Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water?

We adore instant coffees especially when we are in a rush or late to work. It is the easiest and quickest way to make coffee. Thanks to the market, now have tons of options to choose from.

Encountering Instant Coffees everywhere is no surprise. You have aromatic and flavored instant coffees. You also get a chance to choose the strength of bitterness from low to high.

Before answering all the questions, let’s see how they came into our lives and became popular.

Besides, Instant Coffees are going through the simplest preparation process, and come with affordable price points too. Every coffee lover can drink anytime, anywhere.

Can You Make Cold Instant Coffee?

The answer is yes, absolutely you can. That is how the majority of baristas make the Iced Coffee in the coffee shops.

The problem here is water. Water dissolves better when it’s hot, rather than cold. You have to put extra time and effort into the stirring part though.

To cut down the stirring process, just shake it until all the spots of the coffee look clean on the glass. There are two preferable techniques for cold coffee making. Let’s see how it’s done.

Spray drying helps coffee extract to be melted easily into hot air. It goes on a phase of eliminating as much water as it could, then the evaporation part kicks in. The coffee looks like powder.

Another technique is Freeze-drying, which sounds interesting but it requires a few steps to follow.

After going through the same process as Spray Drying, this one needs to chill at around -40°F ( – 40°C), after that, the frozen granules are dried in a vacuum at lower temperatures.

Background Story About Instant Coffee Invention

Alphonse Allais, a French writer, and journalist was the first person who introduced us to instant coffee. Later on, they were developed by David Strang back in the 1890s. He gave his name on it as “Strang’s Coffee”. Also, it is said that George Washington took part in the invention too. Instant coffee’s first mass producer was this businessman.

The very first commercial is made in Invercargill. The popularity started to grow during World War II.

The first try wasn’t impressive, but the quality has changed over time and became something super delicious. Today, coffee is taking its place as the most required drink, and many people’s first choice in the morning.

What Is Instant Coffee And What Are The Ingredients?

Instant Coffee has a couple of other nicknames like coffee powder, soluble coffee, and crystal coffee. No worries, they are not different, all of them serve the same aim.

Instant Coffee is a beverage coming from a specific source by bringing us brewed coffee beans. This enables consumers a quick coffee making, even without having a dedicated espresso machine.

As the name presents itself, the preparation takes a couple of minutes. It includes real coffee beans with added additives like powder, sugar, or milk. The list of ingredients depends on what do you search for.

Three Steps of Ice Instant Coffee Making

You cannot brew instant coffees, they are already brewed in the fabric. Just start making it in 2 steps;

The first step is to open the bag of coffee, then add one and a half tsp of instant coffee, and pour it into the small dish that will fit your cup.

The second step is waiting. Stir the chosen dish until the coffee evaporates in the water (approximately 10 minutes for smaller and about 16 minutes for larger batches).
Right before the grist is removed completely, pour it into a cup.


A Quick Useful Tip

When instant coffee comes in contact for a long time with oxygen and air humidity, it tends to lose aroma so fast, and the only leftover inside is caffeine. For that reason, you should not be using it more than 4 weeks after opening. Be careful where you store the coffee.

Variable Use of Instant Coffee

For a long time, chefs and kitchen professionals are using instant coffees for making cakes. Instant coffees that have chocolate flavor are mostly preferred.

Apart from that, brownies, puddings, coffee mouses, and tough cookies are other options to consider.

I distinctly remember, some coffee shops included in their menu as a whole cake recipe. You can also use instant coffee as a snack with granolas, it tastes delicious and gives a different flavor that you are not familiar with.

As you wake up, you go to drink coffee immediately (talking about addicts), but this time, try differently by putting it in your meal when you are having oatmeal or smoothie for the breakfast. It’s called two birds in one stone because you get your morning caffeine and breakfast at the same time, less effort, less time spent.

Did you know that you can marinate meat with coffee? It’s shocking but it’s true. Steak lovers and red meat lovers can use it as a hack to try out different tastes (if you are open) in case boredom of the same taste hits hard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need To Heat Water?

Knowing that instant coffee is a dehydrated coffee type in comparison to the standard and fresh package you get from the coffee shop. It is more dissolvable, and the coffee-making process drops under a minute.

Possibly, it will be much easier to heat a small amount of water (it should cover the instant coffee granules) and then add the cold water or ice cubes.

I think this is the fastest and most practical way to make instant coffee instead of going through a lot of steps for a single cup of coffee.

How To Accelerate Dissolve Procedure?

By combining instant coffee with hot water, you can have a chilly cup of coffee for yourself instantly. However, as previously said, the coffee crystals can take some time to dissolve fully.

if you want to speed up the dissolving process, just stir it. I know may appear paradoxical, yet it is quite effective.

Is Instant Coffee Bad For Health?

Contrary, coffee seems to do more benefit than harm, if it is drunk in the recommended amount of course.

Instant coffees contain antioxidants and nutrients. A standard cup of instant coffee has only 7 calories in total.

Shout out to coffee addicts who are on a diet, drink every day without worrying neither about the calorie number nor about the health. It is perfectly healthy to drink instant coffee every single day.

No studies have shown or claimed that it does any harm. It is important to keep in mind that it contains less caffeine, and more acrylamide than standard coffee, maybe even a higher amount of potassium, magnesium, and niacin (vitamin B3).

Enjoy your instant coffee like a regular one, Bon appetite!