How To Grind Coffee Without A Grinder

Well you’ve got your affordable coffee machine, got your beans and you are ready to grind them in one of the best budget coffee grinders and start brewing. What, no? You want to grind them manually without a grinder, and you want to know whether it is possible or not. Yes, it is possible to grind your beans without a grinder, however, I don’t know if it is worth all the hassle. However, it is very good and beneficial to know how to grind your coffee beans when your grinder breaks down for example and it will take a few days before your new one arrives. Let’s get grinding, shall we?

To be honest, this is an actual thing that happened to me, I woke up one morning turned on my espresso machine to start it heating and went directly to the grinder to no avail, it didn’t turn on and I was fuming, I couldn’t get my daily dose of java. But that couldn’t go on and thanks to my long experience as a barista I knew a few ways to get around the issue and still have my coffee before I went to work.

To grind coffee without a grinder you don’t need any specialty tools or expensive equipment, as you will need the regular kitchen appliances and tools to get going. There are a few methods I will explain to you today, and with all of them we will try to achieve consistent grinds, well closer to consistent grinds because nothing can replace a proper burr grinder, so let’s try to make coffee enjoyable.

First off you can turn to your blender, and this is also the most obvious alternative of the bunch, but it has a catch, and it is not as simple as it sounds, which you will notice it when you try it. This is mostly due to most home blenders are designed to work with liquids inside, and that is a no-no in our case. For most blenders that have no grind settings and just one speed, try this, place just a tablespoon of coffee in it and grind them using short bursts of power, until you achieve the fineness you desire. This method will help you achieve a more consistent grind and preserve the life of your blender.

Another method is using mortar and pestle, like in ancient times. While this will not help you achieve perfect grinds with a little persistence and time in hand you can even achieve very fine and consistent grinds enough for espresso.

Or if you have a hand mincer or a meat grinder available in your kitchen you can also use that to grind your beans, the results will not be extremely fine, but for cold brews and drip coffee, it will be better than nothing.

Whatever you do, don’t stay without consuming your daily dose of java, as that is one of the 7 deadly sins.

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