Manual Or Automatic Burr Grinder?

People are often in doubt regarding the type of burr grinder, and honestly, this is normal.

Manual burr grinders have their own pros and cons, and automatic burr grinders aren’t different at all, hence, choosing the right burr grinder for you isn’t the easiest job in the world!

That’s why, in this article, I will try to explain you how each type of burr grinder works and what advantages are brought to the one who is using them.

Let’s start with the Manual burr grinders.


Consistent grind

Manual burr grinder as the name suggests, use manual energy since you’re the one that rotates the swivel arm, and, you are also the one that provides the necessary power to the burrs.

In addition, manual burr grinders are known for producing uniform-sized grounds, and as you may already know, this is the most important part which plays a huge role in the consistency of the coffee itself.

Although they are manual, this doesn’t mean that your hands will be fatigued, since manual burr grinders have an ergonomic design which will allow you to grind for a longer period of time without any problem!


You will always have a chance to find cheap burr grinders, and although the word and meaning of cheap depends solely on your perspective, still, manual coffee grinders cost way less than automatic ones.


One of the biggest benefits of having a manual burr grinder is that you can bring them everywhere you go. If you have an adventurous spirit, or maybe you’re a camper or even a frequent traveler, these grinders can become one of the most important gears in your backpack!


The hum produced by grinding your coffee will not cause you discomfort, instead, I find it very cool since you will have some kind of better insight throughout the grinding process, and if you’re a coffee lover, you will undoubtedly love to grind your coffee!

Now, what are the advantages of automatic burr grinders?


Easy to use

In comparison to the manual burr grinders which work in conjunction with your hand, automated burr grinders are very simple and easy to use, since with a press of a button the grinder will know what to do!


Automated burr grinders are often equipped with tens of grind settings, sometimes there are over 40 grind settings, which, therefore, means that your coffee will be ground exactly as you’d like!


Automatic burr grinders are known for producing less mess and at the same time, they are easier to clean in comparison to the manual burr grinders!

To summarize, if you’re still in doubt regarding which type is better and is worthy of your attention, I’ve prepared a simple explanation so that you won’t be in doubt anymore!

Namely, if you prioritize convenience over everything else, then an electric burr grinder would be the best option for you since they can grind large amounts of coffee, whereas, if you want to stick tight on budget and would like to have consistent grinds and a grinder that can last for years, then manual grinders would be the right choice for you!

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