performance, the Cafe Barista has a very fast beverage preparation time ( less than 3 minutes), since it has a built-in electric pump that creates 15 bars of pressure, and has 1040-Watts of power, so as you can see, within a very short period of time, you can get a cup or two cups of tasty Latte, Cappuccino or Espresso before you come back to work!

What’s also cool is that the manufacturer includes a recipe book of which you can take advantage and experiment with the various types of coffee, and be sure that this machine will output excellent results regardless of what you want to drink in a particular moment! No guesswork!

However, my only remark regarding this product is its small water tank and that it works a bit loudly, but this is a normal occurrence on an automatic espresso maker.

Overall, the pros overcome the cons, and therefore, this unit deserves to become a part of your office since it is versatile enough to offer you an exclusively tasty coffee that will drastically enhance your energy throughout a typical working day!


2. Nespresso Vertuo

The Nespresso Vertuo is a superb, easy-to-use pod coffee machine that knows how to produce exceptionally tasty coffees of all types, because if we take into consideration that it uses pods, this means that you can choose the pod you like the most, and the coffee will taste exactly like that!

In terms of the design, the Nespresso Vertuo is exceptionally compact, it measures 11.93 x 8.32 x 11.91 (HWD), weighs around 10.85 pounds, hence, it will not occupy a large amount of space once you have it stored in your office!

Secondly, I really like its shiny, black and silver finish, but what got my attention, even more, is the build quality which makes this unit withstand years of use without having even a slight decrease at its look or performance!

The main components include a water container that can be set in up to three locations, whether you like it mounted on the top, to the right, behind, or to the left of the coffee machine, a drip tray located at the front that has four different heights, and a single pod container that pulls out from the back. Honestly, the manufacturer did an excellent job because this is a very customizable espresso machine.

But now, let’s talk about the performance.

The Nespresso Vertuo uses a so-called Centrifusion technology which basically means that once the pod is set, it will rotate at up to 7,000 rotations per minute, while at the same time, water will be injected through the central hole and would leak out of the smaller openings. The result? The result is awesome because this unit will get the most of the pods in terms of extraction so that the taste will satisfy even the biggest skeptics that exist!

You won’t wait long as well before you get the first cup of coffee due to the fact that this model heats up in about 15 seconds, and when we add its 1350-Watts of power and the fact that you can adjust this machine to pour enough coffee to fill a small, medium and large cup of coffee, I really think that you will be more than satisfied with having such a quality espresso machine!

Finally, I will tell you a very interesting fact that will surely hook your attention asap and start thinking about making an actual purchase.

The Vertuo has an automatic blend recognition, and what does this mean is that it has an internal, intelligent extraction system that will recognize each blend due to the barcode of the pod, and adjust itself to get the best possible extraction of them so that the coffee will completely immerse you!

To summarize, you should definitely consider the Vertuo machine, especially if you’ve been looking for an office, pod espresso machine that will never fail your expectations!


1. DELONGHI ESAM3300 Magnifica

The DELONGHI ESAM3300 Magnifica is a premium, super-automatic espresso machine that may not be the most affordable one, but if the employees of the office are true, coffee addicts, then getting such a quality office espresso machine may prove as nothing less top notch decision, and you will understand why!

From a design perspective, the ESAM3300 Magnifica measures 15 x 11 x 14″, weighs 28.1 pounds, and given these specs, I can easily say that its size is quite modest and in practice, this means that even if you’re working in small offices, you may not have difficulties placing it since it will not take a chunk of space!

In addition, the main material used throughout the crafting process is stainless-steel, which says a lot regarding the longevity of this product, while on the other side, most of its components are removable which means that you will never face issues in terms of maintenance!

For your information, the manufacturer has utilizes a patented boiler at the inside, whose purpose is to ensure an equal, heat distribution and honestly, this does really happens in practice, while if you take a look on the front, you will notice multiple dials and buttons of which you can take advantage in order to have the best cup of espresso! To be more precise, there are 13 dedicated settings, and even a “Smart” memory setting which is one of the biggest highlights regarding this machine, due to the fact that once you find the best brewing setting, with a simple press of a button, you will always be able to consume an espresso whose taste is exactly as you’d like it to be!

When it comes to the performance, the DELONGHI ESAM3300 Magnifica is extremely versatile, because it can use pre-ground coffee, has an integrated manual frother that combines steam and milk with the intention to produce an unbelievably creamy froth so that you can drink textured drink, and the best part – it outputs consistent brewing, since each cup of coffee is precisely brewed so that can satisfy your tastes!

Aside from being such a versatile product, the Magnifica is also an energy-saving product since if you ever accidentally forgot to turn it off, after 3 hours, this machine will turn itself off, so you shouldn’t worry literally about everything if your job has taken its toll.

In conclusion, the DELONGHI ESAM3300 Magnifica is not meant for everyone, since it isn’t as affordable as most of the included models in this article, however, I definitely think that it is worth of a try because it is extremely versatile, has numerous features and performs exceptionally good, so that each cup of coffee will taste good enough to expand the way you’ve been thinking until now regarding how good a coffee can actually taste like!

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Buyer’s Guide

There are a few tips you should follow closely, and they will guide your way to get the right office espresso machine that may satisfy you and your colleagues with the given results, and they include:


There are multiple espresso machine types, and before you invest in a certain office espresso machine, you should already have a clue of the type of machine that worths giving a try. If you have a small office, most of these machines will fit perfectly.

