Is Nespresso Better Than Keurig?

To begin with, let’s briefly explain the history of both brands, since in the world of coffee machines, the competition between Nespresso and Keurig is similar to the one between Microsoft and Apple!

Keurig, as a brand, was introduced approximately 21 years ago, in 1998, whereas, in the early 2000’s the brand started to grow rapidly and has taken over the market. Ever since they have released their first product, Keurig has been constantly upgrading and inventing new products that can satisfy the needs of those whose caffeine appetite is indeed big!

On the other hand, Nespresso is an operating unit of the Nestlé Group which was found at 1986, 33 years ago, however, they are widely popular across Europe instead of U.S. This brand throughout its existence has gained a respect even from the most famous coffee brands including De`Longhi, Philips, and Breville, which speaks a lot about the quality!

So, is Nespresso really better than Keurig?

Well, if you view from the point of the brewing process, then Keurig can’t brew Espresso without K-cups, whereas, Nespresso machines can brew regular coffee!

In addition, both Nespresso and Keurig’s capsules aren’t 100% eco-friendly, but in comparison to Keurig, Nespresso offers “Positive Cup” programs which basically means that at least, they have some kind of environmentally-friendly cups, while on other side, Keurig still does not meet the criteria. Fortunately, both companies will go fully recyclable by 2020 as it is stated by them.

One thing is certain, both machines may produce a quality coffee, there are numerous K-cups which are excellent for Keurig brewers, and for Nespresso, well, if you like to drink delicious Lattes then you would really have to look to get the best nespresso capsules for lattes.

Let’s move on. What are the advantages of Nespresso on the contrary to Keurig?

Nespresso Advantages

Centrifusion – Their so-called “Vertuo” machines use centrifusion which basically means that the pod is affected more by the blend and water throughout the crafting process.

Pods and Barcodes – Nespresso machines and their pods use barcodes which basically means that the machine will instantly detect each pod and would automatically know how should precisely brew each pod.

Less waste – As I’ve stated before, most of the Nespresso pods are recyclable/reusable and by 2020, the company will go fully-recyclable which means that their pods will not pollute our environment.

Keurig Advantages

Huge Spectre Of Models – There are over 60 different machine models of which you can choose from, whereas, there are only two Nespresso brewers.

Water heats fast – The machine will automatically heat water by itself, so you’re not obliged to do anything.

Versatility – Keurig machines aside from brewing coffee, can also make cold tea, iced coffee, hot tea, lemonade, lattes, etc.

Finally, since both machines are doing a great job in terms of coffee making, I will try to simplify your choice so that you should be able by yourself to find out is Nespresso better than Keurig or not.

If you’re a person who wants to brew coffee, Espresso, and Cappuccino which will be exceptionally tasty, or with other words – would have a real Italian taste while also taking care of the environment, then you should go for Nespresso.

On the contrary to Nespresso machines, Keurig machines are suitable for those who would like to have an access of numerous coffee flavors and beverages on the go, while maintaining the budget as balanced as possible, because Keurig models cost less than Nespresso models.

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