Is French Press Coffee Bad For Your Health?

A French press appears to be one of the practical coffee maker machines. It offers a variety of coffee options such as lighter, aromatic, fruiter coffee, Kenyan, and Ethiopian.

This double functional French press makes dark and intense coffee by just moving the plunger down. The essential of course stands in the freshly chosen beans.

A French press coffee maker can be used for awesome coffee joy in the morning. You can start a day with a cup of tea instead of coffee. It also can make cold brew coffee, whipped cream, froth milk, mix other drinks, infuse oils and so many more uses.

Studies have shown that the French press is not the best coffee maker machine to use, not because it doesn’t make delicious coffee, but because of the way that makes coffee. Are you ready to find out the reason?

Is French Press Coffee Bad For You?

A French press makes delicious coffee, we all can agree to that. The intensity is at another level, but the problem stands in the plunger, most importantly not having a filter to get rid of all coffee grounds.

Some tiny little coffee particles are still there and the plunger doesn’t help to push all the fine grounds down. This is one of the reasons why baristas recommend you to choose medium or dark-roasted beans.

Coffees that are usually used without a filter can increase your LDL cholesterol over time, and in the long term use may cause heart disease say the Harvard Health Publishing article.

Should You Stop Using a French Press Coffee Maker?

No, absolutely not, there is always a solution to any problem. Don’t throw it away, try to use it occasionally. Alternatively, you can add a filter, and prevent any claimed heart disease that can come from French press coffee makers.

Adding a Filter In a French Press

Can You Add Filter To a French Press Coffee Maker?

Yes, sure thing you can add a filter to a French press. The paper filter should be big enough (in a French press size) to cover up all the surfaces.

Another type of filter that you can use is cloth type. It is a really helpful item that will make all the fine leftover coffee grounds go deeper as you press the plunger down.

There is another option, but this one is less likable. You can add a metal filter or reusable metal mesh. I said is less liable because no matter how great metal is, the holes are always going to be bigger than paper or cloth.

What Will Happen If You Add a Filter To a French Press Coffee Maker?

If you add a filter to a French press, doesn’t matter if it is paper or cloth, the taste is going to change. You won’t be able to get that bold, rich, and dark cup of coffee. Your coffee will most likely be lighter, but way healthier. We can make a sacrifice of taste over health that a French press may cause in a long term. Note that the taste is not bad, it is just lighter than the previous version without a filter.

How to Use a French Press With a Filter?

If you are going to use a paper filter, first of all, the size of the paper should be big enough to cover the size of a French press machine. All you have to do is close or shelter the liquid coffee with a paper filter from the edges before you put the plunger.

Then follow your coffee-making routine as you always make, without any extra effort. Apply the same process with cloth filter types too.
The thing with paper and cloth filters is that they suck all the oils and substances in coffee, you may not get the full taste you use to have from the Frech press.

There is a positive side if you use a metal filter. Metal filters are usually more economic because you can wash them, and are dishwasher-free. Metal is able to let the oil pass into your cup and keep tiny little particles in it, that is why you get an intense coffee taste.

Filtered vs. Unfiltered Coffee

What is a Filtered Coffee?

A French press is a coffee-making machine that doesn’t use a filter during the brewing process. As you know filtered coffee is exactly what it sounds like. Coffee grounds and oils pass through the plunger with all the substances in it during the brewing process. For instance, drips coffee makers and pour-over are famous for their filtered method.

What is an Unfiltered Coffee?

Not only the French press but Turkish coffee and the main character of the story espresso take their places in the unfiltered coffee type. These unfiltered coffee types work with no filter by heating the coffee beans and steeping them in your cup.

How Unfiltered Coffee You Drink in a French Press Acts On Your Heart Health?

The Negative Aspect of Unfiltered French Press For Your Heart Health

We love how bold and rich coffee is with a French press coffee maker. Leaving the substances and oils inside your coffee means that the French press makes unfiltered coffee.

The Nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix says that drinking unfiltered coffees in a long term has the risk to die from heart disease. Not using a filter in the long run like 20 years restricts the blow flow from certain parts of the body or even can cause a stroke. These results come from the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology published back on April 22, 2020.

The Positive Aspect of Unfiltered French Press For Your Heart Health

If you drink coffee by avoiding excessive consumption, you can still use unfiltered coffee, but no more than 1 every other day.

Strong coffee lovers will probably disagree with that recommendation. I know coffee with a French press is priceless, and it’s hard to drop your happy bubbles at once. Actually, you don’t have to.

I have some good news. There is scientific evidence done back in 2019 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine‚Äč that caffeine improves endurance, gives you more strength and power, and increases your exercising will mentally and physically.

Remember both the benefits and downsides of anything you can think of depending on the immune system. The immune system is our biological built that we take from our parents and protects our body from diseases.

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