Manual Espresso Maker – These machines may require extra work, but trust me, it pas off mainly because of the fact that they allow you to be included throughout the every single part of the process, and the chances that you will be served with an espresso that suits your desires is extremely high! However, keep in mind that you may need some minutes to understand how do these machines work, but once you learn, I don’t really think that you will have difficulties in making espresso, because by the time, you will become a true professional and the results will always amaze you!

Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker – These kinds of machines offer its users a great control over the grind setting and the pull out time, so that you are included throughout the process of making an espresso, and by default, this means that you will contribute a lot to the final outcome.

In addition, semi-automatic machines are one of the most common and practical type of  machines and most of the people who have been making an espresso with them are very satisfied with the results.

Fully-Automated Espresso Maker -These types of espresso machines require just a minimal human effort due to the fact that with a simple press of a button and after you’ve set your preferred settings, the machine will already know what to do and therefore, the coffee will undoubtedly suit your personal preferences! Furthermore, most of them have numerous features that will maximize your user experience, but of course, for a slightly higher price.

Super-Automatic Espesso Maker – as the name states, they can be considered as even more convenient choice due to the fact that they already come equipped with fancy things such as built-in grinders or milk frothers. Also, they are customizable and in comparison to the semi-automatic espresso machines will guarantee you an even greater control over the process of making an espresso.

Ultra-Automatic Espresso Machine – What makes these espresso machines different from the so-called Super and Fully-automatic ones is that the ultra-automatic machines pack some features such as milk frothing and steaming, but at the same time, they cost way more than the two, aforementioned types.


Depending on whether you work in a small, medium or large office, you should make clear that the espresso machine’s capacity is very important.

For instance, if you work in large offices, you will unlikely choose an expresso machine that has a decent capacity, because not every colleague will be able to get his/her desired cup of coffee instantly, and vice-versa, if you’re in small offices you wouldn’t require an espresso machine with large capacity since you will pay more and in practice, this may not offer you a great advantage.


Keeping an eye to your budget is very important, regardless if you opt to purchase an espresso machine for your office purposes, or anything else. That’s why, it is advisable that the amount of money you intend to spend would not rip off your budget and affect your personal or the budget of your workplace.


The material of which a specific espresso machine is made of is very important, and although there is a plethora of materials used throughout the crafting process, I’d recommend you prioritize the ones made of stainless steel because they are known for their ability to withstand daily use and the fact that they can last for years!


Nobody wants to deal with mess, neither me or all of you. One of the most important things to consider before you invest in an espresso machine is the maintenance. To be more precise, machines should be easy to clean and should consist of removable components that are specifically designed to help you clean them easily. If you have a small office, it would be a good idea to get one that is easy to clean.


I hope that you’ve been satisfied with the included products, and I hope that you’ve liked them because I’ve given my best to show you the best espresso machines that could satisfy every member of your small office!

Feel free to choose according to your budget, and preferences, and keep one thing in mind – each of them is excellent for its set category, and you will never regret the decision regardless of your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are office espresso machines really worth it?

Of course they are, as a matter of fact, during the break or throughout your working day, you can brew a hot and tasty cup of espresso without being obliged to go your local coffee shop and spend money for a cup of espresso!

How should I clean my espresso machine, and how often?

First of all, if we assume that you use your machine daily ( and you will likely do that), it is recommended that you should clean it at least once per month. The process isn't hard, because you would need to insert a blind filter into the portafilter and run the hot water in the same fashion as you would need to brew an espresso. After 5-10 seconds of running, you can fill the portafilter with a cleaning agent and afterward, the next step would be to run again with fresh water to prevent leftovers of the detergent you've been using throughout the cleaning process. Once you're done with it, you may have to remove the basket from the portafilter and clean it by applying a hot water, or with the hot water from the machine if you want a more effective cleaning, however, if you find the second option better, be cautious because nobody wants to have its fingers burned. Finally, clean the showerhead and the steam wand, and that's it.

Are office espresso machines expensive?

It depends on multiple factors, such as the brand, the performance, etc. In general, the rule of the thumb says that the more expensive the product is the better the quality will be. But, don't worry, some of the included espresso machines in this article are cost-effective, so you will receive a great value for the cost you pay!

Is it advisable to use vinegar to descale my espresso machine?

Yes, it is. Just keep in mind that the best results can be achieved if you mix 25% vinegar with 75% water, although some manufacturers recommend up to 50%. Most of the espresso machines are delivered with a user manual of which you can completely rely, since manufacturers know more about their products than we do.

How to make a tasty espresso with my espresso machine?

Once again, it depends on your taste. Some people want strong, dark or indeed powerful coffee, and there are multiple things that should be taken into consideration prior to making an espresso. For instance, the quality of the espresso grind is very important, as well as the espresso pressure. In general, you should fill the machine's reservoir and heat the machine, remove the portafilter and apply the right dose of espresso ( about 7 grams for a single cup, or 14-18 grams of ground espresso for a double shot). Once this is done, you should tamp the espresso in the portafilter and choose one of the dedicated brewing options and start brewing. Finally, keep in mind that if you're extracting a single cup of coffee, you may have to wait around 20 seconds, whereas, for a double shot, you can leave the machine run up to 30 seconds.

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