Brewed Cacao vs Coffee: Which Is Better?

Sometimes a cup of coffee in the morning can be a cure to all the problems that are waiting ahead, but the question is, Can brewed cacao give us the same feeling that coffee does?

Replacing coffee with cacao is an amazing idea, and it’s kind of becoming admired by many people.

If you want to switch up from coffee to cacao, there are some common and complete opposite things you need to know about them.

In this article, you are going to learn the proven facts by researchers about the benefits and downsides of coffee together with brewed cocoa.

Which one is healthier, which one to choose, how tolerant your body can be against side effects?

You are about to find out the answer to all your questions. Keep reading.

Brewed Cacao vs Coffee

Cacao is roasted and brewed without any difference from regular coffee.

Brewed cacao appears to be a healthier version of regular coffee because of the lower caffeine content and has theobromine. Cacao has a chemical compound called theobromine which is mainly concentrated in bitterness, and dark chocolate taste.

Coffee is conventional, the heavily caffeinated and tannins substances in coffee stay in the middle of healthy and unhealthy thoughts. Do not eliminate it entirely because it stands against many possible diseases.

Cacao can raise your blow flow and release dopamine that pushes your motivation. On the other hand, regular coffee is strong and has a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.

Coffee lovers are not going to drink just 1 coffee for the entire day, excessive caffeine consumption will increase your heart rate by leaving you feeling nauseous. Cacao will increase your blood flow without compromising the taste.

Brewed Cacao vs Coffee: Which One To Choose?

If you want to stay up all night drink coffee because the tryptophan substance found in cacao will make you feel sleepy. If you want something healthier that will stop making you feel nauseous, increase dopamine and motivation without increasing heart rate, choose brewed cacao.

If caffeine level is the component you can’t get rid of, or you simply want to study or work at late hours, then coffee is your to-go option.

Brewed cacao doesn’t contain caffeine and some of them have really low content. So, if you are not a huge fan of coffee, but want to taste something similar, cacao is your to-go option.

Another reason to choose brewed cacao can be the taste. It has more chocolate flavor and coffees, in general, have a bitter taste.

Brewed Cacao vs Coffee: Which One Is Healthier?

Brewed cacao seems to be a lot healthier option than coffee. If you drink cacao instead of coffee at night, you are going to sleep like a newborn baby because of the caffeine content.

Both of them will increase the excitement and productivity throughout the day. Cocoa has a phenylethylamine substance which is the same feeling when we fall in love, and has some weight loss traits. Coffee has a tannin substance that gives psychological calmness which can lower the risk of depression.

Brewed cacao is way healthier for just one important reason, and that is caffeine, it won’t cause any psychological problems like anxiety, fast heart rate, and nausea. Coffee’s high caffeine content can cause all of these mentioned problems.

Brewed Cacao vs. Coffee: Caffeine Content?

The most important reason why most people have switched from coffee to brewed cacao is the caffeine content. Obviously coffee is more caffeinated than brewed cacao. Check the caffeine level of both for a single 8 oz cup size.

Cacao has 15 mg of caffeine level in an 8 oz cup, whereas regular brewed coffee has 70- 140 mg of caffeine content.

Nowadays we have plenty of coffee options, each coffee type has a different caffeine level, but the average is more or less 90 mg in 8 oz of a cup.

Keep in mind, adding any extra additives or sweeteners will NOT change the caffeine content.

Brewed Cacao vs. Coffee: Calorie Number?

As for the calorie number, both cacao and coffee have 0 calories. If you try to add artificial sweeteners like creamers, syrups, the powder will highly increase the calorie number. Natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, or stevia will also increase calorie intake.

Think about adding a caramel creamer, it will add 35 calories in 1 tbsp. Another example can be syrups, you can have approximately 100 calories just by adding syrup to your coffee. The only powdered form has 2 calories in a single teaspoon.

If you decide to sweeten your coffee with natural ingredients like honey, maple syrup, or stevia, again the calorie intake wouldn’t be the same.

Let’s say you add 1 teaspoon of honey, you get 20 calories, adding maple syrup to your coffee, you get 17 calories.

Adding 2 teaspoons will double the calorie intake. For that reason my friends, just try to drink without adding any extra additives.

Side Effects of Coffee and Brewed Cacao

Downsides of Coffee

We all know coffee has a much higher caffeine content in comparison with cacao. Immoderate consumption of coffee like 5 to 7 cups a day (which is insane) can cause increased heartbeat and breathing problems. You can also have anxiety and feel restless all the time. Drink only 1 and see how it reacts.

Coffee may be the biggest issue that causes nausea and throwing up in the morning. If you are experiencing this feeling reduce the cup size or the amount of coffee you drink throughout the day.

Downsides of Brewed Cacao

Theobromine chemical that cacao is made of, can do harm to the human body if it’s exceeded in daily intake. Many studies have shown that excessive consumption can be poisonous. In a long term, you can experience depression and constant mood swings, but nothing too serious.

The National Hazardous Substances Database states “in large doses theobromine may cause nausea and anorexia and that daily intake of 50-100 g cocoa (0.8-1.5 g theobromine) by humans has been associated with sweating, trembling, and severe headache.”

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