Senseo Original XL (HD7810) Review

Pod coffee machines bring you excellent coffee without going to your local barista, with them you are your own barista.

The SENSEO Original XL is one of the best coffee pod machines that you can find on the market, it has tons of interesting features that will help you make excellent coffee at the convenience of your own home. This machine is produced by Philips so stay assured about its quality, most importantly I have to say that the SENSEO Original XL has a gorgeous design without diving deeper in its build. Its most notable features are its huge water tank, as its name implies, the intensity buttons, the useful metal drip tray, and many more that we will talk about deeper into this review.

In the package of the SENSEO Original XL, you will find tons of accessories and details that I found very useful. Except for the machine itself obviously, the package included a descaler kit, a bunch of user manuals, the warranty, an extra refillable portafilter, and a catalog for the pod varieties with tons of options you can choose from. The lineup for coffee pod tastes was rather impressive coming in as Strong, Extra Strong, Classic, and Mild to name a few, however, you can choose to brew your own freshly ground coffee.

Based on the name, I assumed that the machine would be large, and it was, however, the XL stands for the extra-large water tank which can hold about 1.2liters of water. The machine itself measured 13.5x12x8.5-inches, and I am truly in love with its exemplary design. It is designed to fit the modern kitchen of people with contemporary tastes, it has a glossy black plastic body with an arched back that holds the motor and boiler, a concave pad on the bottom acting as a base that has a flat metal surface that is designed to act as a cup holder. On the back, you will spot the see-through plastic water tank that follows the silhouette of the chassis.

It has a really exceptional design that will be the centerpiece of your countertop. Without forgetting, on the base, you will also find 3 buttons, from which one is for power, and the other two are for cup number and cup size, respectively.

It is also worth stating that the machine is fairly easy to use, just fill the water tank, then either insert the high-quality pods or fill the portafilter with your freshly brewed coffee, lock the lid and press the button depending on your preference to begin brewing.

The SENSEO Original XL has a mild pressure system that consistently heats the water between 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit, the perfect temperature to extract the aromas without over-extracting them, then it pushes the water with a pressure of 1.2 bars to be exact, through the pod and passes through the patented “Frothing Chamber” that lightly aerates the coffee to produce the crema. All this process happens in just under a minute, and the results are always on point.

Overall, I can comfortably suggest you give the SENSEO Original XL a try if you want gourmet coffee every morning without stepping outside of your house, from a machine that looks like an art piece, a truly brilliant coffee machine.

Senseo Original HD7810









  • Fast
  • Easy To Use
  • Convenient


  • Small Water Reservoir

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