Blonde Espresso vs. Regular Espresso – What’s The Difference?

As you already know, espresso is the lion in the wild.

Every coffee you drink is extra added additives to espresso. Anything you add doesn’t matter if it’s water or milk creates your favorite coffee you prefer to drink every day.
Let’s see how blonde espresso and regular espresso function, they are different but in what manner?

I’m going to inform you which one of them has fewer calories or is healthier, mainly what is the difference between them?

Sometimes, it can be hard to find blonde espresso because it is not preferred by so many people, but don’t worry, Starbucks got your back at this point.
Ok, without wasting more time, let’s get straight to the point.

What Is Espresso?

A big thanks to Italians for bringing espresso into our lives.

In simple words, espresso is a beverage gained from brewing coffee in boiling water for 20 to 30 seconds.

It has so many health benefits in its 2-calorie in an 8 oz. cup size.

A regular espresso is served with a single or double shot in a small mug.

A Little Bit About Blonde Espresso

Blonde espresso, as many people refer to it as the light roast coffee, is a very strong beverage. It is preferred by coffee lovers who adore strong and bold coffee that will hit the brain hard and wake them up with its high caffeine content.

Blonde espresso is slightly different from the regular espresso you have seen because the blonde version goes along very well with other ingredients like almond milk and vanilla syrup.
Starbucks has added blonde espresso to its menu with carefully roasted beans. Milk is what makes it super soft, but Starbucks doesn’t use regular milk in the light roast, they use almond milk and vanilla syrup.

The ingredients are what make blonde espresso super soft, sweeter, and very well balanced between the flavor and boldness.

A Little Bit About Regular Espresso

The tasteful and delicious espresso is made from every kind of bean, you just have to grind them correctly, you know for the sake of better flavor and aroma.
Beans should be dark-roasted, this is the first rule you should check out before buying espresso.

It is not a secret that regular black espresso is a healthy beverage with low calories and more caffeine content. This is the reason why we drink coffee in the first place.

As for the taste, the regular espresso has a more bitterish and strong sense. The intense and rich coffee smell is maybe what you need after waking up.

Be cautious, regular espresso shouldn’t taste sour, if it does, there is a problem. It’s either about low-quality beans, or you burned your coffee in the roasting process.


Blonde Espresso vs Regular Espresso; What Is The Difference?

Of course, every coffee type is unique in its own way, but if you ask my opinion, regular espresso wins the battle this time. It’s because the original is always better than the imitation.
Seems like there are more differences between blonde espresso and regular espresso than you think.

Let’s compare them


A single shot of blonde espresso is stronger than regular espresso. This happens because of the caffeine content in them. It may be shocking because of the pale color but it’s true.
Many factors play a significant role in the strength such as using volume rather than weight, the quality of beans, and the brewing process.

As for the flavor part of blonde espresso, there is no way it can beat regular espresso. It is for people who don’t enjoy much bitterness in their coffee and don’t possess stronger characteristics.


Caffeine Content

The caffeine content highly depends on the coffee beans that are used for extraction. Just in general lighter colored coffees have more caffeine because of the roasting process.
Lightly roasted beans tend to be more caffeinated because they are roasted in lower temperatures with less time and this affects the caffeine.

Starbucks informed us that grand blonde espresso has 85mg caffeine in 1oz. An 8 oz cup contains 680 mg caffeine. Regular espresso has 75 mg caffeine content in just 1 oz, and a single cup contains 600 mg caffeine content.


Any additive you add extra is counted as an extra calorie. If you have double-shot espresso, that doubles the calories. A double shot is usually served when you order a cappuccino or latte. You can also order your preferred coffee either with blonde or regular espresso.

  • Regular espresso – has only 2 calories if you drink a single shot with 8 oz of a cup without sugar.
  • Blonde espresso – has approximately 5 calories in a shot and contains zero sugar.


Lighter coffees are usually more acidic than dark-roasted coffees. The acidity also can depend on the selected beans.

Blonde espresso has more acidity because it is roasted in lower temperatures and less time. This doesn’t let the acidity lose its effect because of the time.

Regular espresso has less acidity because the roasting process is done in higher temperatures and takes its time. As a result, the dark color appears less acidic through the long hours of roasting.


Blonde espresso looks pale and has some sweetness flavor in it. You can feel some floral taste. If you use almond milk instead of regular, it can taste nutty with a slight bitter effect.

Regular espresso has a darker appearance. It gives you some hint of nuts but never should taste sour. It is more intense and has a smoky sense sometimes, and sometimes it is not too bitter but too sweet either.

Roasting Process

Before the roasting process happens, coffee beans are green. During the process, they take their brownish color.

The higher the roasting temperature and the time is, the darker the grounds get. This process has a huge impact on the taste of coffee.

Blonde espresso as you can guess is roasted at lower temperatures in a shorter time. The Ideal temperature is between 190°F and 195°F.

Regular espresso looks darker and is roasted at higher temperatures between 350°F – 400°F for a longer period.


Unique roasting leads to a unique flavor. It’s all about the beans, and how they are roasted.

Blonde espresso is smooth in texture and is slightly sweet. The aroma is rich and has some combination of caramel and citrus feel.

Regular espresso has a bitterish flavor with a mixture of sweet feel. The bitter flavor is the outcome of extraction. Espresso should NOT have a sour taste whatsoever.