Hario Skerton Review – Is This Coffee Grinder Worth It?

Starting out your coffee hobby can get a little overwhelming because there are a lot of options regarding the choices you can make, before starting I was particularly confused with the grinders, as they were getting pretty expensive and I didn’t want to break the bank. I have an excellent starting option here the Hario Skerton, that is entry-level priced, but consists of all the features that you may want from a hand grinder.

It is mainly made for home use and if you are a little patient with it you will get the best quality grinds out of the Skerton. It can grind a variety of grind types, ranging from powder fine Turkish coffee to the coarse French press, and combined with its cute and adorable looks makes this package an attractive option.

The Hario Skerton hand grinder is excellent for those in the budget and those just starting out, but you would be wrong to assume that it is a low-quality grinder. The Hario Skerton is a little larger than most hand grinders on the market and can store more coffee as a result. I really was impressed with the styling of the Skerton as it looked really nice and is a blend between vintage and modern.

It sports ceramic burrs, resulting in better-tasting coffee due to their ability to grind your beans without overheating them like steel burrs, and also the ceramic burrs are stronger and more durable and won’t need replacing frequently. The top part of the Skerton features a strong black plastic that hoses the burrs and the manual handle on top of it. The bottom part is made from high-quality glass, and for those that do not know, Hario is a Japanese company that produces heat-resistant glass, and if you take a look at their website you can spot some interesting and beautiful pieces.

The thing that surprised me the most about the Hario Skerton is that for being such a low price grinder it can grind coffee of any type and can handle any ground type, while still being extremely easy to use. Ceramic burrs are usually not found in such price ranges, however, because the Hario Skerton is mechanical and doesn’t use any electric parts and motors, the manufacturer can implement such high-quality components. The advantage of these burrs is keeping the strength while still remaining relatively cool, as it is known that excess heat while grinding can degrade your beans.

It is worth stating that for a hand grinder it has double the capacity of the average hand grinder, it can hold up to 100g of freshly brewed coffee. This is a great advantage for those that brew coffee with coarser grinds such as french press that require large portions of coffee. It is capable of grinding for any type of coffee as I mentioned earlier, anyone can find use with the Skerton, even-aged enthusiasts. Interestingly it can grind fine enough for perfect Turkish coffee, there are electrical grinders that cannot achieve that ground consistently.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, but the Hario Skerton is truly a beautiful and versatile machine that is very affordable and will become your friend in the morning.

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Hario Skerton









  • Small
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Great Value


  • It's Pretty Slow

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