Porlex Mini Review – An Amazing Coffee Grinder

Finding a good coffee grinder for personal use can be quite a challenge, as there are a lot of options to choose from with different prices, performances, and features. Coffee enthusiasts know that the grinder can make or break your coffee, a fail-safe portable option is the Porlex Mini hand grinder mill, it is very affordable, perfectly built and it is the definite best option for campers and outdoorsy types, that want excellent coffee on the go, and if you combine it with an Aeropress you will get the best combination that exists.

Compared to other hand grinders, the Porlex Mini is superior in every aspect, for example, you won’t damage this grinder with accidental falls and bumps, meaning that you have to work extremely hard to damage it. Its major selling point is the use of conical ceramic burrs instead of steel burrs that are the best kind for slow grinding that produces superior taste, while the steel burrs tend to give a burnt taste.

I have to state that the Porlex Mini is extremely adjustable so you can change the grind size from finer to coarser to produce better results for your preferred brewing method, and it can grind the appropriate size for espresso drinks for which you can prepare by using an Aeropress.

The Porlex Mini is very affordable to buy, as it has an excellent price that is justified by the quality of this product, I think because its ease of use and extreme portability this grinder is perfect for taking to camping.

I took this to my latest camping trip with friends up the mountains that lasted for a week and it provided excellent results grinding my beans to perfection for various brewing methods, it did a good job for Aeropress, it could go very fine with its grinding for amazing Turkish coffee powder grind, and it could go coarse enough for French press. Each brew came out fantastic and I was really impressed as to how this machine could achieve this kind of results. The stainless steel body of the device is static-free and it is virtually indestructible, it may take some time to grind the coffee but every time it was consistent and exceptional.

I want to touch again on the conical ceramic burrs as to why this is the best choice. They may be a little slower, however, they retain little heat, because heat will get the flavor of the beans before brewing and you will be left with the bitter acidic taste.

The Porlex Mini has all the elements to become an excellent camping companion for campers that can’t start the day without a cup of java. I also forgot to mention that the Porlex Mini looks extremely good and has nice aesthetics, and personally I can’t separate from this grinder as I pack it even for my work trips now, deeply in love with the Porlex Mini. I would say that it’s one of the best coffee grinders out there.

Porlex Mini









  • Very Well Made
  • Easy To Travel With
  • Quiet


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