How To Clean An Espresso Machine

An espresso machine, by itself, is a superb investment for every coffee enthusiast, since once you get one at your home, you won’t have to regularly go and purchase coffee from your local coffee shop.

However, in order to maintain the quality performance of the espresso machine, you will have to clean it from time to time, and by doing this, you will boost its long expectancy which is crucial!

That’s why, in this article, I will offer you some steps that you should follow, so that you can quickly and effectively clean the espresso machine you have!

First and foremost, you will need an espresso machine. On the internet, espresso machines are available in multiple choices, there are entry-level, midrange, and high-end. Depending on whether you want to have a machine that packs multiple features or not, this is solely up to you.

For example, you can opt to search best espresso machines under 200, usually, espresso machines in this price range may even have some auto cleaning functions which will ease your work a lot!

Now, let’s get to the point. How you should clean an espresso machine?

Firstly, you should choose one of the three widely used cleaners such as Citric Acid, White Vinegar, or a commercial type of descaling product.

After that, keep in mind that since you will likely use your machine daily, at least once per month, your espresso machine would have to be cleaned. Just insert the blind filter into the portafilter and run some hot water, in the very same way as you would do an espresso! The length is usually up to 5 minutes. Once this is ensured, you will have to fill the portafilter with the cleaning solution of your choice, and once again, run again with fresh water so that detergents you’ve used are going to be completely removed.

Moreover, the next step is to remove the basket from the portafilter and scrub it precisely. Once again, run it under hot water if you have difficulties cleaning it, because hot water will help you achieve the best results.

When you’re done with this, I’d suggest you take advantage of a single brush so that you can clean the showerhead. Remember, this is very important because you will prevent the machine from dealing with buildup of coffee grounds/oils which will dramatically decrease the quality of the coffee, or with other words, it will make it very bitter.

The final step is to properly clean the steam wand, the process itself is very simple since you will only require a damp cloth. If you’ve been thinking regarding the reason why you should clean and keep the steam wand clean, well, by doing this, you will prevent milk from sticking and burning, a thing that is way more difficult to rid off.

To conclude, by following these steps, you will get the best possible coffee results from your machine, regardless of its price tag. Just remember that you would require an in-depth cleaning once per month, and daily maintenance!

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