Monin vs. Torani – Which Is Better?

Torani and Monin are considered successful syrup brands which go beyond the limits when it comes to flavor.

We have endless choices to sweeten or to give flavor to our coffee. When there are too many options, it makes it even harder to decide and stick to only one flavor.

If you would rather have syrup over creamer as your coffee flavor, I have Torani and Monin selections for you. These two very well-known brands stand out with their hundreds of natural flavors.

We are here to find out which one is your preferred taste Monin or Torani.

Monin Vs. Torani Coffee Syrups

Both Monin and Torani are natural flavor syrups that we use to sweeten the bitterness of our coffee. The difference between them stands in simplicity.

In brief, if you choose Monin, you will taste more natural flavors like fruit. If you choose Torani, you will be treated with more prepared ingredients, for example, corn syrup.

Monin and Torani also differ in the texture, both of them have different price points, but Monin is more high-end. I’m not saying that pricey products are always better, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

What Is Coffee Syrup?

I assume you are not from those coffee fans who adore bitterness, sweetening your coffee is ok, you just have to find your favorite taste. Coffee syrups are sold everywhere. The intention is to add in your coffee and give it a little bit of a flavor.

Coffee is not the only beverage that you can add syrup. It’s perfectly fine to use it for other purposes. Next time, add your favorite syrup in tea, lemonade, on top of ice cream, or water.
Do you love cooking?- Then why not add a cherry on top with an appetizing syrup. You can use it in making pancakes, french toast, cakes, and many other deserts. Go ahead and try it out.

Torani Coffee Syrup

Torani came into our lives a long ago by an Italian couple. What can I say, Italians know the best when it comes to coffee. The brand produces more than 100 flavors bringing their incredible taste to many coffee shops and markets.

Torani created many flavors inspired by many natural oils, fruits, cocoa beans, and nuts. Besides that, you can find super delicious chocolate, vanilla, caramel, pumpkin spice, and eggnog tastes.

I love their price point in general. Torani doesn’t sell its products at premium prices and is a great example that shows good things can come at affordable prices too. Maybe they don’t put too much attention to details like Monin, but they don’t compromise in taste and quality whatsoever.

Monin Coffee Syrup

Monin coffee syrup was found by Georges Monin, a French man who was so into cooking and drinking coffee. He decided to release coffee syrups back in the 90s, but he kind of forgot to drop the price. Almost every product is expensive if you have noticed. I can’t blame them at some point, they are doing an amazing job.

There are more than hundreds of flavors that separate Monin from other brands, they do work with care and gather high-quality ingredients, so you can get delicious coffee.
The brand brings to the table many tastes like chocolate, vanilla, caramel, mint. Many other flavors that makes difference are gingerbread, apple, lavender, candy corn, and hickory smoke.

What people love the most about the brand is the pure natural taste. They pay too much attention to details and this reflects on positive feedback from consumers. They are sourced comes from natural components such as fruits, rarely found spicy ingredients, nuts, and picking edible flowers.


Do Coffee-Flavoring Syrups Contain Sugar?

Coffee syrups like vanilla, caramel, chocolate, or hazelnut, as you can guess do contain a high amount of sugar. It really differs from the taste you choose. Let’s take an example
Monin’s Vanilla Syrup has 1.1 fl oz of sugar, Torani’s flavored coffees, in general, have 0.6 fl oz. Every syrup has its own sugar content and number of calories. There are other sugar-free options as well.

Note: Stay away from a high amount of sugar for the sake of your skin. Not only does it cause aging over time, but the oil can lead to severe acne problems, especially if your skin type is prone to acne.


Monin and Torani Asking Price

The price range depends on what flavor you are looking for. The used ingredients and their quality of course depend on the price. We cannot expect something extraordinary to come out from something that costs $4. That is like watching movies from ordinary websites and Netflix.


The full-flavored Monin syrups are somewhere between $10 – 12. The size and their contained organic ingredients have an important role at the price point. If the syrup is organic, it will cost you somewhere $11.50 – 17 for average size bottles.

If you are on a diet and are looking for a no-calorie option which is usually expensive, the price range is between $11 – 13. They don’t sell bigger bottles for the zero sugar option, the size is always small.


Torani’s price points seem to be cheaper than Monin’s. Their starting price is $8.79 for standard flavors. As for the organic syrups, the price range is between $9.59 to $14.

Torani’s syrup bottles usually are 25.4 fl oz in one pack, and as an extra thing, they sell pumps that are compatible with other brands too.


Monin Vs Torani Flavor

Both Monin and Torani have a great taste in almost all flavors. Also, they emphasize more unique flavors differently, but in general, they are both amazing.

Torani offers 150+ flavors, literally anything you can think of. Besides the traditional caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, and chocolate, there are also fully organic, less sugar, and zero sugar options.

All same features apply with Monin too, but the ingredients here are chosen with care thinking more of the natural side.

Monin is preferred by a wide range of people who mostly care about their health.

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