What Is Ground Coffee?

Ground coffee is what basically brewed coffee is, it’s the result of ground coffee beans, although it comes in several sizes while it depends on what kind of coffee you’re making, for which we’ll talk later in this article.

Before we start, take in mind that ground coffee is not instant coffee, even though it may smell the same, there’s a difference when you try to make an espresso with instant coffee instead of ground coffee, that basically means that you’re doing it wrong.

Since we mentioned the sizes, they vary from small which is similar to powder, to coarse ground which is used for French Press and cold brew. If you’re interested in which ground coffee brands are the best, you can also check our article about the best ground coffee brands, for now, let’s just continue with the topic.

Now, whichever of the sizes you’re choosing to use, each size is going to have an impact on the taste of your coffee. So in other terms, you can choose between very fine, almost powdery, medium-fine, medium-size, medium-coarse, and coarse.

There are a couple of questions that I found while doing my research, and they really caught my attention. For instance, many people were asking if they should grind their own coffee, and the answer is simply yes because it means you’re going to have fresh coffee instead of using pre-ground. Even though it needs some effort to grind your own coffee every morning, but it’s definitely worth it, while you can always do it the night before or when you have free time to avoid too much work in those early moody mornings.

You can use a plethora of different grinders to do this, ranging from electric to handmade, the manual ones will require you to work it yourself, and it’s up to you to decide since they are also more affordable.

Is it wise to reuse ground coffee?

This is also something important, and the answer is no, you may save more coffee, but the result will be a terrible cup of coffee with no taste or flavor whatsoever.

Moreover, these days you’ll find plenty of equipment in the market which can reduce the processing time of ground coffee, and as an added advantage of ground coffee, you’ll be surprised to know that the caffeine content is pretty high, which is great because such an essential will give the drink a richer aroma, and extra flavor and taste.

Before we end, it’s also important to note that ground coffee has a relatively higher price when compared to instant coffee. So, if you’re after a quality cup of coffee or espresso, then ground coffee is what you should be after, and if you want to have fresh coffee every day, I suggest you use a grinder which of course, needs a little effort, but you won’t really regret it once you taste the rich aroma and flavor that ground coffee offers.

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