Best Types Of Milk To Use For Latte

As it is common for most coffee lovers, the most recommended milk for lattes and cappuccinos is whole milk. When you really get into the specifics, you’ll find out that this type of milk has just the right balance of fats, proteins, sugar, and water to make smooth microfoam.

But just like grass-fed beef versus corn-fed beef, dairy milk also changes the taste and molecular composition based on what type of cow is being milked and what that cow is eating. You also might like organic milk, it provides a real sense of sweetness, but yet again, this will vary greatly by the brand.

However, take in mind that for getting the best results, you’ll also need a good latte machine.

Another available option for you is Almond Milk, it’s one of the few barista-specific options, but when this milk is steamed, it produces a rich foam and it retains its sweetness even at higher temperatures. Anyhow, if you like doing art on your lattes, it’s not quite easy as it is with whole milk, but you can still do some lines and it’s definitely better than not having any art at all.

Next, we got Oat Milk, I know it has a silly name and it’s not just you who thinks that I even saw a comment somewhere “they are squeezing milk out of anything they find”, and it was kinda funny. Anyway, to get back to the topic, this type of milk steams similar to how real milk does, but it produces more foam, in my opinion of course, but that foam won’t last as long as whole milk foam does due to the fact that it has less protein content relative to fat. Nonetheless, it’s still smooth, sweet, and creamy, and you can do pretty good art with it.

The next type of milk you can use it Macadamia Milk and this one sounds like an Opera music name or something like that.

Cashew Milk is also an option you can use, and lately this type of milk has started to gain some reputation, however, from my experience, I wasn’t really able to get good results, poor foam, and you couldn’t do art with it at all, and for the most part, it wasn’t as sweet as regular milk is.

Lastly, you can also use Hemp Milk. Different from all the other types of milk, what makes Hemp Milk stand out from the others is that it feels like steaming water, and it’s nearly impossible to get anything that looks similar to microfoam, funny right, but this milk exists and people are actually using it, however, I doubt that you’ll ever use this type of milk.

All and all, you can see that there are quite some options available, however, from all of these that we have mentioned, I prefer whole milk, while if you search the web, you’ll notice that most professionals are also recommending this type of milk, and if you want to get good results with your latte, then this is what you should also use.

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