Things To Look For When Buying An Espresso Machine

Choosing the right espresso machine takes time, patience and in-depth analysis. Most people are easy to get hooked on a certain product, and nearly all of the companies have own marketing departments which are quite good to be honest.

Internet is filled with numerous information, and this definitely comes handy because you’re able to read, watch videos and see how does a specific unit performs like.

In this article, I’ve prepared some tips you can follow in order to get your desired espresso machine, and at the same time, my duty is always to bring you the latest trends and information regarding various products, including espresso machines, so that you won’t have to spend hours and days of researching.

5 Tips To Look for Prior Purchasing an Espresso Machine


There are a few types of espresso machines such as: Manual Espresso Maker, Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic, and Super-Automatic, and each of them brings multiple benefits to the user. Hence, it is important to have a clue regarding the type of espresso machine you’re keen on investing.


Each espresso machine is unique by itself, and it is different from the others on the market, although all espresso machine has one purpose which is to make a cup of espresso!

I’d suggest you prioritize those espresso machines which are crafted by using stainless steel, since the long expectancy is usually longer than the espresso machines who are not made by stainless steel.


What’s the amount of money you would spend on an espresso machine? Are you keen on investing a bit more, or you simply want to keep tight on budget? This is solely up to you. However, most of the time espresso machines whose price is very affordable may not promise you the best performance. If you ask me, I would be ready to invest a bit more. Google is there to you, just type best espresso machines under 200, and you will find hundreds of espresso machines!

Grinding Capacity

For your information, you may find espresso machines with built-in grinders or without built-in grinders, however, the latter option will surely require separate grinder and you will still have to invest a bit more in order to get a grinder.

Since you’re a coffee lover, I’m sure that you may not be the only one in your house that wants to drink coffee, and therefore, considering the fact that you are going to brew a lot to satisfy your needs and the needs fo the ones around you, I’d suggest you to get an espresso machine with that employs a higher capacity grinder.

Water Storage

In general, most of the available espresso machines have water reservoirs that will promise you at least 8 cups of espresso. If you think that 8 cups of espresso is enough, then you’re not obliged to invest in espresso machines which are capable enough to offer you more than 8 cups of espresso! However, if you need more, then, keep in mind that high-end espresso machines may require to connect to a water source, and at the same time, you would have to find out whether your piping route may be able to install.

Overall, I hope that you will find these tips useful, and if you think they are worthy of your attention, do not hesitate to implement them in practice and get an espresso machine!

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