How To Grind Coffee For AeroPress

Coffee bean grinding is maybe the most important step in making good coffee, it’s the size and consistency of your coffee that really makes the difference between liquid gold and a bitter brew.

Although before getting more into the details, you’ll also need a good Aeropress grinder which can do the job, and since you’re reading this article, it means that you’re interested.

The market is pretty huge and filled with plenty of grinder options, so you’ll have to decide between using a manual burr grinders, an electric grinders, or an electric blade grinder, however, from all the ones that I mentioned, I find the manual grinder to be more ideal, it’s more affordable and even though it requires a little more effort to grind, it’s still the most worthy choice.

However, an electric grinder is known to be faster, more efficient, and it gives you more versatility as it allows you to micro-manage the grind size, which is why this is also a popular option.

During my research, I noticed that many people were asking about what grind size should they use for their Aeropress, and it’s pretty simple to find out actually since the information is given in the Aeropress official website.

So, to get the best results, it’s recommendable to use drip or espresso grind. Although as you may know espresso grind takes longer to press and it truly requires skills and patience for multiple scoops but makes a richer brew more quickly due to more particle surface area. On the other hand, you can also use preground drip coffee from the grocery store, but it’s not preferable since it needs way much more coffee and time to get the same strength that a freshly ground fine grind coffee has.

Moreover, to save you some time, if you can’t seem to get good results with your current grinder, then try upgrading or changing to some other grinder, in this case, I’ll suggest the Capresso Infinity, it has a very reasonable price, and it delivers excellent value for money, while in terms of the design, it will match with almost any kitchen and its decent size with enabling it to fit almost anywhere.

However, if you’ve been using a blade grinder for your coffee beans, then I understand if you haven’t gotten any coffee quality, and it’s the most common mistake that people make. It’s totally wrong to grind coffee with a blade grinder, it’s worse than buying pre-ground coffee actually.

One of the most essential things to brewing a great cup of coffee happens to be consistency, so if your grinds are not the same size, it means that some will be extracted while some will be under-extracted, and the end result will be a terrible coffee which I imagine tastes like poison, and it doesn’t have any flavor, aroma or whatsoever.

All and all, if you follow the instructions on what type of grinder to use, what grind size is more preferable and so on, you’ll really start enjoying your coffee.

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