Best Coffee Makers For RV

Coffee is something that can’t be avoided, in fact, a cup of coffee is one of the most enjoyable things on the world, if we don’t count having a hot bath before you lie down on a new, fresh linen, but even then, everything is better if you have a cup of hot coffee!

If you have a spirit of an adventurist which by default means that you can’t simply stay in one place for a long period of time, because you’re always keen on exploring new things of the world, or simply an owner of an RV who loves traveling by him/herself or accompanied by friends, after hours of driving, who wouldn’t like to drink coffee to boost the energy levels?

For this specific reason, there are hundreds of coffee makers which are compact and at the same time portable enough to be taken with you anywhere you go, with the intention to offer you a continuous supply of coffee so that you will feel more energetic during your road trip! As a matter of fact, traveling combined with coffee is indeed a badass combination!

In this article, I will offer you the best possible coffee makers for RV, and each of them has passed all stages of analysis, starting from reliability, cost, value and of course, the most important part – the performance!

Hence, I’d advise you to stick with me for the next couple of minutes in order to have a better insight regarding the products, so later on, you’d be able to bring the final decision, and decide which one deserves to become a part of your RV inventory!

The Top 5 Best Coffee Maker For RV

5. Farberware 50124

The Faberware 50124 is one of the best and most praised percolator coffee makers that combines an attractive yet quality design with an excellent performance while maintaining its price low enough to be affordable for thousands of coffee lovers, which make it be a superb choice for everyone who loves traveling with an RV!

Aesthetically speaking, this model is very compact, it measures around 9.2 x 8.7 x 7″, weighs approximately 2.25 pounds and boasts a heavy-duty stainless steel construction polished with a mirror finish that will surely enrich the beauty of your RV’s interior!

For your information, this model is available in two editions, such as the 8-cup which I’m currently reviewing and the 12-Cup edition, but, feel free to switch if you prefer a different size since both of them are actually the same, and the size is the only thing that makes them different.

Moreover, the Farberware 50124 is dishwasher safe as well, and very easy to clean, since once you apply a hot water on it, within a few swipes you will clean it perfectly well, and the unit will always have that shiny, good-looking appearance!

If you view from the top, you will notice that this part is made of an impact-resistant plastic which definitely comes handy in practice since it helps you a lot in terms of keeping tab on the brewing process itself, so that the results will never be disappointing!

At the inside, what makes this unit different from the other is its non-reactive interior which prevents odor from sticking in the metal, which basically means that your coffee will always remain tasty and you shouldn’t worry literally about anything!

On the front, there’s a handle which will not only offer you a convenience hold, but also will protect you from the heat, so that you can pour the coffee to your cup without feeling a burning sensation.

Honestly, I’m not even surprised once I take a look at the thousands of positive critiques by the users on the market, since this coffee maker is indeed superb example that you can get a product that offers great value for its cost. There are many videos on YouTube on which you can take a look regarding the way this unit performs in practice, and once you do, I really doubt that you’re going to be disappointed!

Before we end, I would like to mention yet one more thing, and that’s regarding the pouring process. Well, the Farberware 50124 makes the pouring process extremely smooth, since you will have a great control over the quantity of coffee you’re pouring to the cup of coffee, and the reason behind is the angle of the spout and handle itself which are strategically positioned so that you will be able to feel such a convenience!

To conclude, if you’re looking for a well-made, easy to clean and use percolator coffee maker that will not occupy a huge amount of space and cost you a lot of money, then I’d recommend you consider the Farberware 50124!


4. Bodum Pour Over

An easy to use, nicely-designed and strong performer are the attributes I can use to describe the Bodum coffee maker, and if you’ve been looking for something similar, then congratulations you’ve found it!

From a design perspective, this model is available in 3 sizes and 5 color editions, such as the 17-ounce, 34-ounce edition which I’m currently reviewing, the 51-ounce version and in Black, Cork, Double Wall Cork, Double Wall with Handle, and White color edition, so from the very beginning, you will be left to have an option to choose the one that suits your preferences the most!

