Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review

As far as drip coffee makers go, Mr. Coffee brand is instantly recognizable in the USA. The company produces coffee machines for nearly 50 years now since 1970 to be correct.

It has appeared in a lot of movies and it is part of the American culture, it has been advertised by well-known celebrities through decades. Starting from this I introduce you to the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup drip coffee maker, designed to be as simplistic as possible to do its essential function to perfection, brew excellent coffee consistently, and when it comes to that it is one of the best, and it is also worth stating that it is one of the most affordable options in the market, based on this I can say that it provides excellent value for its price.

When I first got this machine, it gave me a nice first impression because it looked cute and classic, with some nice rounded parts and some interestingly cut angles to it. It has an all-black body that is constructed with a hardened plastic with smooth finishing, there is also a silver-colored plastic base on the bottom that has four non-slip rubber feet to give it stability. On top of the device, you will find the lid that opens up to reveal the filter basket and the water reservoir that is pretty large and has a capacity of 12 cups.

On its sides, you will spot water windows so you know how much water you have in the tank from any angle. There is a gap in the middle of the device that houses the glass carafe.

If I have to talk about the glass carafe I would like to say that it is very ergonomic to hold and pour from, the pouring is also made easier thanks to its pouring sprout, and interestingly enough despite not having a thermal lining and insulation, the carafe can hold the temperature for a long time.

On the base, you will find the power switch, and that is the only button that this device has. Despite its large water capacity, the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup has a rather small footprint, measuring just 12.5×11.8×8.4-inches, and it weighs a feathery 3.6-pounds in total, so you can place it wherever you want.

Thanks to its minimalist design the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup is very easy to use. You just have to fill the water tank, place the paper filter into the basket, fill it with your desired freshly ground coffee, close the lid and just turn the device on. After that just sit back and relax your coffee will be prepared in a matter of minutes. The taste of the coffee was amazing, I certainly didn’t expect this kind of performance from this price range, it was able to extract all the aromas and flavors from the freshly ground coffee regardless of the coffee quality.

The device can be paused mid-cycle so you can pour yourself a cup, and then continue where you left it off. The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup drip coffee maker is extremely easy to clean thanks to its no-frills design, overall I could say that it provides a pleasant experience.
An excellent coffee machine, aiming way higher than its price would suggest

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker









  • Unbeatable Value
  • Easy To Clean
  • On/Off Light


  • No Auto Shut-Off

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