What Makes Cold Brew Coffee Different?

The process of making a cold brew coffee is unique by itself, and it differs a lot from your regular coffee and from iced coffee.

People often think that cold brew coffee and Iced coffee is nearly the same, but in practice, they aren’t very similar.

For instance, Iced coffee requires a regular, brewed coffee which is served along with ice, and therefore, this is a very simple and quick method which at the same time, dilutes the coffee itself.

So, a simple question pops up – what makes cold brew coffee different?

First and foremost, you would require a coarse-ground coffee stepped in cold water between 12 to 24 hours.

In addition, the taste and the quality would solely depend on the coffee beans for cold brew, whether you choose expensive or inexpensive ones.

For instance, there are numerous coffee beans available on the market and on the Internet, and as many reviews regarding the best coffee beans for cold brew, hence, chances that you will make a mistake is set to the minimum.

In short, my point is that before you start making a cold brew coffee, the most important part is exactly the quality of the beans.

Once this is ensured, and once the 12-24 hours are passed, since the grounds are filtered out, you will have a cup of a very concentrated coffee that can be consumed whether as bold or mixed with milk or water and served with ice!

But, keep in mind that you can have control over the flavor, and that’s very cool since this is one of the attributes that makes cold brew different from the other brewing methods.

For example, if you let the coffee sit for a longer period of time, the stronger the flavor will be, and feel free to read some recipes online to experiment with the flavor.

Another thing that makes this method different is that since cold brew used time in order to extract the coffee’s ground instead of heat, the final outcome is in general, way better than iced coffee, due to the fact that the coffee is less acidic and bitter.

There are many benefits as well, such as:

Reduces the risk of heart disease – Cold brew coffee employs some crucial compounds that will reduce the chances of dealing with a heart disease, such as magnesium, quinides, lignans, phenolic compounds, etc, and all of them will ensure that your blood sugar will be stabilized, whereas your blood pressure will be lowered, or normalized, you name it!

Can reduce the risks of Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s disease – Since the cold brew coffee has phenylindanes, harman and nonharman compounds, it means that they will aid your body and drastically enhance the protection against the aforementioned diseases!

Cold brew coffee is easier to consume in comparison to the hold coffee – Cold brew coffee has less acidity levels than the hot brew, and this means that it will be less irritating, so that even people whose organisms are prone to having digestive problems may be able to drink without any problem

In conclusion, although it takes a longer period of time before you’d be able to consume a cold brew coffee, I think that it is worth it because the process itself isn’t complex at all, whereas, the coffee tastes delicious and offers multiple health benefits.

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