This particular model boasts an attractive, black-colored body that is made of a heat-resistant borosilicate glass which minimizes the chances of breaking on one side, while on the other, the band detailing which is present on the very center, does not only add a higher level of elegance but it adds a bit to the functionality as well!

The internal part of the body holds a stainless steel mesh filter which will not only last for years, but actually, it will get the most of your coffee and preserve its flavor as much as possible. In comparison to a paper filter, the absorption is way better and therefore, your coffee will always taste delicious, exactly as you’d like!

When it comes to the use, the Bodum coffee maker is extremely convenient and easy to use, since all you’d have to do would be to add coarse ground coffee to the filter, apply some water until the water and grounds come to the top of the filter, and keep doing that every 30-60 seconds, as long as the coffee drains into the carafe, or better said, until you’ve already used all the water. That’s it, you don’t have to be a “professional” in order to do this.

I would also like to mention that the servings go as the following. If you opt to make 2 cups of coffee, you’d have to put 6 spoons of coffee to the carafe, and the steps you have to rely on are already mentioned previously. Also, a quick tip regarding the coffee preferences. If you want to brew a medium-dark coffee, you can apply a little more coffee than usual, and once again, the coffee maker will ensure that you will drink the coffee of your dreams!

Once your coffee is ready to be served, I’d suggest you remove the filter basket and take advantage of the lid on the top of the carafe in order to pour the coffee easily.

In fact, you can also find numerous videos on the Internet where users are using this coffee maker in order to brew coffee, so feel free to experiment and once you learn multiple ways of making coffee by using this machine, do not hesitate to implement them in practice!

To conclude, the Bodum coffee maker is worthy of considering, especially if you’d like to invest in a reliable, and exceptionally durable pour-over coffee maker!


3. SharkNinja CF112

The SharkNinja CF112 is a modern, single-serve coffee maker that allows you to brew virtually all type of coffee, whether you like Espresso, Macchiato or Nes, you simply name it and leave the rest for the machine which will offer you an exceptionally tasty coffee that can satisfy you and the ones that are traveling with you!

Speaking of the design, the CF112 sports a sleek, black and stainless steel body, that consists of a large, but well-organized control panel located on the front that has 5 dedicated buttons, single dial, yet two more multi-function buttons such as the Drip Stop/Clean and the Pre-Heating button of which you can completely rely and have an opportunity to select from the 5 available brew types and 4 different sizes!

Furthermore, this unit does also employ a frothing arm which I particularly like since you will be able to craft other types of coffee, not just espresso. To be more precise, you can apply some milk into your coffee and the frothing arm is going to do the make it look and feel very smooth!

Now, let’s talk about the performance because you will surely have a better insight of the capabilities of this coffee maker.

Namely, it takes approximately 5 minutes before you have been served with a fully brewed, small cup coffee, and of course, if you require larger cups you will wait a bit more, but trust me, the time length isn’t huge.

As I’ve mentioned previously, you can completely rely on the control panel, because you can choose between Classic, Rich and Over Ice-type of brew, whereas the dial will be there for you to let you switch between cup, an XL cup, travel or Multi-serve coffee size, so depending on the situation, you will literally be able to brew the coffee of your dreams!

Moreover, the SharkNinja CF112 uses the so-called “Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology” and what’s special about it is that this technology makes the coffee maker highly accurate in terms of extracting the ground coffee and maintain the richness of the coffee as much as possible, so that you will never feel a bitterness!

The second technology is the Auto IQ technology whose purpose is to ensure the right amount of water, so that the process of saturation the coffee would be indeed precise and the end result would be nothing but a rich-flavor coffee that you would be very happy to consume!

Before we end, there’s one more thing I would like to mention and that’s regarding the maintenance and its filter.

This coffee maker employs a permanent filter which is washable and reusable at the same time, and in case of an undesirable situation, let’s say that if it ever breaks no matter the reason, you will still be able to take advantage of a paper filter, hence, nothing will stop this machine from brewing!

Finally, the maintenance process is very smooth, due to the fact that the reservoir is completely detachable which isn’t often found in coffee makers of this time, and you won’t have a difficult time filling it. On the other hand, the manufacturer recommends cleaning this machine at least once per week in order to maintain its quality performance and extend its life expectancy!

