What Is Espresso?

The most famous coffee beverage in the world is Espresso. Thousands of coffee lovers and enthusiasts simply love the flavor and the benefits brought by this type of coffee. But, what exactly is Espresso and how did it manage to gain such a significant level of popularity?

A little background for the start.

Espresso is coffee of an Italian origin which literally means “pressed-out coffee”, since this coffee is made by putting the grinds under pressure, ideally this should be 9-bars due to the fact that this method gets the most extraction of the coffee oil.

What makes Espresso different from the other types of brewed coffee is that it is generally thicker, packs more caffeine per unit volume, and the most important part – it has a foam with a kind of creamy consistency which Italians call it “crema”.

In addition, Espresso can be considered as the core or as the base for other coffee beverages, including Cappuccino, Macchiato, Mocha, or Americano.

For your information, Espresso varies in terms of number of shots, but interestingly, the extraction process does not change at all, and that’s why, you can order a cup of single, double or triple Espresso which translates in 7, 14, 21 grams respectively.

Before we move to the next section, I would like to let you make a distinction between the term ” shot” and the serving itself. Namely, a “shot” of Espresso is not meant to be drunk quickly, or as most of us do – in a single gulp, but quite the opposite. Espresso is meant to be sipped slowly because of its experience. Who never tasted the Espresso experience may never really understand Espresso!

Moreover,Espresso brings numerous health benefits, and there are thousands of studies which show us exactly that.

For example, a cup of Espresso may drastically improve your focus, and since you will be concentrated, you can easily do your daily duties. Also, this coffee is filled with plenty of antioxidants which will improve your health and make your body able to resist numerous diseases. Yup, diseases. To be more precise, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease will unlikely occur or at least, you will be greatly protected by the most often diseases of the 21st century!

People who suffer from depression would benefit a lot by drinking Espresso since their mood will be boosted because caffeine will support the release of dopamine, and imagine, I can’t really count all of the benefits!

Finally, I would recommend you get an espresso machine, and since we live in the modern era, you can find plenty of them on the Internet or at your local store.

Personally, I would suggest you not to pay a lot, because you will still be able to drink quality and tasty Espresso by using an espresso machine under $300.

To conclude, I hope that you’ve gained an in-depth understanding of what does Espresso really mean, and you may already have a clue why it is so popular nowadays. Even if do not really prefer coffee, you shouldn’t hesitate to try a cup of Espresso, because the experience is indeed unique!

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