Is Espresso Healthier Than Drip Coffee?

There are multiple brewing methods, and some people prefer a specific brewing method over another, and vice-versa. This is fairly normal, people are different along with the tastes.

Lately, I’ve been asked to write an article regarding this topic, and honestly, I’ve found it very interesting, so here I am!

I’d advise you to keep reading for a few minutes, and after that, you will conclude by yourself whether espresso is healthier than drip coffee or not!

To begin with, let’s explain the benefits of drinking Espresso.

3 Benefits

Improved Concentration

A single cup of Espresso does really boost the energy of the consumer, due to the fact that it affects your brain to become highly focused on your daily duties on one side, while on the other, it enables the dopamine to start kicking in your brain.

Improves Digestion

If you’re dealing with digestive problems, do not hesitate to include Espresso to your routine because it has anti-inflammatory substances which will dramatically decrease the “heaviness” in your stomach.


Yes, a cup of Espresso is filled with a wide variety of antioxidants including polyphenos whose purpose is to prevent diseases, hydrocinnamic acids which ensures that your immune system will not be affected by UV rays, smoking hazards, etc.

Just remember, espresso machines are available on the market in different price ranges, and trust me, you can always opt to get an espresso machine that costs less than $200.

Now, what about drip coffee?

3 Benefits

Caffeine Rich

Drip Coffee is said to have a larger concentration of caffeine than the espresso, because it absorbs the chemicals including caffeine from the beans and with the help of hot water in transforms into coffee. Therefore, caffeine will dramatically boost your energy levels.

Reduces The Risks of Depression

Although this benefit is shared with Espresso, there are numerous studies which shows that coffee reduces the risk of depression because it boosts the mood of the consumer and decreases the symptoms to the one who is already suffering from depression.

Protects your brain

Since drip coffee contains a higher level of caffeine, drinking a cup of drip coffee will lead to reduced risks of Alzheimer’s disease and even Dementia as you grow older.

Finally, which type of coffee method brings more benefits?

In practice, Espresso does not use paper filters throughout the brewing process, and therefore, it preserves most of the oils and minerals available in the coffee beans which means that it may be way healthier than drip coffee.

If you ask me, I think that although both types of coffee will bring you health benefits, still, considering the fact that Espresso contains a higher concentration of nutrients than a cup of drip coffee, my personal opinion goes in favor to Espresso.

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