In conclusion, you should definitely consider the SharkNinja CF112 as your next purchase, because it is extremely easy to use, and performs strongly enough to brew a coffee that can satisfy even the most demanding coffee lovers that exist!


2. Hamilton Beach 49980A

The Hamilton Beach 49980A is a 2-way, single-serve coffee maker that since its release date, it has become one of the most purchased coffee makers on Amazon, and you may have also noticed its name popping up numerous times as you were searching on the Internet, which definitely has to mean something!

Design-wise, the Hamilton Beach 49980A looks indeed luxurious! The color combination makes it stand out from the others on the market, as well as its solid body that can handle daily use for a fairly long period of time! When you view it as a whole, I think that you will love the black and stainless steel finish, and its control panel that sits on the top which consists of 4 dedicated buttons, an Information backlight LCD screen, along with a switch and the On/Off button!

On the side, there’s a cup holder which can hold up to 14 ounces of a travel mug or full, 12-cup carafe according to your preferences, whereas on the bottom, there are a couple of feet which will ensure stability on a variety of different surfaces, and honestly, I really like the way that the manufacturer crafted this product!

But now, let’s talk about the performance.

This unit as I’ve mentioned previously, has 2-way brewing options, which basically means that if you prefer filling a single cup of coffeee, there’s a special single-serve side of which you can take advantage and start grinding right into the mesh filter, whereas, if you are a fan of a strong, coffee, the dedicated carafe-side can satisfy your needs since it can offer you a full 12-cup pot for your ultimate user experience!

I’d also like to recommend you not to over fill the filter mesh to its maximum, because always, in order to achieve the best results, you should ensure not to overfill it in order to avoid a weak-tasting coffee.

Also, feel free to take advantage of the dedicated controls, labeled as “Hour”, “Program” , “Minute”, “Brow Options”, because they will surely drastically enhance your user experience since with a single tap of a button, the machine will already know what to do and inform you once the coffee is done! What’s also interesting is that if you forget to turn the machine off, you shouldn’t worry at all, due to te fact that the carafe side will automatically shut off after 2 hours, hence, you will never find yourself in undesirable situations!

Finally, the Hamilton Beach 49980A does not require a special treatment, hence, the maintenance process is very smooth, because in order to clean it properly, you would have to pull out the filters and wash them under the tap!

To summarize, I’d recommend you consider the Hamilton Beach 49980A seriously, because aside from being excellent for your RV, you can also use it for your household purposes, and let’s not forget that the coffee will smell and taste unbelievably good due to its nearly flawless performance!


1. Breville BDC450

The Breville BDC450 isn’t for everyone’s budget, but the price is still reasonable given the capabilities and the build quality of this pour-over coffee maker that is often the first choice of thousands of customers on the market, regardless if they need a coffee machine for their households or for you, frequent travelers who love drinking coffees in their RVs!

First of all, lets start with the design!

The BDC450 measures 14.2″ x 6.7″ x 15.7″, which makes it be not the most compact machine that you can find on the market, since it belongs on the side of machines which are a bit taller than the ordinary ones, however, I don’t have doubts at all that you may be unable to place it in your RV.

If we take these dimensions aside, I have to admit that so far, this is one of the best-looking coffee makers that I’ve ever seen, because I’m really a fan of a stainless steel exterior, and since this one has exactly a stainless steel exterior, without thinking twice I can say that the BDC450 looks and feels premium!

Moreover, on the unit’s body, you will notice a neat, and intuitively designed control panel that is followed by an information LCD screen which will always keep you informed regarding the settings available and will also show you which setting you’re currently using so that you may never make a mistake. Below the LCD screen there is a Select dial, Start/Cancel dial, and a little, Auto Start button, so as you can see, you won’t have issues operating this machine. On the top, there’s a transparent water tank that holds embedded marks so that you will always now the amount of water you’ve stored at the inside, whereas, on the right of the base, there’s a thermal carafe which is directly placed over the pitcher. Finally, on the bottom, there are a few feet which will ensure that the unit will remain steady in place and would not be affected by the shocks that your RV may deal with throughout your trip.

