Best Ways To Make Coffee In Your Office

Drinking coffee is one of the most crucial elements that allows us to survive our day, and without it I don’t think I would be where I am today, so let’s take a moment to appreciate our coffee, and while we are at it, let’s take a moment to thank and appreciate everyone that has taken part in the whole journey of your coffee, right from the beginning where it first sees the face of earth, thanks to the farmers, to the moment that it is finally roasted and packaged to come to the hands of a skilled barista.

However, we can’t have our favorite barista in our office, and it is not financially smart to buy multiple cups of coffee at the local coffee shop, since it is a little expensive, and the costs will start to rack up in no time. In every modern office you will definitely see a coffee maker, it has to be since no one can really survive the workday without it, and a lot of people have asked me what is the best way to make coffee in the office, and I cannot say that there is a definite answer to this question. Because really coffee is a matter of personal taste and preference and not every method makes the same coffee, well even different beans will yield different results with different brewing methods, but let’s discuss some simple ways and some tricks you should employ to drink the best coffee in the office.

First off make sure to use freshly ground coffee. This may seem not like a big deal but every barista worth its salt knows that even a low-quality bean will bring on better results if it is brewed right there than a high-quality bean that was ground three days ago. It is a sad fact that once it is ground coffee loses its qualities rapidly and there is nothing to stop it unless you choose to ground it per coffee basis.

Next up make sure to upgrade your ancient coffee machine that is probably older than the office, as there are really some solid options in the market that won’t strain your budget and will deliver excellent value for their price, as there are some good pod coffee machines, drip coffee machines, and some super solid espresso machines for office.

Also, make sure to keep the coffee maker clean and maintain it properly. You can have the best commercial-grade espresso machine in the market that costs as much as a luxury car, but if you don’t maintain it properly it will all go down the drain. Your coffee will be as good as the machine that makes it.

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