Which Kind Of Coffee Maker Is Best For Office Use?

Coffee makers come in different tastes and colors, with a multitude of functions features, power specs and many more, this means that not all of them are created equal and most of these are designed and manufactured for different purposes.

Buying or determining which coffee maker is the best for home use may be a little easier since you can choose the one that is perfect for you and maybe your family members, however, choosing a coffee maker for office use is a little difficult since you have to factor in different things that an office machine would need. For example, you might personally prefer a semi-automatic espresso machine, but getting one for the office might not be feasible because it may cost a lot initially, or the personnel might not be able to operate it, and so on.

What is even harder, is deciding which coffee maker is the best for office use, and trust me this is a question I get a lot. It is simply impossible to say upfront which is the best without knowing the budget, the size of the staff, preference, skill level, and so on. However, today I will try to list your best options and describe which is better for which environment, starting from drip coffee machines, pod coffee machines, and the best office espresso machines.

First of all make a headcount of all your employees or coworkers in the office, since this is the most crucial information about your next machine. This information will be needed to know the required output and to see whether or not the machine can output that amount of coffee required to fulfill all the caffeine needs of your coworkers. For offices of up to 20 people, I can recommend a large number of machines including drip coffee machines that can brew a full pot in a matter of minutes, and this is also the best possible solution budget-wise.

For smaller workspaces you can also opt for pod coffee machines which are pretty good and everyone can get to choose its favorite taste, and it can be a pretty good solution to the everlasting coffee issue. However, if you have an office space with more than 20 employees those small machines won’t cut it. You will either have to invest in a commercial-grade espresso machine or a multitude of small machines, for example, 3 drip coffee machines.

However, that opens up different problems since now that machine should be maintained and cleaned up properly. This can only be done by employing a full-time barista since your employees properly won’t be qualified to clean it up and without proper maintenance, your expensive machine will surrender in a short time, but with proper cleaning and regular care, it will last a lifetime.

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