Can You Froth Creamer? (Tips & Tricks To Do It Properly)

Creamers are lifesavers when it comes to reducing the bitterness of the coffee. They come in different tastes and sizes to ensure your coffee is delicious.

Creamers’ quick response to water makes them even more practical, however, many experts disagree saying that it fades a pure coffee taste.

Creamers are made of water, sugar, and vegetable oil and are dairy-free. Besides being sugary, you have spicy, unsweetened, and organic creamers.

You froth coffee to accomplish a rich texture, and a little bit for the sake of appearance.

In some coffees types for example Cafe Breve, Latte, or Cappuccino, foam is a must-have point.

We know milk is frothed but can you froth creamer?

Can You Froth Creamer?

Yes, absolutely you can, but with some rules. Every kind of creamer can’t be frothed. Only dairy creamers, non-dairy creamers, and plant-milk-based creamers can. What about whipped cream?

Let’s see how they work in detail.

Dairy Creamers

Dairy creamers are the easiest to find, you can have them almost in every over-the-counter store, or Starbucks.

Dairy creamers are usually made of milk that has been thickened and sweetened. The dairy content decides whether or not the creamer can be frothed.

Half and half creamers have more of a light texture and have 10% less fat. Because obviously dairy includes milk substitutes, it is possible to froth them.

Whole milk creamers also are easy to be frothed. Being all about milk makes it possible to froth the creamers and create delicious tastes.

Non-dairy Creamers

Non-dairy creamers are also known as coffee whiteners. Those creamers can come of any kind with an unfinished list of ingredients. They can contain corn syrup, proteins, fats, different types of oils, and sodium caseinate.

You can froth all types of white creamers if you stabilize them with water-soluble gellan gum. The reason for that is that they come in powder form, you need to make them look like a liquid to start the frothing process, right?

Creamer + Whipped Cream = Perfect Combo

If you combine whipped cream with your coffee creamer, the taste is another level of joy. Get a handheld wand and start to mix. You can use an electric mixer for better results until it thickens and spreads. Stop when you reach the desired thickness.


5 Tools Used In The Creamer Frothing Process & How Do You Froth Creamer?

There are 5 types of frothers where you can froth creamers:

1. Electric Milk Frother/French Press

Maybe the french press won’t let you achieve the thick foam as you wish, you can definitely froth milk with it, and the results are going to be perfectly fine.

First thing first, if you want hot foam, warm it for 30 seconds in the microwave. It’s not a big deal if the foam is hot or cold.

Pour the creamer into the French Press or Electric Frother, and use the plunger all the time.

As you are constantly using the plunger, putting some pressure on will create froth in the creamer.

If you reach double the volume, it is time to stop and your frothed cream is done.

2. Handheld Wand

Get a small pitcher that you use for milk (whether glass or stainless steel), fill the pitcher with cold liquid creamer.

Now start the frothing process. The creamer will spin inside and when you see it has produced enough foam, stop. You’re in charge of the level of froth you want.

Many handheld wands especially electric frothers have an automatic shut down, so if you forget, or don’t pay attention, it will stop itself automatically.

3. Manual Milk Frother

The manual milk frothers are another tool that will help you froth the creamer in a few simple steps.

First, put the desired amount of creamer in the container where it holds the milk.

Manual frothers have a pump that comes inside the box. By using its plunger just move it back and forth for a while until you think it’s ready.

Now you can enjoy the smooth and thick foam from your creamer.

4. Espresso Machine With The Steam Wand

If you own an espresso machine is going to be way easier.
Just fill a pitcher less than a half with a creamer you decided to use.

Move the wand up and down until you reach the desired thickness. Try to keep the process shorter, we don’t want to overheat or burn the creamer right?

When you see the double volume of creamer, it is where you have to stop the frothing.

Now you can truly enjoy your coffee. You’re welcome

5. Mason Jar

Even though Mason Jar cannot be considered a machine, it is a great tool to froth your creamer in case you don’t own any of these machines mentioned above.

The approach is super easy. Here’s how it should be done
Get a Mason Jar, and put the creamer halfway through it.

Close the lid very tight to prevent any pouring opportunity. Put the jar in the microwave for about 30 seconds and your froth is ready.

It may not be the best choice, but it works. I think this is what matters the most.


What Coffee Creamers Froth The Best?

Full dairy and plant-based coffee creamer are the number one creamers that will make foam the most. It will definitely help your frothing process go as planned. The used ingredients are coming from natural proteins.

Choose a coffee creamer that doesn’t contain milk. Not many creamers contain milk though, but in some cases, you may encounter a few brands. Not like it won’t froth at all, but it’s not recommended by experts.

Choose oil-based creamers instead of powder. If you use the powder, you are going to need water or milk to add. All you need is just 3 tablespoonfuls of powder creamer and 5 fl oz of water.

What’s the point of frothing powder when you need to add extra water and it won’t have the taste of the oil. It is more likely to be watery rather than thick and smooth.

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