Do All Nespresso Pods Fit All Nespresso Machines?

One of the most frequently asked questions by the customers on the market is exactly this, Do all Nespresso pods fit all Nespresso machines?

First of all, it is important to note that throughout the years, Nespresso has changed the way they manufacture their pods, or to be more precise, each pod isn’t pierced the same as it was before. Nowadays, their pods cost more, and unfortunately, since they changed their manufacturing process, this has lead to some compatible issues.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that “Old” OriginalLine capsules have a different look from the “New” VertuoLine, in fact, VertuoLine capsules are dome-shaped and do not look nowhere near as the ones of the OriginalLine.

So, what’s the thing here? Well, if you have OriginalLine capsules, they will not be compatible with the VertuoLine, and vice-versa, if you have VertuoLine capsules they will not be compatible with the old, OriginalLine machines.

To simplify this, I would like you to know that the OriginalLine machines are focused on extracting the coffee of the capsules under 19 bars of pressure, while VertuoLine are basically spun inside the Nespresso coffee machine and are extracted at 7,000 rotations per minute.

Fortunately, there are numerous capsules available for both machines, and can satisfy the demands of the users of both machines.

For instance, if you’re a lover of a decaffeinated coffee, you can find a capsule that consist of such blend, and the same thing stands for other types of coffee. Lovers of Latte can simply type on Google best nespresso capsules for lattes, and within seconds, you will be given a wide variety of different lattes with different flavors, and one of them will surely tastes exactly as you’d like!

Moving on, there are multiple companies which produce Nespresso compatible pods, such as Starbucks, Gourmesso, Douwe Egberts, Hotel Chocolat, etc, and all of them are whether made of aluminum, plastic or other materials. That’s why, before making an actual purchase, you would have to investigate and find out whether the pod you’re keen on having is compatible with your Nespresso machine.

Last but not least, I wouldn’t risk using an unofficial pods, because this may lead to some mechanical issues to your machine, and you can even have a clue that the pod you’re using isn’t the right one for your machine. Namely, water flow is going to be way slower than the official pods, also, some plastic pods have a tendency to melt and make the coffee taste a bit awkward. Hence, I would recommend you rely on the pods that are meant for Nespresso machines, and depending on the type of machine you’re using, you should always try to get those that are specifically designed to work with your Nespresso machine.

After all, I think that I’ve helped you to get a better understanding regarding the Nespresso pods and their compatibility with Nespresso machines, because in the end, everything depends whether you’re using a Nespresso OriginalLine or VertuoLine.

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