Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49976 Review

Hamilton Beach is a household name in America, for producing quality kitchen appliances with features that please the customer. The Flexbrew 49976 can also be found on our best pod coffee machines list.

The flex coffee maker is an interesting and versatile machine, also it is very affordable and won’t break the bank. The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49976’s main selling point is that it can brew a single cup from a pod or fresh grounds, and interestingly you can brew a full pot of coffee like a regular coffee brewer from fresh grounds.

The design of the device is attractive, it is programmable, the water reservoir is adequate, and it has energy-saving features that are better than other coffee makers, let’s dive deeper.

This attractive unit has a small footprint measuring 13.5x12x10.5-inches. The machine has mostly plastic build with a combination of mostly black and silver colors. You will see that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49976 is ‘divided’ into two sides, each side having its own water tank and you can see from outside how much water you have on each side as well. The carafe side can carry 12-cups of water at its max, and the single cup can carry 14-ounces at max.

On the carafe side, you will spot the glass or plastic carafe and on top of it, you will spot some buttons from which you can brew your coffee. On the single cup side you will see just the lid latch for putting the pod, and on the bottom the elevated drip tray, that also acts as a carrier for the refillable ground coffee pod. Overall this machine is designed to be functional and convenient, and also looks gorgeous at the same time.

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49976 is extremely easy to use for both methods of brewing. To brew a single cup of coffee you just put either the K-Cup pod or your refillable ground coffee pod into its place, close the lid, press the single cup button, and press brew now.

You should be careful with this machine because using the single-cup method it will use all the water in the tank to brew coffee, meaning that if you are using a smaller cup, use the according amount of water.

To brew a full pot of coffee first you have to press the carafe button, then place the paper filter and the coffee in, fill the tank with water for the desired amount of coffee, and press brew now to brew coffee. In this mode you can also pre-program your machine to brew coffee at a certain time, so you will wake up to the smell of coffee. For both modes, you can select the brew strength depending on your preference.

The machine is a bit complicated to clean though, due to its dual function which uses two water reservoirs, however, you get two machines for the price is one, and the pros outweigh the cons. If you have any difficulty cleaning you can refer to the user manual and everything is explained there to its last details, it will tell you how to make routine cleans and how to deal with maintenance cleans as well.

To conclude, once again I want to touch on the value of this coffee machine as it provides two excellent machines in one body and an affordable price.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49976









  • Great Value
  • Good Timer
  • Removable Parts/Accessories
  • Great Tasting Coffee


  • None

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