Why Fresh Ground Coffee Is Better?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use freshly ground coffee over pre-ground coffee, the taste, the aroma, and flavor will be fresh, and even vacuum-packed ground coffee is not enough to keep that flavor.

Due to the fact that some of the compounds in the coffee beans are unstable, they will change and degrade in no time, while during the oxidation process, such compounds will interact with air molecules to create different new molecules, and as a result, you will get different desirable aromas and flavors that are released from the coffee beans.

This process also depends on the brands of ground coffee, and in other terms, the oxidation plays a huge role as well when it comes to the aroma and the flavor of the coffee. If you do it properly, you’ll get a quality and tasteful cup of coffee. In case you didn’t quite catch the oxidation process, it starts as soon as you start grinding the beans, and this is exactly why fresh ground coffee is better than pre-ground coffee, and if you brew your coffee right after grinding it, the rich aromas and sweet flavors that you’ll preserve are beyond telling.

What’s also important is moisture, and trust me it plays a huge role when it comes to quality since oils present in coffee beans are soluble in water. As it is common with some people, they assume that the coffee taste is obtained from the visible granules of grounds, but due to the fact that oil solubility occurs in water, you’re going to end up with a delicious cup of coffee that also comes with a great smell.

Finally, CO2 Depletion, it’s a unique effect on coffee beans that is actually quite similar to moisture. Basically, the carbon dioxide is what transfers the present oils into your brew. Thus, whenever you grind your beans, you’ll also be creating a surface area for the carbon dioxide to escape. Now, due to the fact that coffee beans are highly porous, grinding can worsen the situation, but if you are brewing immediately after grinding, the coffee grounds will hold enough carbon dioxide to transfer oils into your coffee. So, to get back to the topic that fresh ground coffee is better than pre-ground, you will have a higher concentration of these oils in your coffee, resulting in a pleasant flavor, sweetness, and aroma.

We mentioned a couple of interesting facts about why fresh ground coffee is better, and I highly recommend that before brewing, you grind your coffee beans yourself if you want to enjoy all the characteristics and the good things that coffee can really provide.

And before we end, make sure you also take contamination and grind size into consideration, while in other terms, fresh ground coffee is highly advised, and this is not something new, but if you search the internet, you’ll see plenty other coffee professionals and enthusiasts recommending this.

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