What Should You Look For When Buying An Espresso Machine For Your Office

Buying an espresso machine for your office should not be a daunting task, look at it on the bright side, you are going to get a new machine that will brew all kinds of delicious espresso drinks. While searching for the best office espresso machine, you should take some specific things into consideration, because keeping all the staff caffeinated through the whole shift is no easy task, and only the very best of machines can do that properly.

So first things first determine your coffee needs and make a simple calculation for how many cups of espresso the machine will have to output throughout the day. If you have are a staff of about 10 people and if they drink about two espressos a day, it would mean that the average output will be about 20 shots daily, give or take. If you have low needs like this, you shouldn’t worry about the budget a lot, since you can get some pretty solid machines under $300 that will satisfy your workspace’s coffee needs.

However, if have a larger staff, say about 20 or more people, than you may have higher coffee needs, and a simple entry-level espresso machine won’t cut it. Most of the entry-level machines have small boilers and are made of home grade parts, and they simply won’t be able to pump out pressure and temperature to fulfill your office’s caffeine needs. If that is the case with your workspace you should definitely take a look at commercial-grade espresso machines, and you should be ready to fork on a lot of money initially, but don’t worry if you maintain it properly a commercial-grade espresso machine will last a lifetime, and price per shot is very low, so there’s that. This is the most important factor that you should take into consideration.

Next up you should check the skill level of your coworkers or employees, can they manage to brew with a little more complicated system or they need an extremely easy system. For those that know a thing or two about coffee, the best option should be a semi-automatic machine, which is the best balance between value and price.

However, if you’re coworkers cannot operate a grinder and a semi-automatic machine to save their lives, you should check a super-automatic machine that will operate with the push of a button.

Those aforementioned factors are the most crucial things you should know before buying an espresso machine for your office. However, there are some interesting features that you should consider as they might be beneficial, for example, check if your next espresso machine has a cup warmer, which might be really good to have if you want the best coffee every time, and also check if it has a built-in water filter, or if it lacks one, make sure to install it to your tap.

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