Frappe vs. Frappuccino – What’s The Difference?

Frappe and frappucino, you wonder what is it about these two similar coffees?

Even though it might sound so similar, actually both derive from different types of the coffee family. They usually do get mistaken by lots of people due to their similar names.

If you’re from the US, you’re probably more familiar with the term frappe. Frappuccino on the other side is more popularized in European countries.

So let’s first start where, and when were they born? What are the differences in between? How are they made, and what do they taste like?

After you read the whole article, everything will click. You get to choose the strength of your own coffee flavor.

Frappucino is more of a Starbucks trademark by the majority of the US countries.

In some places, you can order a Frappe and get a milkshake instead. They now started to look alike somehow, both have foam, cream and are served almost the same. The confusion is normal.

How did Frappe & Frappuccino come into our lives?

Originally, Frappe comes from Greece in the late 1950s. They paid Nescafe to find new beverages and come up with a greater idea. To be honest, it was the best decision made so far.

Back then, people were looking for different coffee tastes. As we get bored quickly from the same taste, seeking to have more options always sounds better.

How To Make Frappe and Frappuccino?


To make a delicious Frappe, buy an instant coffee, the ones that are specified for ice coffee.
Then add milk with cold water.

On hot summer days, you can add a few ice cubes too.

Mix the ingredients until it becomes foamy.

If you prefer extra toppings, ice cream and caramel may be a good choice.


To prepare Frappuccino, you need 2 or 3 ice cubes and an espresso.

Blend them together until the ice becomes like water.

Get a huge glass (not a mug), and pour the milk with coffee inside.

For extra toppings, you can garnish the Frappuccino with whipped cream or chocolate syrup.

How Frappe and Frappuccino is served?

The service part should be different from regular coffees. It is a fancy dessert after all (I call them desert because the sweetness level is so high to be called coffee). Using a straw to serve both, Frappe and Frappuccino is such a bright idea.

Frappe in the Starbucks line is served by blending ice and flavored syrups. On top, it usually has whipped cream or spices.

Starbucks serves Frappuccino drinks either with an espresso shot or a filter coffee. I feel like it works both ways. It doesn’t make any huge change in the taste whatsoever.

How Do Frappe and Frappuccino Taste Like?


Instant coffee is used to make Frappe reduce bitterness. So, if your coffee tastes bitterish, it’s definitely not a Frappe.

A Frappe is a foamy beverage and has a thick texture. It should taste heavily sweet and creamy. Offering many flavored options to enjoy, makes it harder to resist drinking.

Frappe includes chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, strawberry, and spicy taste. Its taste also depends on what type of milk you use and how many additives you add afterward.

Frappe is a drink that is mostly preferred during summer days because of its refreshing sense.


Frappucino tends to be sweeter, however, in many countries, it is prepared as a milkshake. I can’t blame though. Sometimes, baristas use the same ingredients and call it a milkshake.

Making Frappuccino instantly is not an option here, if you do this, I’m sorry to break it, but it requires more effort. Dedicated time and effort affect the taste as well as the quality of the espresso machine you have.

Frappuccino is more specified in that field, you can’t just make it quickly and run for work, it should have a recipe, proper equipment, and love to add. Sometimes it can be a real definition of the challenge.

What Type Of Coffee Can You Use To Make Frappe and Frappuccino?


I can read some minds saying, is it Frappe if I’m preparing without using espresso? Let’s find out.

The answer is yes. Frappe is made either with fresh coffee or instant coffee, but not with espresso. Frappe is a light beverage and usually doesn’t have ice cream on top.

If you are going to use espresso, the results can be slightly different from its sweet taste. You will probably end up inventing a new coffee type in the market. You can even completely eliminate coffee if you want to.

If it’s delish to you, then you do you, but don’t go out there answering the question what are you drinking as a frappe, okay. it is not.


Frappuccino is stronger version of Frappe. You can’t use instant coffee or regular coffee to make Frappuccino. The only right way to make it is using espresso with a single or double-shot depending on the size.

Then, the milk and extra additives can play their roles on top. As a topping, you can use ice cream or whipped cream.

Some coffee shops including Starbucks, are making Frappuccino with cappuccino instead of espresso. Frappe can be done without including coffee, but Frappuccino can’t. Espresso is a must beverage here.

How About The Calories You Intake?

Calorie Count In Frappe

Before I start the calorie counting process, these Frappe and Frappuccino drinks depend hardly on the place you are drinking. Every country has a distinct definition of them. Sometimes, it differs from the same valley you buy every day, let alone when other cultures kick in.

Frappe can be served without sugar, so that drops the calorie intake drastically. Let’s take an example of Vanilla flavored Frappe, it has approximately 150 calories. This is the highest calorie intake you can get from Frappe

Calorie Count In Frappuccino

In contrast, Frappuccino has a changeable number of calories according to the ingredients that are added on the top, and what kind of milk is used.

Frappuccino has a higher calorie number than Frappe. With vanilla blended beverages, it can reach up to 500 calories. The average is 180 calories in a 12 oz tall cup (served at Starbucks).
So, now you know what you need to cut off when starting a diet program, but can’t let go of coffee.

Tips and tricks About Frappe & Frappucino

Looking for tips on how to nail your Frappe and Frappuccino, here you have it written down in this article.


First thing first, reduce the time of preparation by using a blender or these specific coffee shakers sold in a market. This will give you a more foamy taste.

Use glass instead of plastic, plus the amount of water should be much more than milk.
Increase the shaking time, 20-30 seconds should be enough to spread it all over without leaving any spot, so later on, you won’t suddenly encounter a bitten taste.


As for Frappucino, you gonna need to look up how it’s done, a wide range of recipes on the internet and on the websites are available. There’s not just one complete recipe for preparing Frappuccino.

The Bottom Line

Espresso is much tastier than instant or regular coffee. So who prefers bitterish taste goes for Frappuccino, and who prefers sweeter coffee goes for Frappe.

The bottom line here is pretty simple to explain. Frappuccino is a substantially stronger drink than the Frappe, with a lot stronger coffee flavor ingredient.

Frappe is a coffee drink that is meant to resemble a dessert or a specific milkshake rather than a coffee drink. Starbucks Frappe is a better choice if you like milkshakes and sugary drinks with a lot of flavors.

Frappuccino is a better choice if you enjoy coffee and prefer strong robust drinks.