In terms of the performance, the Breville BDC450 is very strong, in fact, it has 1650-Watts and 110-120 volts of power which by default means that you won’t have to wait for too long before your coffee is ready for consumption.

Moving on, there are 6 dedicated brewing modes such as the Gold, Fast, Strong, Iced, Cold Brew and one unique, My Brew which let’s you tailor the flow rate, and brewing temperature so that later on you will have an option to drink a truly personalized coffee! Incredible, right?

But that’s not all! thanks to the so-called steep and release technology, the Breville BDC450 will hold the water in contact with your grounds in situations where you’ve selected small volumes without the carafe!

Last but not least, this coffee maker is very easy to clean as well. Those who have had a chance to make coffee with this model claim that it takes approximately 5 minutes in order to clean this machine, which isn’t much at all though, so, as you can see, the BDC450 is all about convenience!

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Other Buying Guides:


What To Look For In A Coffee Maker?


Size is one of the most important things prior to making an actual purchase of a specific coffee maker, and this is especially important if you need it for your RV. If we take into consideration that RVs can be seen as portable households, you already know that even at your household in which you’re living, space is scarce and each inch has to be estimated so that you can get numerous things regardless if it is a furniture, or something that your kitchen needs. Therefore, RVs aren’t different at all, because it has minimal space and that’s why I’d suggest you prioritize compact coffee makers instead of large.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are essential no matter if it comes to your car, RV or coffee makers, since keeping an eye on the aforementioned things is a reason that may boost the life expectancy of a certain product! That’s why, as you’re exploring your chances in order to get the coffee maker that suits your preferences the most, it is advisable that you may look closely if there’s a self-cleaning function/removable reservoir, because you will spend less time on cleaning and more time on drinking coffee!


Material is crucial from many aspects, due to the fact that the quality of the material itself used throughout the crafting process, leads to a product that will have an excellent build quality or not! Would it be prone to malfunctions or not. For instance, if there’s a chance to get a stainless steel one, always go for it, since in comparison to the one made of glass, it will last longer, it won’t break, etc. You get my point.

Coffee Maker Types

There are multiple types of coffee makers designed for your needs once you set your foot in an RV and start exploring the world.


This type of coffee maker is among the most popular coffee makers available on the market, and the reason is very simple though, because they are very compact, and although they are restricted to brew a single cup at a time, they are kind of perfect if you’re traveling alone or even with yet another person!


Pour-over coffee makers are very simple to use because they do not require electricity but only to heat a pot on an open fire and pour hot water to the coffee. The coffee itself is pure, feels exceptionally tasty and in comparison to the single-serve coffee makers, these ones can brew more than a single cup at a time, making them ideal if you’re traveling with a group of people.

Drip coffee makers

First and foremost, they are excellent for those who have bigger RVs and would appreciate the convenience given by these machines. To be more precise, they heat the water by themselves, push the coffee and make it hot for you so that the only thing you’d have to do would be to drink the coffee. Also, you have a greater control over the coffee quality, strength of the brew and the water quality. However, in comparison to the two, aforementioned machines, the drip coffee makers are more robust.


Percolator coffee makers are among the most widely used coffee makers on the market, due to the fact that they are very simple to use since the part you would have to take in order to make coffee is just to pour a water, replace the filter, add a spoon of coffee and wait! In addition, you can even add some ingredients including cinnamon or chocolate as added flavor.

Under-cabinet coffee maker

They are real space-saves and as the name suggests, they sit under the cabinet of a small kitchen or an RV in this case, and although people like them because they do not occupy a large amount of space, they are prone to a often maintenance, since you will have to refill the water more frequently.


In the end, I hope that you’ve found these coffee makers worthy of consideration, because I’ve included multiple types so that a huge portion of my audience would be able to find the coffee machine that they think would suit them the best!

One thing is for sure, all of them are excellent in their own ways, and feel free to choose the one that suits your preferences the most, and afterward, share your experience with me!

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