Capresso Infinity Review – A Solid Coffee Grinder

Most people buy some cheap electric grinder and assume that it does the same job as other grinders. The reality is that most of those grinders use blade grinders that work imprecisely and decrease the flavor of your coffee, compared to burr grinders that consistently grind the beans in the same manner and enhance the flavor and aromas. This product holds the number 2 spot on our best coffee grinders list.

Such a grinder is Capresso Infinity, utilizing rotating burrs against each other to grind the beans accurately and precisely, and it offers tons of settings from you can choose from delivering great results. Another positive of the burr grinders is that they generate much less heat than the blade grinders, affecting the final taste of the coffee. For an entry-level burr grinder, the Capresso Infinity does a perfect job, aiming way higher than its weight class.

As a first impression I could say that the Capresso Infinity is perfectly built and assembled in a precise manner, it is made to endure regular abuse and I am sure that it will last more than your last grinder. Design-wise the grinder looks pretty good, not like your average one, I wouldn’t mind putting it near my coffee machine as it will fit into most kitchen designs.

The body is built with hardened plastic and it is all black or with a stainless steel finish, however, if you don’t mind the price you can also get it in complete stainless steel. It is not a large device measuring just 10.5×7.75×5-inches, covering a little area, you can even put it into countertops if you don’t plan on using it regularly. In front of the device, you will spot a see-through container that the ground coffee is output.

Going a little higher there is the dial for choosing the time that the machine will work, on top of it you will spot the grind size settings, having sixteen settings ranging from extra fine to coarse. And finally, the bean container that is see-through and can hold up to 8.8-ounces of coffee at once.

The Capresso Infinity is very easy to use as it has no-frills functions that are essential and nothing else. You just choose one from the 16 grind settings depending on the brew you want to make and just choose a setting from the dials, they represent time however they aren’t marked with seconds or anything, they are more like a reference point than an accurate setting. You may want to get a digital scale, not just for this grinder but for any grind you choose so you get more accurate results.

The cleaning process of the device can be a little time consuming because the ground coffee tends to stick to the plastic because of the static, so you may need a brush to clean the burr grinder properly. It is worth stating that the whole process of grinding is absolutely mess-free because the container goes in the device completely.

For an entry-level burr grinder, the Capresso Infinity provides amazing grind consistency with finer grinds, but not so much for the coarser grinds. It can totally achieve espresso level fine grind and if you are a fan of it like me you will be delighted, as it brings out all the aromas from every kind of bean. This process is mostly due to the speed of the grind which is very slow in this device, this helps to bring out most of the flavors from a bean.
It really doesn’t get any better than this for an entry-level grinder, Capresso Infinity is a dream come true for beginners.

Capresso Infinity









  • Very Quiet
  • Precise Controls
  • Good Amount Of Grind Settings


  • The Design

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