How To Use A Coffee Machine In An RV

First of all, one of the most important things before making a coffee is to have a clue regarding the types of coffee machines, and which machine can be named as the best coffee maker for RV.

Although there isn’t an accurate answer to this question, I’ve decided to simplify the way of how each type of coffee machine performs in practice, so that you can have a better clue and understand how you can use a coffee machine, especially while you’re traveling with an RV.

Drip Coffee Machines

Drip Coffee machines are among the most popular and widely used coffee machines that you can encounter on the market. All they require from you is to fill their chamber with water, and later on, the water will slowly drip trough their basket of ground coffee by using a paper/reusable filter.

In addition, they are very convenient and easy to use, and do not require a boil water in order to maintain your coffee warm, therefore, they are ideal for an RV.

Keurig Brewers

Nearly all Keurig brewers employ a large-capacity water reservoir which by default, means that you won’t have to constantly refill it. Moreover, they work in conjunction with K-cups which are available in hundreds of different flavors, and once you choose your ideal one, you can simply put it in the machine, and the machine will extract the most of the blend, and there you go, a tasty cup of coffee!

Thermal Coffee Makers

As the name suggests, these machines work similarly as the drip coffee makers, however, their advantage is that the brewed coffee is done into an insulated thermal carafe, where the heat is preserved as long as possible so that you can drink a hot coffee anytime you want!


Percolators are very easy to use, due to the fact that the process of making a coffee requires a simple pour of water in the bottom chamber, and after that, you should place it over a heat source. After water starts to boil, you can apply some coarsely-ground coffee and reduce the heat, and after 6-7 minutes your coffee will be ready for consumption!

French Press

This type of coffee machine is highly suitable for travelers, especially for those who are traveling with RV.

The process of making a coffee is very simple, and in fact, there are numerous ways of how to make a coffee. In general, you should measure the coffee beans, at least 1/2 cup of coffee beans, grind them, heat the water to the boiling point, and leave it to cool for at least a minute. After that, you will have to pour the water into the French press and stir the brew. Once this is done, let it steep for 4 minutes, and finally, when the time frame of 4 minutes is passed, you’re ready to go!

Overall, although there are multiple types of coffee machines, I’ve listed only the ones suitable for making coffee in an RV, and if you liked them, do not hesitate to share your experience with me!

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