OXO On Barista Brain Review – Great Tasting Coffee Maker

If you are serious about your drip coffee and you are shopping for a machine that will fulfill your perfectionism ideals. The OXO On Barista Brain drip coffee maker is such a machine, it is one of the most consistent in the market, and it is one of the few machines to earn the “Golden Cup” qualification from the Specialty Coffee Association. It also holds the number 3 spot on our best drip coffee makers list.

This machine is extremely good looking and it has some interesting features that will make your life easier, well at least your mornings. It has a wake-up timer, it is extremely user-friendly, it brews at the perfect temperature and brews 9-cups in a single cycle.

The OXO On Barista Brain is a cool looking machine, but the first thing I noticed about it was its height, which can be a problem for people with cramped spaces. The device measures 17.2×14.5×6.75-inches, meaning that you have to consider the space before buying this machine because it won’t fit under low wall cabinets.

Besides its size, the OXO On Barista Brain has an attractive look, it is built from a mix of black plastic and stainless steel with a brushed look, plus the transparent water tank. This complete package makes up for a gorgeous profile that is also minimalistic and contemporary, it doesn’t have lots of details making it one of the best-looking drip coffee makers.

The large water tank can contain 45-ounces of water, that is enough for 9 cups, as the name of the machine implies. Right below the tank is the heater, and to its right is the brew basket that can house cone paper filters. Below the brew basket, you will find the thermal carafe. On the body of the device, you will find an attractively implemented LED display, that solidifies the premium look and feel, and under it, there is a dial that also works as a push button.

The brewing process for the OXO On Barista Brain is a little different from other machines, however, it is as simple as it goes. First off you have to fill the water tank, which is pretty easy to do thanks to the flip-up lid. After that, you place a filter into the filter basket and add your ground coffee, so far so good right. Things become a little more interesting here as it doesn’t start brewing with just turning it on. You must first select how much coffee you would like to brew, then press the button on the dial. That is all you need to do.

What separates the OXO On Barista Brain from other machines is the company’s barista brain system, which is actually a super smart microprocessor, that calculates and monitors all the brewing parameters such as the water temperature, the speed of its flow, the brew volume and the time to name a few. It is designed to balance all those parameters to provide rich and flavorful coffee. It is able to keep a stable temperature throughout and was excellent in the water flow, as for speed it brewed 9 cups of coffee in 7 and a half minutes.

On top of all this from the dial, you can pre-program a brew cycle so you can wake up to the freshly brewed coffee, awesome right!

OXO On Barista Brain is a very smart machine that aims to please your drip coffee needs day in and day out.

OXO On Barista Brain









  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Clean
  • Keeps Coffee Hot
  • Auto On Timer


  • Takes A Lot Of Space On The Kitchen

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