Should You Grind Your Own Coffee

Has it ever occurred to you why people go through all that trouble doing research and asking questions like which is the best coffee grinder, should I use a coffee grinder, is a coffee grinder a must-have for coffee lovers? No, okay, then let me break it down for you guys real quick, a coffee grinder would be a great addition to your home if you want to drink a fresh flavourful and tasteful cup of coffee every morning.

One of the most common questions among coffee lovers is which is the best grinder for cold brew, and that pretty much tells a lot on why you’d need a grinder at home.
The easiest way to improve your home brewing process is using a coffee grinder, while for those coffee lovers out third, this is one of the most essential tools to have, of course apart from having quality water and a good coffee.

As I’ve mentioned before in my previous articles, coffee beans consist of delicate oils, and when they are fresh out of the grinding process, you’ll get more flavor, aroma, and taste. In addition, having a grinder means having more control over your grind, how you grind, and how much do you want to grind. Using pre-ground coffee means that you miss out on 60% of the aroma of the coffee, which means that you’re not really having your best cup of coffee, you’re just getting a glimpse of it.

It’s also important to note that how you grind your coffee is a crucial step, and it also depends on the machine you use, a specific grind is more desirable, for example for French Press, the preferred grind is Coarse Grind, for Pour Over is Fine Grind, for Drip Coffee is Medium-grind, so as you can see, these are some ways to get a delicious and fresh cup of coffee.

More specifically, the grinds determines how rich and strong the coffee is based on the machine that you’re using, and as for what we just mentioned, for french press, the coarse grind is really important due to the fact that it makes it easier to push the screen down and will create less sediment in your cup. Another example is medium-grind, it is preferable for Drip Coffee due to the fact that it includes a filter inside which enables it to maintain some of the water where the fine grind is not necessary, thus, such grinds will provide a richer coffee experience in a drip.

More or less, there are quite some advantages of grinding your own coffee, and as we mentioned some of those, by now I think you get an idea of the benefits that you’ll have by grinding your coffee at home. First of them is the fresh and delicious flavourful coffee, so for those coffee lovers, start grinding your own coffee, you’ll never regret it even if it needs a little effort, you’re going to end up with a rich cup of coffee in every aspect.

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