OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review

I think that being a budget-conscious buyer doesn’t mean buying the cheapest product, but buying the product that gives the most performance for its price, it is all about that value. When it comes to electric coffee grinders nothing gives better value than the OXO BREW Conical Grinder.

OXO may not be a very old company, however, in about 25 years of operation, it has managed to produce a great lineup of products that provide excellent performance and features while keeping affordable prices. This grinder is for everyone that considers their morning coffee a serious affair, delivering even grinds consistently, while still keeping the flavor intact.

Starting with the design the OXO BREW Conical Grinder looks gorgeous and would fit right into most kitchen designs and you can comfortably leave it on your counter. On top of the device, you will find the large capacity hopper that can hold up to 0.75-pounds of coffee beans, and do not worry about storing it there for days, because it won’t go bad thanks to its UV-ray blocking tint.

This is a nice touch to the design since most home users won’t grind more than 5 coffees a day and filling the hopper every time you need to grind is frustrating. Right under it, you will find the grind settings that are very clearly written with Fine, Medium and Coarse, each having five different settings and micro settings to achieve your desired grind.

Going down a little more you will find a dial that you set for how much time you need to grind and the button for starting the grind in the middle of it. Furthermore, there is the main body that is has a stainless steel construction that is attached to a plastic base with rubber feet for not sliding. Lastly, there is a container that catches the ground coffee that can hold about 110 grams of it.

I found that the OXO BREW Conical Grinder was extremely consistent in its grinding thanks to its conical burr mechanism. Comparing it to other grinders in its category I found that it was able to extract the full flavors and aromas of the beans. I necessarily tested with high-quality beans and those with lesser quality, the results were excellent in both, also I tested with both darker and lighter blends, and after some time I wasn’t surprised by the exceptional results.

The machine is advertised to be able to grind for espresso, however, when I tried it was not really able to achieve that fine grind, but it was really close and the grind was very consistent. I found that it lost some consistency when I went with coarser grinds such as for French press and cold brews, but it is not that important at that point.
The OXO BREW Conical Grinder is extremely easy to use as you just select your grind size, set the time and press the button.

I was particularly impressed with the mess-free operation of the OXO BREW Conical Grinder, something that you do not get with other grinders. Everything is contained at all times during grinding and the coffee doesn’t escape anywhere. It was a little noisy though, you can have a conversation when it is working though, but I wouldn’t recommend if there are children sleeping when it operates because it will most likely wake them up.

There you have it, the grinder that provides the most value on the market hands down, it has some downsides, and in the end, everything has downsides, and the pros outweigh the cons here.

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder









  • Consistent Grinding
  • Great For Small Kitchens
  • Unbeatable Value


  • A bit loud

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