Should Lattes Be Hot Or Cold?

Coffee is a great day starter beverage. Gaining the needed energy from coffee, exercising in the morning and straight thinking is the right way to start a day.

Coffee is far more than a hot or cold beverage. It is an unbeatable and precious drink for adults who strive to be efficient at work and college. It also is a great accompaniment with families and friends to bring all of us together.

This is not a limitation, healthcare providers say it is a very important part of our life. Due to its ingredients inside, you as a coffee disliker will be ashamed.

Without chit-chat let’s see other importances.

Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, helps to get the needed body insulin, controls and adjusts blood levels, and drops your craving for something sweet (chocolates and snacks). It’s not just a coffee, it’s a life hack.

Latte Is An Art

A latte, also known as a “Caffè Latte”, is the older sibling of the cappuccino family, where every single thing goes around the soft and silky foam.

Actually, a latte is all about the foam and milk, nothing too extra, and nothing too below standard coffee.

Overall taste changes. You cannot find the same taste in a coffee shop, on the go, or in instant coffees, you get online or in the market.

Every culture seems to use its own cup size, but it should be served in a bigger and tighter glass. That’s because the Italians made a huge impact by putting it in our lives, then we should serve the dish how it should be done, according to Italian manner. Am I right? But no, ironically, we have to change it a little bit, so it won’t look copy-paste.

In some regions, you get a small cup, this is not the right size of how latte is served. The textured foam is the fancy part here, the cup takes this joyful part away from you.

How Are Lattes Made?

Barista made

Professional level baristas are making latte how usually it is done, but it depends on how you ask though, it’s either a single or double shot of espresso.

When baristas make a latte, they usually add about 1/3 of espresso, 2/3 of steamed milk with shorter layers, and lastly, more or less half an inch of frothed milk.


The things you need to make Cafe Latte at home are espresso and frothed milk.

The espresso and frothed milk must be layered, this is the first thing you need to know before you start making a latte. Because it only has a thin layer of milk foam, you have to pour the steamed milk over the espresso while holding a spoon to avoid the frothed milk from mixing.

Add the milk foam once everything is ready (around an inch). Try making latte art like a genuine barista as you gain experience.

Background Story On Hot And Cold Latte

Every time you decide to order a latte, a waiter or barista always asks the way you want it “hot or cold”.

Going back to history, Italians invented Cafe Latte to be a hot beverage, but some customers at times started to order the cold version in the summer days, and this is exactly how the cold latte took its place in the drink menu.

Hot Caffee Latte

Original is always better than fake. The hotter version of latte tastes a lot more delicious in comparison with cold. This is peoples’ personal opinion, many consumers prefer cold over hot.

Since the core is made of espresso, I think the latte needs to be drunk hot or warm. Being extraordinary smooth with full foam on the top layer means it is brewed properly.

However, be mindful everything in an unnecessary amount can go bad. The right amount of every ingredient in the coffee is going to work perfectly fine.

Cold Caffee Latte

The same procedure applies in the cold section too, just without putting it in the stove or machine.

You just pour the milk into coffee and start mixing it. In case you want some extreme cold, add ice cubes and stop as you see enough.

Spice It Up!

The best part of drinking Latte is the decoration. I mean who doesn’t enjoy the garnish upon a delicious Latte.

The added elegance on top is what makes the coffee worth taking a picture of before you enjoy it. Wide use of ingredients can spice it up a little bit. I’m talking about vanilla, syrup, caramel, mocha, or creating a simple art on top. Also, almond, soy, or coconut milk can be used in preparation.

When you see some cool social media picture, it looks stunning but in reality, it may not even come close to good. Sometimes is more likely the appearance to be a hot topic for a specific coffee shop.

Ideal Temperature

Temperature plays a huge impact in the brewing process. The ideal temperature should be from 150˚F to 165˚F (65˚ to 73˚C).
Take-away coffees are usually done at 160˚F. They tend to be hot, but warm is another option to consider. However, it is not my cup of tea, but again preference.

The espresso machine also has an important role because it largely determines the taste. Some quality ones have 2 boiling sections to help you achieve what are you looking for.

The cold Latte is served mostly in fast food restaurants. I’ve seen some people ask for ice cream on top, it’s a really inappropriate thing to ask for. Where is the traditional Latte now, I see it nowhere. Well, that thing is a new invention, not a well-known Latte.
If it was about ice coffee, it is perfectly ok, but never in a million times, a latte lover wouldn’t ask for a cold version.

Hot Latte vs Cold Latte?

Both have a positive and negative role in the scenario.

Hot lattes tend to have extra bitterness while cold ones tend to have more sweet flavors.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that hot lattes have a slightly higher concentration of acids. Whereas, cold lattes can cause slow digestion problems.

Pay more attention to the milk, because it can be the milk that causes the bigger trouble. Make sure the temperature, expiration date, smell, and all of this stuff seem normal.

I suggest from now on be careful about where and when you drink Latte.