Can You Bring Coffee Beans On A Plane?

Bringing coffee to your hometown, or simply packing the coffee beans as a present is all we want. Sometimes we can like a coffee from another culture and want to bring it with us home.

Some countries are allowing a certain amount of coffee and some countries don’t allow it at all.

Flying across the US is different than catching an international flight back to the US. Plus, there are certain rules about what kind of coffee you can take on a plane.

Today we are going to break down and explain the rules according to TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and CPB (Customs and Border Protection). I took all the information on their official web page, you can go ahead and check it out yourself.

Can You Bring Coffee Beans on a Plane?

Yes, you can bring coffee beans on the plane and pass the security line without any trouble. According to TSA (Transportation Security Administration) written on the official web page, they announced that taking coffee beans is totally fine unless there is no more than the limitation is 12 ounces (350 ml).

But you may want to know some other things that include bringing coffee beans on a plane. Those things are:

Can You Bring Coffee Beans on a Plane in a Checked Bag?

Yes, you can put the coffee beans in a checked bag when you are boarding a flight in the United States. Bring as much as you desire, but a simple hack, putting the coffee beans in the bottom will create an X-ray machine a difficulty to notice.

Can You Bring Coffee Beans on a Plane in a Carry On Bag?

It is totally fine to put coffee beans in a carry-on bag, but the limitation is 12 ounces (350 ml) or less.

If there is more than the allowed amount, you can be subjected to additional screening. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong or illegal taking more, you can have an extra bag.

Additional bags cost $150 in general, if you are traveling with domestic US flights it will cost $30 to $40.

If you are flying with a Basic Economy ticket, you can’t bring any additional bag, only personal stuff is free.

Can You Bring Liquid Coffee on a Plane?

Yes, you can bring liquid coffee on a plane without problem on a checked bags, but this is not the case with carry-on bags. If you want to place the liquid form of coffee, you are allowed to take equal to 3.4oz/100 ml or less.

The rules are stretched when it comes to cold brew coffee. You are not restricted by any means, get your desired amount in the checked bag.

Can You Bring Alcoholic Coffee on a Plane?

TSA won’t allow you to bring alcoholic beverages, even though the amount is a single splash in your coffee. Not only US airlines, but also European and Asian airlines don’t let the passengers bring any type of alcohol included in the coffee.

There are some coffees and cocktails that contain alcohol and you can’t bring on a plane such as Irish Coffee, Anatolia CafĂ©, Kahlua Midnight Coffee Cocktail, and so many more recipes.

Can You Bring Coffee Thermos on a Plane?

Yes you can bring a coffee thermos and pass the checkpoint, but it should be empty, you can fill it immediately after you pass.

You can also bring other electronic tools like coffee makers and espresso machines, just pack them tightly, especially the cords. TSA recommends putting the items in your carry-on bag.

Bringing Coffee Beans on a Plane Regarding the USA Rules

Can You Bring Coffee Beans on Domestic Flights From The US?

Yes, you can, as it is mentioned previously, you cannot take more than 12 oz (350 ml) in a carry-on suitcase. Things change when it comes to checked bags, you can take as much as you want.

Can You Bring Coffee Beans on International Flights From The US?

For the carry-on bag, the coffee beans should not be more than 12 oz (350 ml) in amount. As for the checked bag, you can take coffee beans on the flights departing from the US, but you can encounter troubles in foreign countries, some European countries are very strict with their food policy.

How Much Time Can Coffee Beans Stay in the Suitcase?

Unopened Coffee Beans

Unopened coffee beans that are vacuumed from fabric will last you 1- 2 years if the temperature is roomy.

Opened Coffee Beans

Opened coffee beans will last 1-2 weeks at a standard room temperature.

What TSA Officers Instruct The Travelers About Coffee Beans on a Plane?

TSA officers may give some instructions according to the rules. They inform you that you have to separate the stuff from carry-on bags, for instance, putting the coffee grounds on the bottom, so you can come clear in the X-ray machine.

What Does The TSA Say About Coffee On Official Twitter Page?

Angi Tennant, a Twitter user asked a question about whether you are allowed to take k-cups or pods on a domestic trip in a carry-on. TSA replied by informing us that single-serve coffee pods are allowed to be taken on carry-on bags without any packing requirement or quantity limit.

Why TSA Makes Bringing Coffee on a Plane a Big Deal?

There is nothing wrong with bringing any type of coffee (beans, grounds, liquid, coffee makers, or machines) on a plane. They doing this for security reasons. Many people back then used coffee as a cover to hide illegal beverages. For the sake of history not repeating itself, there should be some rules and restrictions to prevent it from happening again.

What Does US Customs and Border Protection Say About Importing Food/Beverages For Commercial Use?

Official US CBP article number 000001386 published on the date 8/30/2021 at 5:23 PM with the article title name “Importing food for commercial use (resale)” stated that all commercial purpose imports of any food and beverage need the permission of Prior Notice (PN) with FDA plus certification from the country you want to make business with.

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