BUNN Velocity Brew Review – Make Coffee Easily!

There is no better feeling than having a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee, and drip coffee makers are the most convenient of options. Such a product is the BUNN BX Velocity Brew. If you have worked in restaurants or are familiar with them you already know about BUNN machines which are legends. They are the first manufacturer that has made consumer-grade drip coffee machines for home use.

The BX Velocity Brew doesn’t offer an endless list of features or any kind of flash, it is a no-frills drip coffee maker that does the essentials, brews a pot of quality coffee very fast. Its main selling point is the ability to brew 10 cups of excellent coffee in 3 and a half minutes flat, and it has a minimalist design. Let’s dive deeper into it.

First of all the BUNN BX Velocity Brew is a large machine measuring 15x7x13-inches, so finding space for it may be a little difficult, also due to its oblong shape. However, it doesn’t look like a huge machine thanks to its minimalist design language, making it look like a toy rather than a serious machine.

The lid of the brewer is built with polycarbonate which is not the most sturdy material, but sturdiness is not really required there. The rest of the body is built with metal that has a brushed silver look to it. On the back of the device, you will find the large water tank which rocks the same look, the vacuum-insulated thermal carafe also features the same look.

The brew funnel is a little flimsy and it flexes in your hands easily. It is worth stating that the thermal carafe is excellently built and has a premium feeling throughout, and it is very easy to pour from it. Other than that there are no other features in its design like LCD screens or tons of buttons, just a switch to turn the device on and off, very simple and fool-proof.

There is literally no learning curve in the BUNN BX Velocity Brew, it is very straightforward to use. The water tank of this brewer holds about 100 ounces of water, that is enough for 20 cups of coffee or 2 thermal carafes.

Before you start brewing you must fill the reservoir, then plug in the device and wait for 15 minutes for the water to be heated to the adequate temperature. After it is done you need to insert the Bunn paper filter into the funnel and insert the required amount of coffee for your cups. Also, it is worth stating that you do not have to be extremely precise with it since it is very forgiving.

While it is not the most aesthetic of the brewers the BUNN BX Velocity Brew brews like a dream, in a fast and exemplary fashion. It brews very hot and delicious coffee properly and I was particularly impressed by its taste. The coffee that was brewed from this brewer was very rich in flavor and very strong, just like we are used to from professional-grade Bunn brewers, it doesn’t disappoint in any aspect. The thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot for about four hours, so you can drink delicious coffee throughout the day.

If you want a simple brewer that does its job excellently the BUNN BX Velocity Brew is the most straightforward option.

BUNN Velocity Brew









  • Hot Coffee
  • Quick
  • Large Coffee Pot


  • Hard To Set-Up

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