How Do You Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home?

Did you know that you’re not obliged to go to your local coffee shop in order to get served with a cold brew coffee? You can actually do that by yourself, and the result would be excellent, regardless if it is the first time or not!

The most important thing you should know prior to start even thinking about making a cold brew coffee is to choose possibly the best coffee beans for cold brew. I set this in quotes with the intention to let you know that only quality beans would let you achieve superb results.

Now, let’s get back to the point.

There are a few steps you should follow in terms of making a cold brew coffee at home, and keep in mind that there are hundreds of different recipes available on the Internet, although the process is in general, mostly the same.

Type of roasts

You would have pick the type of roast you’re fan of, whether you like dark, medium, or light! Each type has its own pros and cons. For example, dark roasts are often the most poular choice for cold brew because they are low-acidic, have a very smooth and rich flavor, however, they produce more sediment.

Medium roasts, as the name suggests, are brighter, and since they are roasted at a lower temperature they don’t have a kind of burnt flavor.

Light roasts have the brightest flavor, however, they would have to soak longer before they are extracted to the fullest.


You should note that the best results can be achieved by using coarsely ground beans whose size should be at nearly identical to breadcrumbs, due to the fact that using finely ground coffee is going to provide a cold brew some kind of cloudy appeareance.


Since cold brew coffee relies solely on time, instead of heat, you should keep in mind that if you prefer drinking a stronger coffee, you would have to use dark roast coffee in less water, or if you prefer weaker coffee, light or medium roast coffee would be more suitable to you, however, you should let it soak in more water.

Moreover, once all these things are ensured, the brewing starts. You would need a single jar, single cheesecloth/paper coffee filter or at least a fine-mesh sieve, one cup of coarse ground coffee beans, and 5 cups of water.

The ratio should be 1:5 coffee to water, and don’t forget to add the ground coffee along with the filtered water to your jar, and let it steep between 12-24 hours at room temperature.

The next day, try to strain your brew through a cheesecloth and filter it in the same fashion as you would make a drip coffee. Finally, store it in your fridge and do not hesitate to add some milk or water along with ice cubes.

To conclude, this is just a simple instruction of how to make a cold brew coffee at home, as I’ve mentioned previously, there are numerous recipes, so if you feel more creative just go for it!

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