Is AeroPress Better Than French Press

You have probably heard of them, but AeroPress and French Press are the two most popular coffee-making methods. Since you’re reading this, I take it you’re having trouble in deciding which one is best for you, right?

In this article, I am going to break down their major differences, and the advantages that come with each method.

You may have already chosen your best grinder for AeroPress, and not it’s time for you to choose your AeroPress, or upgrade your current one. An AeroPress is a unit that comes with plenty of components, but what’s different here is that the finished brew is provided in the mug or cup of your choosing, and not into a carafe.

However, it’s important to note that with AeroPress, you can only make one cup at a time, and that’s pretty much ideal for you considering that you can customize the brew, or you want a manual method that you can easily take with you.

If you think about it, an AeroPress is pretty similar to an espresso machine, it relies on pressure to extract flavor, while with a French Press, a whole different situation occurs.

To get the best results from an AeroPress, you should use fine grounds while brewing time will only take a minute or two.

Now, a French Press, different from an AeroPress, it has a carafe, plunger with an attached filter screen, and a lid. Basically, what you need to do is to place the coffee into the carafe, pour in hot water, and wait for it to brew for approximately three minutes. Afterward, when brewing is complete, the plunger is pressed down whereas the finished coffee can be enjoyed.

Using a FrenchPress is as easy as it sounds real, it’s not complicated and what’s more appealing is the fact that you can customize your brewing process completely.

To be more specific, you can use coarsely ground coffee, you can use regular ground coffee, you simply have to decrease brewing time to make up for the smaller grind size.

What I also like about the FrenchPress is that it allows you to brew for a longer time, which results in a more bold and robust flavor, while if you brew for a shorter time, you’ll get a smoother and more subtle taste, so the decision is yours, but either way, you’ll still end up with a quality coffee.

I actually like the FrenchPress more, while if you compare it to an AeroPress, with this one the brew has a fuller-bodied mouthfeel, it is more aromatic, and the flavor has more of a strong bite.

All and all, a FrenchPress it’s more economical and it’s way more affordable, while it allows you to make a variety of coffee drinks, and it looks pretty attractive. It’s the excellent choice to make coffee that’s full of flavor in a matter of minutes, but in the end, the decision is still yours to make, whether you should go for an AeroPress or a FrenchPress, but no matter what you choose, both of them will perform great.

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