Black Coffee vs Americano – What Is The Difference?

Real American coffee is a hard drink to be found everywhere. If you are a newbie in the coffee world, it sounds confusing to know the difference between them because the taste is almost the same.

In this article, you are going to be exposed to lots of information you need to know.

Lately, you are thinking about switching to Americano instead of black coffee or vice versa. Here are some important things you have to know, so you can create an opinion for your final decision.

When you enter deeper into the coffee universe, you find out more and more each day.

What are the pros and cons of drinking it regularly, which one is healthier option on the market, which one is the ideal choice if you are on a diet, and which one is not a great option to pick?

The Difference Between Black Coffee and Americano

Americano uses a single shot or double shot espresso depending on what the customer asks for.

There isn’t very much difference in taste. If you have tried Black Coffee and Americano and seems like both have a nice taste to you, I would recommend you to go for the coffee that your body is more tolerant of.

An espresso machine is required for Caffe Americano making, but this is not the case with Black Coffee. You can use a saucepan and make a delicious coffee.

No clues which one to pick yet?

Caffeine and the number of calories are other considerable facts that can help you break the tie. Although we don’t recommend making this decision primarily on the basis of caffeine content or the number of calories.

We are very well aware of some groups of people that drink coffee to give them life and energy, and some of them drink coffee just for fun with no expectations from it.

Summing-up Americano

Americano coffee is originated in Italy in the 1970s and comes from the idea of wanting to come up with something new in an American style, but the base should be from Italians’ most desired Espresso coffee.

The intention was to make stronger coffee because the Americans used to drink it light-roasted. So, as the result of the mixture of both styles, “Caffè Americano” was born.
In simple words, Americano is when hot water meets espresso. The pressure of ground coffees in the bottom of a cup pushes through the liquid, and now coffee is richer and sweeter than the regular one you drink.

Pouring the hot water in espresso makes Americano denser and breaks the bitterness a little bit. When you make Americano with the dedicated machine, it creates a slightly sweeter taste than a traditional pod-style machine.

Summing-up Black Coffee

Black coffee was introduced from the region called Horn in Africa and South Arabia early in the 15th century.

Many people think Italy is the origin, but no, it’s not. Italians don’t even call it black coffee, they call it “caffè normale” which means just a normal coffee.

Black coffee is the simplest and best-known above all. Its recipe is so simple without adding unnecessary extras. It is just a water and coffee mixture.

Black coffee drinkers prefer not to add additional additives like milk, cream, or sugar. It is all about strong coffee and nothing more.

Black Coffee is served with no decoration at all, it’s just straightforward coffee grounds are mixed with water in a cup.

However, the serving style also depends from region to region, some prefer to add milk, especially in some European countries. Caffè Americano is served both ways too.

If you are on a diet, Black Coffee is your best friend for weight loss. It has 2 to 3 calories and gives more energy for half an hour exercising capability.

Black coffee has no scientific proof about harming your body, it is perfectly fine to drink on an empty stomach.

If you are a beginner, it might be too harsh, but after some time, as time passes by, your body will eventually get used to it and become more tolerant.

How To Make Black Coffee or Americano

Before Making Black Coffee or Americano You MUST Know How To Make Espresso

How To Make Espresso

There are two ways of making espresso. As I mentioned before, one with a dedicated machine and the second with the old pod-style. They both work well, however, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The pod-style is pretty easy and quick to make. The taste may not be always the same and quality is questionable. It highly depends on your skill level.

Traditional coffee making needs to be prepared with care. The first step is adding the amount of water according to your regularly used cup size. The next step is to place a pot into the machine and let it do the rest for you.

On the contrary, quality espresso machines are adjustable and give you more options, but the painful part happens to be afterward when you move to a cleaning part.

If you plan to get an espresso machine, choose smaller sizes and check how many accessories are there because the fewer the pieces are, the less effort is required.

How To Make Black Coffee

Actually, black coffee has many ways of making it.

  • The easiest method is to get a pan, add water and wait until it boils.
  • Next, grind the beans or get an instant coffee instead.
  • Mix them together and case closed.
  • You can add sugar, cream, and anything you prefer, or skip it.
  • These methods like pour-over, Moka pot, automatic drip, cold brew, are still preferable.

Starbucks Style Black Coffee and Americano

Americano at Starbucks again applies the same procedure.

  • Starbucks is making its way by starting to roast espresso with rich caramel flavor on the first layer.
  • Hot water on the second layer.
  • In the end, to spice things up, they add some cream on the top.
  • For black coffee preparation, Starbucks brews coffee with pike place roasting where the bottom of the mug has cocoa and toasted nuts.

Wondering what is this Pike Place coffee that Starbucks uses?

Pike Place is a medium-roasted coffee type and has a pretty smooth texture and a very well-blended Latin American coffee type.

As for the taste, it is delicately rich in flavor of chocolate and toasted nuts.

Black Coffee vs Americano Expenses

Coffee machines are expensive, even the cheapest espresso machines cost a lot. Getting an ordinary one from a reliable brand can make you spend hundreds of dollars. If saving money is your priority, black coffee is the preferable choice. The equipment required to prepare black coffee is inexpensive and is available everywhere.

Americano vs Black Coffee Flavor

Both Americano and Black Coffee are smooth in texture, but Americano is still strong without leaving that bitter feeling in your mouth and it gives a slightly sweeter taste. The only downside is the need for an espresso machine.

Now coming to black coffee. It is served in multiple brewing approaches. The preparation is like a piece of cake and you don’t need any machine or high-cost equipment for it.
The downside of Black Cofee is not being quite easy to adjust the strength. Some days may be lighter, and some days it may be stronger. It depends on how competent you are in coffee making.